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I am thrilled that you have taken the time to check out my website. I have been operating my online business for over 7 years now and have gained a ton of knowledge in the process that I would like to pass onto you!

Here’s just a little snap shot of some random commissions I have made over the years off one single affiliate item. I have multiple commissions every month from a variety of affiliate products just like the ones shown above. These commissions are all  generated working from home or anywhere in the world I want to work from. I don’t have a schedule and I work when I want!

I love to fish and golf, this last photo was just taken July 22/2018. Fished in the morning, home by 10:30 and had a tee off time at 12, that’s my life now that I work online. It’s really not that hard to enjoy the things you want to do in life, all you need to do is get started!



In Lisbon sept/2018

I am going to give you the “EXACT BLUEPRINT” I used to create these commissions and many more in less than 3 months. This isn’t a push button system it will take work on your part to get things up and running but once you are set up you will find that online income just keeps rolling in with very little effort.

This is by far the most powerful and effective method I have ever come across for making an awesome online income.

Take your time and read this page thoroughly, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime! Today I am going to cover the following topics:

  • Who I am & why I am qualified to give you advice
  • How I learned to make money online
  • How to get started and work hand in hand with me today while keeping every penny in your pocket

Who’s Mike?

At the time of this post I am just hitting 55. I have owned offline businesses in areas such as helicopter logging, landscape and excavation businesses and I am also a journeyman meat cutter. All my business interests were fairly successful but didn’t offer a great pension and to be honest took a hell of a lot of my time generating just enough money to raise my family with very few extras. I put much of my income into giving my children a life that I felt they deserved which ultimately didn’t leave much in the way of savings for my wife and I to eventually retire on. I have always been somewhat creative so I set out to find a way to generate some income that I could supplement our retirement income with. This led me to the internet and eventually to Wealthy Affiliate. I make it sound pretty matter of fact and non eventful finding Wealthy Affiliate but it was not without some set backs which included my being relieved of my hard earned money on more than one occasion by people claiming to have the ultimate push button money making system which I unfortunately discovered didn’t have the slightest possibility of paying off.

Some of my interests are:

I love playing sports, hiking, fishing, traveling, craft beer and wine. I have a lovely wife and 3 grown children and two grandchildren I love spending time with. Since the creation of my online business I have had the luxury of  traveling extensively, fishing in some beautiful and remote regions of the world.

My wife and I frequently go on wine tours and love spending time just wandering the globe finding quaint little places to have a cocktail or a bite to eat. Traveling and camping with our kids and grandchildren is one of our favourite past times . My wife and I are off to Portugal this year for a month and last year we were in Malaysia for 3 months, all the time my online business is running leaving us with zero financial pressure. Sound like a life you might enjoy? Trust Me It’s Not That Hard To Achieve All This And More!

Here’s How I Built A Thriving Online Business From The Ground Up

When I started building my online business I had literally zero experience online. I didn’t have the foggiest idea on how I was going to make money online all I knew was there seemed to be a lot of potential given the fact that the internet was growing in popularity and people were getting more comfortable shopping online, something I knew I wanted to find a way to tap into. To make a long story short this is what I do to make money online….

I create content that makes a connection with people searching the internet for products/services and I get paid to do it.

With absolutely no skill to start with I have been able to create websites that I use to promote merchants products. People search Google looking for these products/services on Google, Bing and Yahoo and come across my websites and read my posts eventually they click on my links I place in these posts which direct them to the merchants that provide these products and services, a sale is made and I get paid, its that simple and something that you will see you can also learn how to do quite  easily.

Here’s a look at the process….

You can follow this simple process and make boat loads of income or you can use it to earn a nice part time income it really depends on how much time and effort you want to put into it. You can make $50 a day or $1000 a day and up there really are no limits if you are willing to work hard at it. There are literally hundreds of thousands of online merchants that are “DESPERATE” for people just like you that will agree to promote their products and services. Online merchants such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot, Wayfarer and thousands of other online merchants have created programs that make it very easy for you to promote their products and services with ease, these programs are called affiliate programs. When you agree to promote products/services for these companies you become their affiliate. This isn’t a complicated process.

You are not responsible for the products, shipping or returns and you don’t have to sell anything.

As an affiliate you simply direct internet traffic and if that results in a sale you get a commission. In some cases you will get commissions just from people clicking on your links. Think of how many billions and billions of dollars are spent online, you only need a small fraction of those sales to make a huge difference in your life!

Are You Starting To See The Potential Of Creating Your Own Affiliate Business? 

There are affiliate programs for almost anything you can imagine. Almost every online merchant offers affiliate programs, like I said they are desperate for people just like you. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you ow to find products to promote and affiliate programs to join. You will also learn step by step how to create simple websites just like this one that can be optimized for promoting online merchants products. I will actually work side by side with you to create an online affiliate business from the ground up. Here’s a screen shot of a member (Jesse) I worked side by side with and helped create a thriving affiliate business promoting a variety of fitness products

When I first started working with Jesse he had zero experience working online just like I had when I started my online affiliate business. Jesse was in college and at the time had his hands full with his studies but he set a very modest time frame to build his online business and just plugged away at it when he had time as you can see for yourself in his post. Jesse is a member at WA who started by taking action and clicking on a link like the one you see here FREE starter Membership which gave Jessie an absolutely free starter membership with no strings attached. Jesse isn’t the only success story at WA there are many members who have created unbelievable incomes through the businesses they have built at WA.

Here are a few recent notables….

 Take note of JohnMiguels commission, that’s just one nights income from one product while he was sleeping. The cool thing is you can follow these guys and many more successful business owners and learn from their experiences all you have to do is click follow on their profile and you have their ear!

 Start Making Money Online Today!

All The Tools And Help You Will Need To Build Your Online Business In One Convenient Place completely FREE.

This page was created to give you a little insight into how I make my money online and How Wealthy Affiliate helped me build my online business. Here’s a peek at what WA has to offer in the way of tools, training and support.

Building A Website To Promote Products

To many this may sound like a complicated endeavour but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Building a website with WA is hands down one of the easiest things you will do. Here’s a snapshot of what is required on your part…

This is the whole website building exercise allows you to simply follow the prompts and all that is left is adding some content on you’re newly created website which I and WA will help you do and you are up and ready for business it’s really that simple.

How To Build Your Online Business With WA Is As Simple As Following Step By Step Training

Here is the training that will help you to create your online business with Wealthy Affiliate.

Finish this simple 5 level course and you are well on your way to creating a longterm income from your online business. You won’t need any complicated or costly tools you will have everything you need inside WA.

Katie, my latest protege at Wealthy Affiliate

Every week I get new members to work with and last week Katie joined WA under a FREE starter membership. Katie is a teacher and a mother of a young one so her time is very limited. What Katie has going for her is the desire to build a better life for her new family. Katie picks a way at her step by step training and in a short 4 days Katie has created a site to drive traffic to her network marketing venture called Pampered Chef.

Just think in 4 short days with a few hours here and there Katie has built her website structure following simple step by step instructions supported by a community of over 1 million members. Katie is now ready to create relevant content that will drive traffic to her new site which will then be directed to her Pampered Chef supplied website. Websites that are supplied by MLM offers are usually not good for anything other than to make sales transactions and learn a little about the products. As I mentioned to Katie the real money in MLM’s such as Pampered Chef is made by recruiting new members, so Katie and I have developed a strategy to focus on recruiting members for her downline, we are looking at promoting Pampered Chef as a Biz Op.

Katie will now start to create relevant content with “my help” that will rank high in search engines and drive traffic to her site. Content creation is so simple that anyone can do it, you don’t need any writing skills to create engaging content with the help of Wealthy Affiliates content creation training. Here’s a screen shot of just one single page that Katie has created in such a short time with Wealthy Affiliates step by step training. By the end of the month Katie will have multiple posts that rank high in search engines such as Google that are relevant to what Pampered Chef offers. This will drive traffic to Katies new site and ultimately to Katies biz op!

The next screenshot is of how I have an ongoing working relationship with  Katie and how we will get to the point in a very short period of time that we are driving lots of traffic to her offer. You can do this with any affiliate product you choose doesn’t have to be a network marketing product, Wealthy Affiliate helps you find affiliate products and online merchants to work with to create a nice online income.

As you can see by the screen shot of Katies site she hasn’t had time to follow my suggestions yet but that’s life, you work on your promotions when you can! I am sure by next week Katies site will be well on it’s way to driving traffic to her offer. You don’t need to spend countless hours or income driving people to a product, few hours here and there and before long you will have good traffic looking at your product!

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by trying out a free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate today. WA has a Black Friday sale coming up for only $299 for the year which is a steal, you get everything you need, no extra costs! So get in and have a look, it’s free, they don’t ask for any credit info, if you don’t like what you see simply walk away, no questions asked.

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You Will Have Plenty Of Support From Wealthy Affiliate And Myself

Wealthy Affiliate offers a multitude of support options that work in concert to make sure you never find yourself without answers or help.

  • One on one help from myself
  • One on one help from the owners of WA Kyle & Carson
  • 24/7 support desk, in house not contracted out so they know their stuff
  • Live chat where you can get live help from expert affiliate marketers such as my self
  • Support from a community of over 400,000 members

 Here’s a screen shot of my profile and a small sample of how I work hand in hand step by step with members that Join WA to work with me!

Dillon signed up through this website and is now well on his way to creating a profitable online business that will provide him and his family with a great income form many years to come. Here’s another member I work with one on one which doesn’t cost you one single dime extra. Terrance likes sports so he wondered if he could get into promoting some sports related items. Not all sports related items make for good money making products, some products if too broad will have a ton of competition so I work with members to find products that are profitable to promote in areas that they can dominate. Terrance ended up building a site on kids soccer equipment which turned out to be a very nice niche where Terrance in time will be the go to guy for Kids soccer equipment. Here’s how we got to that stage very quickly, within minutes actually…

This is just a snippet of our correspondence which is actually quite lengthly but this gives you an idea of how hands on my support is and will be for you if you decide to join me. For many finding a profitable “niche” ( products to promote) can be time consuming and to be honest a little stressful but this is my area of expertise and I work hand in hand with you to get you through this process very quickly so you can start creating your online business. My goal is to get you up and running as fast as possible. You can also ask any question of the community  by simply typing in your question at the top of your WA screen. Not only will you find immediate training resources but your question goes out to the WA community and it is not uncommon to get an answer within minutes if not seconds.

Are You Involved In Network Marketing And Stuck With No Customers, WA Can Help!

I work with many Network Marketers on a daily basis looking to grow their Network Marketing business. Unfortunately with many MLM’s they don’t offer the support and the training needed to reach the vast and lucrative Internet Market. I work one on one with you to bring your Network Marketing to the next level helping you reach your full potential all you need is to bring the effort. I think you can see why Wealthy Affiliate remains my top rated work from home program for the last 7 years. WA keeps adding more and more training and services at the same low price which leads me to the next topic….

What Will A Wealthy Affiliate Membership Cost You?

This is the sweet part, you don’t have to spend a single dime for  WA’s free starter membership,  its absolutely free to get started building your online business at WA. Wealthy Affiliate has 100% confidence in their program. WA feels they offer the best opportunity for people who want to create a profitable online business from the comfort of their own home and I have to agree.  WA’s FREE starter membership signup requires no payment info or anything like that, you don’t think after doing it for a while building an online income is for you then simply walk away no questions asked. Wealthy Affiliate offers one other membership level which is their premium membership which is completely optional. I feel the premium membership “should only” be  utilized if you want to have access to absolutely everything WA has to offer. A premium membership will give you access to

  • Thousands of custom WordPress website themes
  • Unlimited access to both owners Kyle & Carson
  • Unlimited websites and state of the art hosting
  • Hundreds and hundreds of specialized training module
  • Live weekly webinars
  • Unlimited access to live ask an expert sessions

This is just a fraction of what you get access to as a premium member. You can get your first month premium membership for $19 and $49 a month for following months. There are no up sells inside WA, you will not be asked to pay for anything other than a premium membership if that is your choice.

I Look Forward To Helping You Create A Great Income Online!

I have reviewed hundreds of work from home programs and Wealthy Affiliate still holds my designation as my #1 recommended program for building a work from home business. I make an income from a variety of affiliate products and my success is directly attributed to Wealthy Affiliates program. I now live life on my terms and you can to by taking the first step. Look forward to working with you!