Wealthy Affiliate – My #1 Recommendation

Wealthy Affiliate – My #1 Recommendation

When I first turned to the internet as a potential way to earn some extra income I never dreamed that my endeavours would lead to making a nice income with just a laptop and a little effort. Wealthy Affiliate is the platform that allowed a technically challenged guy like myself create an online business promoting products from scratch.

What I have found since joining Wealthy Affiliate and building my online business has been nothing short amazing. in this post I will lay out for you the benefits of a platform like what Wealthy Affiliate offers and how I went on to make thousands in affiliate commissions by utilizing WA’s Tools and training.

Here are few benefits that Wealthy Affiliates business building platform affords it’s members

Financial freedom that allows you to….

  • Spend more time with the kids or Grandkids
  • Travel as much as you like
  • Have a retirement income like no other
  • Quit your job
  • Live a lifestyle that you could only dream of
  • Spend More time doing what you want to, not what you have to, such as fishing!

Here are just a few things my business built with the help of Wealthy Affiliate has allowed me to do without any financial worries

Wealthy Affiliate Teaches You How To Drive Traffic To Products For Profit

All you need to make a great income from home using Wealthy Affiliates platform is access to the internet, a computer or tablet to work from.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you everything you need to direct traffic to online merchants products or your own product or offer.  If a sale is made from the traffic you send the online merchant, you make a commission. Commissions range from 4%-75% of the retail sale. On average, the typical commission I make is in the 45% range. You are in control of the commissions you make, don’t like the offer, move to the next online merchant. You are in the drivers seat, you are in demand and there is no sign of this demand slowing down any time soon.

There are thousands and thousands of online merchants that offer affiliate programs that you can partner up with. Some notable online merchants are Amazon, Rakuten, Wallmart, Lowes, Wayfair, Chapters/Indigo just to name a few. Your affiliate partnership options are unlimited.

If you want to find out what affiliate offers are out there for you, simply do a search including the phrase “affiliate program”. You learn all this in WA, but it’s nice to give it a try and see what commissions are out there for various online merchants products and services.

How Much Money Can You Make Using Wealthy Affiliate?

I could post my affiliate commissions and many others, but to be quite honest, anyone can buy false testimonials or make up phoney income claims, happens all to often. I would feel better, and I think you would also, if you could get access to success stories from the members themselves, live within Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has a section where community members post their success stories. This is where you will see actual members discuss their success with other members in real time. If you like, take advantage of a truly free membership and ask members posting their success stories questions like, how they did it, how long it took, whatever you feel you would like to know. These are real people like myself that you can follow and ask what ever you like about Wealthy Affiliate and your opportunities.

This is just a small snippet of the success stories posted in WA’s community forum

Drive Traffic To Any Offer, Even Your Own!

When you learn how to participate as an affiliate you not only learn how to drive traffic to an online merchants offer, you also learn how to drive traffic to any offer, even a MLM or Network Marketing offer. There are no limits to how you can use your affiliate business and training. If your Network Marketing venture losses its allure, you will always have something to fall back on and still make a great income from home using your affiliate business.

Over the years I have helped a multitude of people participating in network marketing drive massive volumes of traffic to their network marketing products or services.

A Little About Myself?

At the time of this post I am 57. I have owned a few offline businesses in areas such as helicopter logging, landscape and excavation Businesses and I am also a journeyman meat cutter. All my business interests were fairly successful, but over the years my body started to say help. I was definitely ready for a change when I found Wealthy Affiliates online business building platform.

I love playing sports, hiking, fishing, traveling, craft beer and wine. I have a lovely wife and 3 grown children and two Grandchildren that I love spending time with. Since the creation of my online business I have had the luxury of  traveling extensively, fishing in some beautiful and remote regions of the world and spending more and more time with my family.

My wife and I frequently go on wine tours and love spending time just wandering the globe finding quaint little places to have a cocktail or a bite to eat. Traveling and camping with our kids and grandchildren is one of our favourite past times . My wife and I were just in Portugal this year for a month and last year we were in Malaysia for 3 months, off to Southern France in September of 2020. While my wife and I travel my online business is running, leaving us with zero financial pressure while we travel. Sound like a life you might enjoy?

Here’s How I Built A Thriving Online Business From The Ground Up

When I started building my online business I had very little experience online. I didn’t have the foggiest idea on how I was going to make money online, all I knew was, there seemed to be a lot of potential on the internet. I knew online shopping was growing year over year and I wanted a piece of the action.

With very little skill to start with, I have managed with the help of wealthy Affiliate and their community, to create multiple websites that I use to promote online merchants products. People search for these products/services on Google, Bing and Yahoo and come across my websites, read my posts and eventually click on my affiliate links. When you feel like you want to move on and work in another niche you can always sell your site for thousands of dollars, something I have done in the past.

A good site with decent traffic can fetch you $30,000 plus. A $30,000 plus site can be created in less than 6 months. Many that join Wealthy Affiliate learn how to build affiliate websites and flip them for a nice profit. You don’t need any prior experience to build these sites, I am a good example of this. I don’t make a habit of flipping websites because the earning potential of these sites are far better over the long run, but for many this is a great way to generate a nice living.

Here’s a look at how simple making money using WA really is….

You can follow this simple step by step process and make “LOT” of income,  or you can use WA’s platform to earn a nice part time income, it really depends on how much time and effort you want to put into your business. You can make $50 a day or $1000’s a day, there really is no limit to the income you can earn if you are willing to put in the time.

Fun Fact – You are not responsible for the products you promote, shipping or returns, and you don’t have to sell anything as an affiliate. You are simply a director of traffic.

 Wealthy Affiliate Offers Training Options For All Experience Levels

Here is a snapshot of Wealthy Affiliates training designed to help someone build their online business that has no experience.

Finish this simple 5 level course and you are well on your way to creating a longterm income from your online business. You won’t need any complicated or costly tools, you will have everything you need inside WA. The nice thing about Wealthy Affiliate is, you can earn as you learn, you are always building on your business which offers income potential at every stage of development.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by trying out a free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate today.

You Will Have Plenty Of Support From Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate offers a multitude of support options based on your time restraints and needs. There is never a cost for support and you will never find yourself without answers or help.

  • One on one help from myself
  • One on one help from the owners of WA Kyle & Carson
  • 24/7 support desk, in house, not contracted out so they know their stuff
  • Live chat where you can get live help from expert affiliate marketers such as my self
  • Support from a community of over 400,000 members
  • 24/7 technical website support

 Here’s a screen shot of my profile and a small sample of how I work hand in hand step by step with members that Join WA to work with me!

Dillon signed up through this website and is now well on his way to creating a profitable online business that will provide Dillon and his family with a great income for many years to come.

What Will A Wealthy Affiliate Membership Cost You?

This is the sweet part, you don’t have to spend a single dime for WA’s free starter membership,  it’s absolutely free to get started building your online business at WA.

WA’s FREE starter membership signup requires no payment info of any kind, all that is needed is your email address to Start building your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate offers one other membership level which is their premium membership. If you want access to everything Wealthy Affiliate offers, the premium membership is what you want. Here are the premium membership options available…

I hope you got a sense through this post what a great opportunity Wealthy Affiliate offers it’s members. You can make a nice living using Wealthy Affiliates platform or take some of that financial pressure away by making a nice passive income in a matter of a few months. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t some fly by night outfit, WA has been around since 2005 and still going strong. If you are thinking about building a business with WA click on the link below and work exclusively with me.





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  1. I am a free member at WA what i would like to know if you do not upgrade and make a site will they take away the site if you do not pay the monthly fee or you can migrate the site to a hosting platform you know something about this i will appreciate your answer.


    1. Hi Carlos, You don’t need to go premium, of course WA wants you to, but you can have and work on a free site as long as you like. What WA does take away, is the ability to communicate with the community which is a big issue if you don’t have someone to help you on the outside. I make sure that people I work with know that I am available to help whether their premium or not. Members can always ask me questions through this site even if they get their communication privileges cut off. Because you are on siterubix a subdomain of Wealthy Affiliate when you have a free site it is much harder to move a site to other hosting. If you were premium it is very simple to move your site to other hosting platforms if you want to say park it for a while and not work on your site.
      In saying that, it is possible to move a free sites content, but it is more time consuming. If you go to WA and ask the question ” can I move a siterubix site to another hosting platform” Marion Black gives a detailed description on how to do this. I hope this helps Carlos, let me know if I can be of help at all, cheers Mike.
      p.s There’s lots of great free info out their on creating content and understanding SEO. For example, places like Semrush offer a ton of free material that will be of help to you, so you can still build a quality site even without WA’s community.

  2. Hi Mike My name is Joe Rollin I live in northern Ontario Canada I see you enjoy a lot of the thing I enjoy I too have a wife 2 grown children 4 grandsons I too love playing sports hockey baseball basketball but my passion is golf and fishing I too would love to fully retire as the wife and I still work part time due to lack of pension income I will be turning 71 next week I came across your website looking at a lot of different income opportunities I have tried a lot of different programs some my fault the same a lot of people jumping from program to program looking for the pushbutton solution I am hoping this program will work for me as it did for you

    1. Hi Joe great to meet you! WA definitely helped me to build a nice income online. What’s nice about working online is, your income is tied to how much effort you want to put in. The older I get the more play time I want. I like to travel and enjoy my grand kids as they arena getting into sports and we spend more time with them at the lake house. I don’t work at the online thing nearly as hard as I did when I started out by design. Like I said my priorities have changed but I still make all the income I need to do the things my wife and I enjoy. Next year we are off to Europe again for a month and a bit with friends where we will barging and bike riding in the south of France. I still will do a little online work like support but I won’t be creating a lot of new content and such which drives traffic to products I promote while on the trip. It is a really nice balance that I am at where I can make a nice income but really enjoy it.
      My focus is put on helping people like yourself, not so much on the income generating part of my business. Look forward to working with you inside WA, have a great day Mike.

  3. Hi Mike,
    Your review is great and has got me really interested. I am a 73 year old retiree whose pension is just about depleted. I have been trying to find online ways of supplementing my income (unsuccessfully so far). I have been getting into affiliate marketing, but haqve only had the smallest success. I really need to find something quickly and your offer of help has reached me at (I believe) just the right time. I don’t have money, but I have time and a very strong work ethic, I will do what it takes.
    I have included my details, and signed up with WA under you (as a free member for now).

    1. Hi Fernando, I am excited to get the chance to work with you. A free membership is exactly that, free! You will see with WA that it’s a sound platform that boasts the largest most interactive community anywhere in affiliate marketing training so you will have everything you need at your disposal which will help you make that to date elusive break through in affiliate marketing.
      Having a strong work ethic and determination is all you need to find success online, it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to learn and participate as an affiliate marketer. There are too many outfits out there that push all these tools and techniques that are for the most part useless and not necessary for you to make money online. Once again I am stoked to get the chance to work one on one with you, have a good one mike.

  4. Hey Mike, my name is Alex and after 18 months of searching profusely and looking (But its been years on and off) and, and, and, you get it, I related to your Website/BLOG a lot and I was reading the part that you started your BLOG at almost 50 and now you have a great lifestyle from it and youre happy with this direction and CONGRATS! This couldn’t have been a clearer message of where to start and who to follow and listen to. Then I saw that that you are willing to mentor through W.A. by joining through your link! Which I will! That help would be fantastic. I am teachable and willing to invest in the right tools and I know just how important my mindset is in all this so I bought the Harv Ecker course, Spiritual Laws of Money! It’s because of that course that I started taking solid action and found you Steve! I have plenty of time now to devote to starting my 1st BLOG ever and eventually monetizing it. So, what is step 1 Mike? God Bless

    1. Just take action Alex by joining WA. They offer straight forward training which is offered in a step by step format. I am always around to answer questions help every step of the way. Look forward to working with you Alex, talk soon Mike.

  5. Hi Mike

    Been reading your replies and spotted one on a subject I’ve been interested in – having had a roommate whose Mom suffered from MS.

    Have a look-see at THIS page on the ‘Science Daily’ site. There ARE other entries on MS but this one offers some real hope.

    I signed-up to WA years ago but didn’t pursue it – being confused, poor and disabled on Medicaid (and now on Medicare) due to injuries caused by NY state. I really want to EARN my way but there are no real opportunities for the physically disabled (sans college degree) to work (w/a ‘viable’ income) around here and I’m afraid of prosecution and/or loss of Medicaid assistance in paying my Medicare premiums for even ATTEMPTING to earn beyond my SSA income.

    Hope the link to Science Daily aids your effort.

    “Paying it forward”; Larry

  6. Hello Mike – Your article was very informative. I have one question though – when you build website, is it mandatory that you use wordpress or you can build it using DIY sites like Wix. Is the latter as effective as the former ?

    1. Hi Gautam, that’s a great question. Wix and Weebly, two pretty popular website building and hosting platforms are promoted as user friendly website building options. They are just that, very simple to build website, but so is WordPress! The problem with a Wix or a Weebly built website is, you are tied to these platforms for the life of your website, these sites are not portable and don’t rank well at all. Building a site on Wix or Weebly is great if you want to chronicle a vacation that friends and family can visit to watch play by play events as you travel, or maybe a hobby blog. If you want to run a business or have potential to expand your blog you will find it will limit your ability to grow.
      Wix and Weebly have some user friendly functions like drag and drop editing and video gallery and so on but they don’t come close to the functionality of a WordPress website building platform. Using WordPress as a website building platform offers free unlimited growth potential. There are literally thousands of free plugins that can be added to your site with a click of a button. For example you can add a social media plugin that allows you to post any content that you create to your social accounts such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, you name it you can post it with a click of a button. Like I said, thousands of plugins that you install in seconds that work with a click of a button.
      Wordpress websites are fully transportable, build one at Wealthy Affiliate with their help and move it anytime to any cheap hosting platform if you want to take a break, you never lose your work!
      The site you are on now is a WordPress site that is optimized automatically for search engine rankings, in other words, search engines will find and rank this site faster and higher than any Weebly or Wix site. This fact alone should make you choose WordPress over Wix or Weebly. Getting higher rankings is what it’s all about. Higher rankings delivers more traffic to your websites door which if you are an affiliate marketer gives you more opportunity to promote your products.
      Wordpress is a free platform to use, so don’t take this as a sell job, it’s not! WordPress is scalable for growing your business, as your business grows so does your site, and you can always move your site to the most competitive hosting platform, Wix and Weebly you can’t.
      I wouldn’t join WA just for a WordPress website, you can find this by just going to WordPress itself. Why you go to Wealthy Affiliate is to learn how to build the website so that it will earn you an income, they are the best and most cost effective training platform out there for this.
      Have a hobby or interest, turn into a work from home job using Wealthy Affiliates platform, that’s what I did!
      Don’t have an interest or hobby, they will find you a lucrative, non competitive niche to work in so that you can earn a good income working online. Hope that answered your question Gautam, have a great day Mike.

  7. Hi mike my name is misty and I have a wonderful app idea but don’t want to post on here because i don’t want anyone else to basically steal my idea, it’s about youth and if we can talk privately I can explain more about my idea plus would love to include merchandise about this app, I am a mother of 4 kids and unfortunately getting a divorce after 16?years with the father of my children I have been a stay at home mom before he decided he wanted a divorce and doesn’t help me at all , when you get a chance can you email me back and we can discuss my ideas my ideas I have thank you sincerely misty could you please help me please

    1. Hi Misty, you are wise in not posting your idea, many would take your idea and run with it before you could say stop! I also edited out your last name out of your comment and never leave your email address in the comment. You can leave it in the comment field but not in the actual comment itself where everyone can see it. If it were just your average comment then no big deal, but there are a lot of undesirables on line that may see you as being in a vulnerable position and try and take advantage of this. I have heard many stories from my readers over the years that makes me wonder drives people to do what they do.
      I am truly sorry to hear of your situation, absolutely if there is anything I could possibly do to help I will. My help is always free, and I work and live by a code of ethics. I am a husband, grandpa of two beautiful grandkids and a proud father of 3 wonderful grown children, so your situation with the breakup and kids involved really does make my heart go out to you. What I can say is, it may seem tough and bleak right now but it won’t stay that way, you will build a new life for you and the kids, it will get better.
      If I can give you some advice. I know this can feel like desperate times, but if you’re looking at anything to provide income for you and the kids, online or offline, don’t just grab at anything. Take your time and make sure it is right for you, do your homework. You can contact me through the “contact me page” here on the site, which goes to me personally. Really look at all the angles. Is it realistic? Is it too good to be true? From my experience working online, it usually is! Are the income claims realistic? Nothing will make you a living right out of the gates, it takes time and hard work. Read lots of reviews and take common threads from these reviews. Word of caution, many reviews are fake, they are just affiliates that have a stake in the program they are reviewing. I am no different in the fact that I am an affiliate marketer, I just don’t do fake reviews.
      I am an affiliate for wealthy affiliate and I make commissions off their program, lots of commissions. The difference is I got my training and start online with wealthy affiliate. WA took a computer illiterate old guy like me and helped me build an affiliate marketing business promoting a wide range of products online.
      I am not selling you on WA, I make a lot of sales on many products, so one less won’t kill me. I just don’t want to see you fall prey to some unethical affiliate marketer at such a vulnerable time in your life. If I don’t here from you, keep what I have said in mind. I wish you all the best. You can always contact me here if you need anything at all, best regards Mike.

    1. Sorry for the late reply Theresa I had some surgery which kept me away for a spell unfortunately. Honestly MLM for most doesn’t work, you end up putting out a lot of money with very little results achieved. The bad part about MLM offers is they do show some success right out of the gates because most people focus on family and friends which gives participants a sense of false hope because they do see some initial sales. Once you saturate your immediate potential down line you really don’t have the tools to reach the broad audience.
      The ones that do hit the 1%, yes that is the dismal number of people who find success in MLM are the ones who can reach a broad audience in places like the internet.
      If you look at most MLM’s these days they have caught on somewhat and offer what they call a website for you to generate more traffic. Unfortunately these websites are very limited in their capabilities and can’t reach their intended audience because they have zero ranking power, these sites are generally just used for sales transactions, what is needed is a site that can be found all over the internet under topics related to your MLM product.
      For example, if you are participating in a MLM that offers skin care products you could produce a lot of related content on skin care on your website which would rank with Google then you simply share this info on your social sites with a simple click of a button, pretty effective way to drive traffic to your MLM. All you do is send this traffic to your MLM supplied site or to do the transactions or do the transactions right on the site you create. You can create a site using simple step by step instructions that anyone can follow and on this site you put content that is relative to your product. Skin care you could create a post on repairing sun damaged skin, rejuvenating wrinkled skin, what compounds slow aging, hydrating your skin. I am not that versed in skin care but someone who is in the MLM would know the attributes. Once you create and publish your post you use a social sharing plugin which is free and share your post on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and many other social platforms such as forums with a click of a button. This is a very effective way to drive tons of traffic to your MLM product.
      This is the only way that people will join that 1%
      WA will teach you how to do all of this using a step by step training platform and offers a ton of support including my personal one on one help.
      Hope that helps paint a picture of what you can expect from your MLM and what you need to find success in the MLM world. Have a great day and thanks for your patience, I am healthy and back. It’s free to try WA out to see how it will help drive tragic to your MLM so there is nothing to lose!!!

  8. Sir, I joined Wealthy Affiliate using your link. Unfortunately, I can’t access my member’s account because I have not paid my premium membership. There is no free starter membership as you mentioned.

    1. Hi Danielo, yes there is a absolutely free membership, it’s called the “starter membership” but in some countries you can’t access this membership do to high spamming rates from these regions, so you may be in one of these regions. The explanation I received from WA on this was that they want to provide a spam free environment. They have a zero up sell policy which means they don’t pitch any extras to you when you join, everything you need is included in their two packages, free and premium. Hope that helps clarify any issues you may be experiencing.

  9. Hi Mike,
    You’re energetic sir!
    I came to this part of your post from your review about EMP. And i have to agree with your review.
    However, I’ve got a problem with WA signing up. I’ve tried signing up with the platform and it says it’s not available in my country (India) what can I do about it?

    Also I’ve got to ask you something. How much does it cost with this platform just to get by to start. I mean just first 300-500 dollars?


    1. Hi Viral, unfortunately the free membership isn’t offered as of yet in India, most countries the free starter membership is. Without a free starter membership option Wealthy Affiliate will cost $49 a month or in November I believe will be offered for somewhere in the range of $250 for the whole year which is really cheap for a program that offers everything to build and make money with an affiliate marketing business, no up sells which is refreshing. Hope that answers your question, wish there was a free option for you! Have a great day Mike.

    1. Hi Pablo, I didn’t receive and email from you. To get a hold of me in person just click on the “contact me page here” on this site and it will be automatically forwarded to me in person. Have a great day Mike.

  10. Hi Mike, I’m researching internet marketing programs and haven’t signed with anyone yet. I was on the OSP site and at the same time I was googling reviews of that on another tab when I came across your review which was great. Then I read the past 3 years of your blog and learned so much from your sharing there with other people, so thank you for the education. One question at this point, is it necessary or recommended to register a business/incorporate and maybe set up a separate email address to do internet marketing?

    1. Hi Fred thanks for the questions they are good ones!

      You don’t have to create a new email if you build a WordPress website through Wealthy Affiliate. You can just add a contact me form which comes is provided through a free plugin which easily installs on your website. This contact me form will divert all correspondence to your personal email which stays private from your websites visitor. If you were to ask me a question for example by clicking on my contact me page here on this site it would be diverted to my personal email and you would have direct correspondence with me. When I respond to you it goes through the same process and gets diverted from my personal email to the websites built in email.

      As far as registering a business I didn’t right out of the gates but as my income started to really ramp up then I created a registered business. I claimed my income right away so that I could write off my internet and costs associated with running a business out of my home. Just make sure you keep all your receipts when you start out so that you can apply these to your business start up costs when you file your first income tax for your new income source.
      Over the years my online business has grown and I now have a few writers working for me creating various content for my sites so they are now a new write off for my business also. It’s really not a complicated affair and I would keep it simple to start just claiming your new income and associated casts on your personal income tax, you will know when it’s time to move to registering. Hope that helps Fred, need any more info just hit the contact me page on this site and you will be able to talk to me in private, have a good one Mike.

    1. Hi Paula, WA won’t work for everyone, it’s not a platform that doesn’t take work. WA requires dedication and commitment, it’s not for people who are looking for a get rich deal which there are many that state they offer this, WA doesn’t, they tell you right up front what you will need to do.
      What I suggest with anyone I work with is do the free membership and see if you can follow through with their training, it costs nothing and you will have an affiliate business all set up by the end. This will teach you what it takes to actually get people to buy products online. It’s not easy to get people to part with their money, you really have to know what to do and the process.
      Many outfits blow a lot of smoke up your you know what, they charge you a small fortune for training and lead you to believe that it’s a cake walk to make hundred of thousands in income, I can tell you from experience it’s not.
      WA teaches you how to promote affiliate products for commissions which is how merchants get their products in front of as many internet users as possible. WA will show you if you stick with it how to find and utilize free sources, personally I use all free sources for my affiliate marketing business.
      Check around and you will see that many outfits want you to buy all these expensive tools that they have affiliate relationships with, so They say they are teaching you affiliate marketing but in actuality they themselves are the affiliates profiting off you.
      To be honest, if you can’t make a go of it with Wealthy affiliates trading platform and are still looking to make money online you are going to find yourself incurring some really steep costs fir absolutely no reason.
      My advice, if you can with all confidence say you gave Wealthy affiliates platform 100% and it wasn’t your thing which is the case with many, I would advise not to look at the make money online avenue, you will end up spending considerably more than you will ever make.
      I have researched hundreds of programs online that offer so called systems only to find out they are just raking in affiliate commissions themselves leaving participants with little opportunity.
      If you ever decide to re join WA I would be happy to take you under my wing even though you wouldn’t be my referral, when you enter WA you are with them doesn’t matter if you quit and rejoin. I know what it takes to be successful implementing Wealthy affiliates training and can guide you through the process, something your mentor should have done for you right from the start, cheers mike

  11. Hi Mike,

    I joined WA a year or two ago and let too much time go by. I didn’t know you had only 7 days of training or be able to talk to anyone. So, I started the modules and got stuck and needed help but it said too much time had gone by when I would try to talk to someone to get help. So, out of frustration, I gave up. I didn’t even get to see my two websites they said I would get. Mike, is there any way you can help me with my problem? Can I press your link and start over. I am basically a newbie all alone at the site with no way to communicate with anyone. Is there any way you can help me and maybe be my mentor also.

    Thank you sir.

    Allen Paulson

    1. Hi Allen sorry for the late response, traveling Europe right now just left Paris and my wife and I just hit Portugal, in and out of wifi.
      The only way you could sign up under me would be to sign up under a different email from a link on this review.

      You could also just use the contact me page on this site and correspond with me personally, I have no issue with this option. I know what it takes to use the training that WA offers and turn it into a really great online business. I promote a multitude of products and make a pretty decent living in the process.
      I don’t need to make money off of everything or everyone, I am at the age where it gives my comfort to give back, that’s how I got my start. Had a great mentor that offered his time selflessly, my turn.
      If you decide to take me up on my offer I look forward to working with you, cheers mike

  12. Hi Mike,
    I came across your website when trying to find out if another make money from home program was a scam. I read the article you wrote and decided not to go with it. I decided to stay on your website and found this article. I joined WA, but I still have questions. I already have a website or blog. I am not sure how WA will help my current site. Instant Family of Six is my baby, I am not sure if I am ready to throw in the towel… if that makes sense. What advice do you have for me?

    1. Hi Melina, I guess we will start with what is your plan for your site? Do you have it monetized already? , built affiliate relationships. How does it rank in search engines? Do you have first page rankings for your posts? Is your site structured for the best user experience?
      WA specializes in building affiliate websites that earn income. WA will show you how to build a user friendly website that search engines love and reward with high rankings which means lots of traffic.
      I think I read in your profile that your site was a blog about family?
      If this is the case do you know how you are going to monetize it? Monetizing a site can be difficult if you don’t know how and WA offers great instruction on how to turn a blog into an income generating site.
      Send me a link if you like to your site and I will have a look and give you some clear ideas on how WA will or will not benefit your existing site, talk soon Mike.
      P.S you can use your own site with WA, but it can be enhanced or even the theme changed if you wanted.

    2. Hi Mike!
      Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! I have not at all monetized it or have used affiliate links! I am not sure how to check rankings. I am a complete rookie! Could you look at it and share thoughts on how WA can help? My blog is found at http://instantfamilyofsix.com . I started taking the course, and with WA you could make websites as well. Would you suggest trying something new? A new niche? My passion is family, adoption, foster care. Those are the topics that are very easy for me to write about. Your thoughts are appreciated!


    3. Hi Melina, I had a chance to check out your blog and you have done a very nice job, quality photos, well laid out, easy to navigate, nicely written.
      Now to the business end of things. Your site looks great but as much as I love your topic and your sharing with the public the structure or message that I see within your site really isn’t designed to make money.
      Couple ways to monetize a site like yours. It can be an extremely hard to monetize such a personal topic unless you get tons of traffic and from that popularity get merchants to buy ad space on your site. Another way to generate income would be to incorporate Google Adsense which pays you a small fee when someone clicks on ads placed on your site, you need traffic for this and it isn’t very lucrative. Affiliate links or affiliate relationships is the most lucrative way to go, which you could do with this site but you need to source out very relevant products and there are a few other things I would suggest.
      The major problem lies with your post titles, they need to be Search Engine Optimized which simply means, when you choose a title you need to use a keyword tool to first see how much search traffic and competition that title would get.
      Would I search one of your posts “Fun facts about Ruthy”? Nope!
      You can have a blog on a personal topic such as adoption or foster parenting, but you need to use titles that people will search, something like “how to be a good foster parent” which would get searched and you could link to affiliate products such as books related to raising foster children or building a bond with children, that sort of stuff.
      These are all things that when you enter the training at WA you get the full meal deal, they teach you how to build websites and build affiliate relationships. You also learn at WA how to choose blog titles that will get ranked on the first page of Google, which garners the bulk of internet searches.
      Wealthy Affiliate will show every venue to monetize a website and turn your traffic into income, that’s WA’s strength.
      I have no problem helping inside WA. Wealthy Affiliates training is step by step, very easy to follow not to mention there are close to 2 million members and a very active community that for the most part are very happy to answer questions.
      Bottom line is you can use your existing site so you are really a head of the game, hope that helps. Let me know when I can help, talk soon Mike.

    1. Hi Phyllis, it has been a pleasure to have the opportunity to work one on one with you using WA’s platform. I am excited to see what we can create together, talk soon Mike.

  13. Hi Mike,

    I liked your article on WA and it seems almost too good to be free. I am glad you are doing well. But my question I don’t really know what niche or website I should do that can be profitable for my family. I’d like to make extra income but I have been scammed so much it’s depressing. I am motivated to make money but now skitish from past experiences. You seems like an a genuine person based on your articles. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    1. Sorry for the late reply Dima I and my wife have made a commitment to raise funds for MS which two of our friends are afflicted with, no cure to date. I have done two hot dog sales ate local grocery stores, burger and a beer night and a charity golf tournament and I am also slated to ride a 100 km to raise funds for MS research. The ride is through wine country so that won’t be that bad LOL, but boy am I ever getting tired. Never thought I would get to a point where I just wanted no interaction with people lol. To boot a little guy who was helping out let go of a shopping cart and guess where it ended up? Yup, on the right corner panel of my new truck! Well I guess that is my next contribution to my MS fundraising, just glad it hit my truck and not one of the stores patrons or our fundraising efforts would have been for nothing.
      Anyways things are starting to resemble some form of normality and I can concentrate on my online stuff, I do have two writers but I like to personally answer comments and work one on one with people who need my help.
      Now to your question, WA is a pretty cool platform and you can get so much out of the free membership and really figure out what niche you want to participate in. I work one on one with you to find a profitable niche that you are interested in, even if you have no interests I have helped many find profitable niches. A lot will fall on your shoulders like doing the training but I always will be there to critique your website structure and look at your content and give you ideas on how you can improve your site and start earning income as soon as possible.
      Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make money as an affiliate marketer, don’t freak out wit the name it simply implies that you will make money online promoting online merchants products and service by simply directing internet traffic to their products, someone buys, you make a commission. This is how online merchants survive online, they don’t have to pay for advertising and they get the exposure they need, they only pay when they get a sale. I received a $1200 commission last Saturday off one product, usually I get multiple smaller commissions that really add up by the time the week is over and the money gets deposited to your PayPal account or bank account, the better the merchants get to know you the higher the commissions get. Wealthy Affiliate offers all you need to find success in affiliate marketing under one roof, they up sell, which is refreshing. WA offers a free membership and a premium membership at $49 a month, that’s it, no extra costs!
      There are so many programs out there that you could say are scams and even more programs that are legit that milk your bank account with extra up sells that are required that end up costing you a small fortune.
      I personally would just try Wealthy Affiliates free membership, you really have nothing to lose, there’s no strings attached with their free membership. no credit info needed, no trial period or expired date on the free membership, doesn’t fit, or doesn’t feel right, or you just don’t feel you can do it, just walk away, no better deal in my opinion, and I have reviewed hundreds of make money online platforms.
      Here’s a free membership link that will link you directly to me and I will work hand in hand with you, no pressure, no sales pitches, just go and look at my profile where I answer peoples questions and work with them and you will get a sense of how great the platform is and what opportunities it offers. Before you know it you will have writers working for you and you can spend time doing what you like, here’s a free membership link ” Click Here for your free membership” Hope to get a chance to work with you Dima, cheers Mike.

  14. Thanks for this review. I have often gone into internet marketing wondering if I would ever find something that would help me build on online business around something I am passionate about, and Wealthy Affiliate certainly has done that for me!

    The testimonials and the sales you showed truly are inspiring, and it really encourages me to keep going with my own business. I find myself doubting sometimes if I will really be successful, this has been a light in my day!

    I can tell you put a lot of time helping others, and I can always appreciate and respect someone who does that. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Jacob nive to meet you, I am going to be posting more success stories in this post over the next few weeks I have seen so many people posting their success with WA I feel it’s time to start letting people see that there are so many people who make money from so many different venues. Members are just killing it promoting Amazon products on sites they build at WA. Thanks for stopping by, look forward to connecting inside WA, cheers Mike.

  15. I really believe reading your article! You have a very well written review about wealthy affiliate here — and I could feel your passion as I read through it.

    Being a member myself, I can confirm that everything you said is true!

    The best part is ANYONE can make money online with this program. Just follow the training, work hard, and never give up.

    1. Hi Michael, yes anyone can make money with WA it is a great program with a ton of support. You are right in saying “follow the training”. Wealthy Affiliate is the largest affiliate training platform online and it offers so much with your membership that when you are new it can be overwhelming to say the least. The main thing I focus on with people who I work with in WA is to stay on track and follow the step by step training to the tee. 

      It can be really tempting with all the training available to in Wealthy affiliate to want to browse around and study different training it’s really addictive that way, but if you follow the steps in the first 10 modules letter by letter I can say with out a doubt that you will have something of value by the time you are done that 10 unit module. You will have a website, content, built affiliate relationships, be established in a profitable niche and ready to start earning if you haven’t already made income by the end of the 10 unit course. 

      This isn’t rocket science either, it’s very easy to follow the training and the nice part is the training is actually building you an affiliate business as you move through it, so you have something when you are done. 

      I could go on and on because I know the value of WA I am a product of this program and have had great success online so far, have a good one Michael!

  16. You are so good with content creation. You have very much covered everything for joining wealthy affiliate. I keep learning from you every time Mike. You reviews rank high in google and before i joined WA I read about WA from your blog and I couldn’t wait to join WA. The Elegant theme looks beautiful.

    1. Hi Saurav thank you for the kind words. I am glad you decided to join WA after reading my WA review, it’s a great program as I am sure you well know.

      I couldn’t create content if my life depended on it when I first started with Wealthy Affiliate,  but do to their training on content creation and the simple templates they provide that have SEO features built right into them so your posts rank high  when I create content it does rank very well.

      Anyone can do what I do it just takes following WA’s step by step training and you will get there.

      I am glad you like my new theme, I switched it over from the “iconic” theme which was pretty basic and had limited capabilities, this theme has more bells and whistles, more features and comes free with your WA membership, they actually have something like 3500 WordPress themes you can choose from which is pretty cool.

      Thanks for stopping by, cheers Mike.

  17. Hey Mike,

    Luckily, I landed on your review page about Wealthy Affiliate. Before this, I came across another platform called Solo Built It which provided almost the same kind of training and tool but they don’t offer free membership.

    Wealthy Affiliate will be definitely the place for me to learn affiliate marketing and to start my online business since they offered free membership as I’m on a tight budget for the time being.

    Thank you for the great review and there is many more thing to learn from you.

    1. Hi Shui Hyun Hiew, thanks for stopping by, yes Wealthy Affiliate is a solid choice. I like Solo Build It and have recommended it to others but the one issue I have with the Solo Build It platform is you don’t actually own the affiliate business you create, you are on a subdomain of SBI and as SBI goes so does your business. On the other hand WA helps you create an affiliate business that is on your own domain so the business you build with them is totally transferable to any hosting platform, SBI built sites on the other hand aren’t transferable so you are locked in, if they raise their fees you pay or lose your site!

      Also you mentioned the free membership which is huge you get to actually build your affiliate business for free and if you don’t like what you see you simply walk away WA doesn’t take any credit info so it’s not like you pay for a $1 trial and give up your credit card info just to find that the trial period had expired and your credit card had been charged some outrageous amount of money, see his happen all the time, but obviously not with WA, cheers Mike.

  18. This is interesting to read and at the same time motivating.. WA is sure a way to make legit income even when you are not looking. Yes! You have to start somewhere, yes! You have to go through some processes to get a stand, but it will eventually worth the whie. WA will surely help the unemployed youth and take them off the street.

    1. Yes, WA offers a ton of opportunity for everyone that is looking to make legitimate money online. whether you’re looking to make a few bucks to pay bills or just up the standard of your living or create a nice career as I did through the training at WA it works.

  19. Mike,

    What an inspiring review. So refreshing to get a transparent view of affiliate marketing.

    Recently retired, I am looking for an opportunity that will keep me challenged and provide supplemental income. I am comfortable with computers so this may be a good path to pursue.

    Since it is Free to join, there is no risk in kicking the tires.

    Thank and congratulations on your success.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you are really enjoying your retirement. Yeh you can’t loose kicking the tires, it is completely free to get started with WA, not your thing, no biggie, all you will have lost is a little time!

      I am just one of thousands who have created a nice living through the training and services offered through WA, I wish I could say I am the most successful but that would be a lie there are so many that make more than a great living after building their online affiliate business at WA.

      I am at the point in life where I just want to enjoy life and living with my head in a computer isn’t my idea of life so I have found a nice balance that keeps me generating a nice income but yet allows my wife and I to play a lot of the time. We have two grandkids that we are spending more time with and these types of things are what I like to focus on. When you get your sites set up it really takes little effort to keep the income rolling in, have a good one Mike.

  20. Wow, great article on your number 1 recommendation! Wealthy Affiliate is simply amazing and keeps getting better and better. I really appreciate the fact that you’ve shown some of the commissions you’ve made over the years and also how anyone can join and get help from this amazing community at Wealthy Affiliate. Do you have more than one website that you earn an income from?

    1. Hi Brian, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment much appreciated. Yes I have a few websites in a variety of niches. I have a few writers that help me out on my sites which is what your goal should be if you are thinking about getting into affiliate marketing. 

      Once you get one site rolling and bringing in income the best thing to do is hire someone to create content for that site and build another one to create even more income. Have a great day mike.

    2. That’s awesome to hear that you’ve got people writing content for some of your websites. Yeah, I really want to get the income rolling in so that I might be able to hire some writers myself. How long did it take you before you able to get some writers for your websites?

    3. Hi Brian thanks for stopping by, it took roughly a year.
      Why a year?
      When you are blogging you really want to get a feel for your audience and see what resonates with them. For example when I first started blogging for profit my writing style was very analytical, pretty dry, I tried to be as grammatically correct as I could but my writing lacked connectivity. That last sentence was how I wrote before a really prominent marketer gave me the best advice I have received to date, and that was to write like I was talking to my buddies. When I started writing with no thought other than to write like it was really me people started commenting on my posts which is a sign that you are connecting and as an affiliate marketer that’s what you need to have happen.

      Once I started getting people to engage my sales started to skyrocket and I knew I was hitting the mark with my writing, not only did I have the money to hire a writer or two I also had a template for my writers to follow, I needed them to write with my style. writing in a natural state isn’t as easy as you would think but slang is now my thang so to speak, think about it, people converse like this all the time so naturally I made sure that my writers wrote in a natural manner and didn’t get to technical. This took a bit but after a few posts and me critiquing their work and giving them suggestions we found a common ground and now I have two writers that write for various sites I operate. My business has never been better and now I get out three times the content and really maximized my exposure.

      Count on a year to really know your audience so you don’t loose that connection when you pass off your writing to writers. once you get this rolling you can look at more facets of your affiliate business or start another blog in a different niche. I have actually started looking into mini niche sites that focus on very specific niche products and usually consist of no more than 4 pages in total and earn anywhere fro 300-1200 dollars a month, create 10 sites, not a bad little side gig!

      Hope that helps, have any more questions or if I can help at all don’t hesitate to stop by and ask more questions, cheers Mike.

  21. After getting burnt more times than I care to remember and watching countless hours on YouTube with “get rich” quick schemes I’m so glad of WA.

    I think this is a great in-depth article about all the great stuff WA offers including the supportive friendly community.

    I really like your use of graphics and also the larger use of text in bold. Something I’m going to start doing in my articles. Have you done A/B testing with and without quotes to see what the response is like?

    1. Hi Peter thanks for reaching out. No, I haven’t done any split testing or anything like that. I use Google Analytics to look at my websites performance but really this website is all about educating people on the fact that they don’t need to break the bank to make money online. I also encourage people interested in making money online to get as much training from free sources as they can, I know I did, and it really helped me make a good income online with out the financial stress that comes with high cost training programs. Have a great day Mike.

  22. If you joined Wealthy Affiliate you would know why it is Mike’s #1 recommendation.
    You will not find anything else like it. I guarantee it.
    It’s a 4 step program. Find a niche that you are very passionate about, learn to build a website, get traffic, and make money.
    Those are the steps but you have to be willing to follow the training and put in the hard work that it requires.
    Yes it takes time and hard work but nothing is easy and free.
    They teach you everything you need to know and there are now over 1.7 million members!
    It takes determination and persistence.
    Oh, yes and it takes action. Good job Mike explaining all the details!

    1. Thanks rob for taking the time to stop by and leave your thoughts. yes WA is the best program that I have come across and that’s why I don’t have any reservations recommending it to others. I have personally used Wealthy Affiliate to start my affiliate business and it has made me thousands in income over the years. Have a good one Mike.

  23. Wow, love this post.
    I just joined Wealthy Affiliate in April 2018, starting reading the posts and started the training right away.
    Having some background in website design, marketing, etc, it only took me a few days to get through the first lesson and I was eager to learn more so naturally I upgraded.
    The resources, tools, and knowledge that are available through this association are priceless and I can’t wait to see what the next few Months bring.

    All the best to your success!

  24. Hi Mike,

    I have decided to upgrade to Premium at Wealthy Affiliate, and I am enjoying the training so far. I didn’t realize Wealthy Affiliate could also help me with my network marketing company as well. There is so much to learn all just within one platform!

    Thanks for your great insight. I feel I am going to stick around for a while so that I can make the lifestyle I truly want just like you did.

    1. Hi Josephine, absolutely Wealthy Affiliate can help with the promotion of any network marketing business. How WA works is it teaches you how to market any product to the masses which is what people need when they have a network marketing biz.

      Learn to use content and social platforms to promote any product and drive thousands to your products. Keep at it, work hard and it will pay off big time for you. Look forward to hooking up with you inside WA, cheers Mike.

  25. I’ve read so many good things online about this Wealthy Affiliate platform that I’m guessing it must be a real deal. With so many online scams going around it can be hard to tell these days.

    The fact that you can join and get started with a free trial is pretty rare in the online game, so that’s a definite plus. At least people like myself can check it out with no risk. I’ll take a look at it.

    1. Hi Darren, nice of you to stop by. Yes there are lots of scams and even more offers that have just enough legitimate aspects to their offer, yet still lack what it takes to make a income online. 

      WA on the other hand will take you from newbie to making money online to a online income earner. WA has worked for me and many I have helped train over the years. It’s free to get started so you can really get into the Meat of their training to see if it will work for you. Stop by and see me inside and I can offer some tips, cheers mike.

  26. Hello Mike,

    I have not seen a review of wealthy affiliate more thorough and helpful than this, which is what I needed to make up my mind in wealthy affiliate.

    I have seen you are pretty active within the wealthy affiliate community and have a good understanding of how things work based the commissions you make.

    Will you help me through the training and with choosing my niche because I am abut confused on that?

  27. hey there,

    I completely agree with you wealthy affilliate is simply the place to be, i recently joined without any knowledge in affiliate marketing on the free version and the help of the community with the free keyword tool;jaaxy this has been a life changing experience .I would highly recommend this to any one and especially the beginners.

    1. Hi Dave thanks for giving us your thoughts, yes, WA has been great to me as far as helping me build a profitable online business with multiple websites and income. WA can work for anyone teaching them how to promote products online. I like the step by step training and tools that come with WA. If a computer illiterate guy like me can do it anyone can, thanks for stopping by, cheers Mike.

  28. Wealthy Affiliate is a total winner, it’s the best training I have seen online for affiliate marketing. I love the way you laid out your extensive review. It has everything including real-world examples of real people we know from the community and not some guru showing the same screenshots as their last 5 products of a $30,000 month etc… I can see you have great potential in this business and would love to connect inside WA.

    1. Hi Andy I would love to connect inside WA. Yes, I have put some real life people on my post and have many more that I will be adding today just to give people an idea. this isn’t from promoting WA, this is from using the training and tools that WA offers to promote and make commissions from an array of affiliate products, this is what separates WA from other programs. WA teaches you to promote any offer online so that you always keep your online independence. Have a great day see you inside WA.

  29. Hey. This platform is very interesting and these stories have inspired me to do more in my life. I do not want to waste my life at work, which destroys my life from now I start to learn affiliate marketing and I want to be successful. I really like your blog and thanks to it I will learn many interesting things about online business. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Michael. I don’t think you will find a better platform than WA to help you find success online. WA offers a real opportunity to build a real income online that can change your life as it has mine, look forward to seeing you inside WA, cheers Mike.

  30. Hi Mike,

    Great review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    It’s such a shame though that even now we still have to warn people about going after shiny bells and whistle sites offering overnight riches.

    How long is this BS going to go on for?

    WA is the only platform I’ve come across where people tell you the truth.

    Online marketing takes time, effort and support from others, and that is clearly what you are offering.

    Well done and all the best.

    Paul @ OneNetBiz

    1. Hi Paul, thanks for stopping by. Yes, it’s hard to get the message across to people that you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to make money online. There is no such thing as making money on auto pilot that you see pitched all over the net. It does take effort and perseverance but if you put in the effort and have solid support you can do quite well. I am a good example of how you can come from zero experience, basically computer illiterate, and make a good income online do to the training I received at Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for your positive feedback, cheers Mike.

  31. Thanks for giving a review about WA and for making it personal that gives encouragement to many visitors on your site.
    I like the photo of you on your about me page because it makes gives the a sense of who they are trusting for information.
    Wealthy Affiliate looks like a good place to make a nice income online.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave me some feedback.  I have reviewed hundreds of programs over the years and Wealthy Affiliate continues to be my #1 recommended product for making money online. WA offers a legitimate chance for people to leverage consumer buying power and helps you to link up with online merchants that are starving for affiliates which they pay quite handsomely for their services. 

      I have been an affiliate marketer for quite a few years now and it has provided an amazing lifestyle for my family and I. Over the years I have never missed any of my three kids activities that they have been involved n whether it be a Judo match, soccer game or graduation from university. Affiliate marketing allows me to take control of my life and work when and where I want.

      Anyone can have this all they need to do is what I did, and that is, take action. Take control of your life and work for yourself. Affiliate marketing can provide an insane income with very little work once you have everything  set up.

      Have a great day Mike.

  32. Thanks for this informative review. Having read your reviews and some others on WA, I become highly motivated to register. But each time I tried to register, the message that will come up is “we are sorry we are not able to create your account at this time because your country is not supported.” Can I forward my details to you so that you can register me in your country and forward my password to me.In one of the reviews I read there was someone that was helped that way.

    I am a Nigerian and leave in Nigeria. Thank you.

    1. Hi Muhammad, I know that really sucks but WA does have a few countries that they don’t offer the free membership in. I have heard that it’s because some countries have a high spam rate and WA likes to keep their community free of advertising or up selling to their members which seems tone more prevalent in some countries. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you but they are pretty strict on this rule.

  33. Hi Mike, I am from South Africa and I have been researching a lot on online marketing. I was saving for Elite Marketing Pro but its super expensive for me. I was also researching Lead Lighting but I am glad I came through this site. How do I sign up for WA?

    1. Hi Nomandla thanks for reaching out. Yes Elite Marketing Pro is very expensive especially if you want to actually make a income from their platform. Lead lightning is a lost leader, yes it’s cheap to get into but that $7 fee buys only buys you the opportunity to spend even more money to get anything of value, even at that I question the money making opportunity that Lead Lightning offers.
      Here’s a link that gives you a free membership in WA an will allow you to work one on one with me if you want, CLICK HERE for your free membership!. Have a great day, look forward to working with you if you decide to join WA, cheers Mike.

  34. Mike I am interested! Although I would prefer a maybe 1 coaching session to determine if this is a fit. I had emailed you a couple of weeks ago about Elite Marketing Pro…Its definitely a NO GO!!! Is a 1 on 1 possible??? I am really wanting to get started! ASAP.
    Pamela Bishop

    1. Hi Pamela, great to hear from you. Yes, the Elite Marketing Pro deal can end up costing you a fortune if your not careful and the one on one coaching from what I hear is more like an up sell opportunity rather than a teaching opportunity.
      Working with me one on one is no problem at all I usually work closely with anyone that signs up through me unless they feel they can just follow training on their own.

      You will need to create a free starter account at WA, here is a link that will connect you directly to me “Click Here Pamela”. I will greet you when you are inside WA and I will set you up with some free step by step training and as you work through this training I am with every step of the way.

      This training will allow you to set up a website and find a niche or promote one that you already have. This might sound like a foreign language right now but trust me I will explain everything as we work through it and you can ask me any questions you may have. I will help you do any niche research, I will actually do it for you and show you how I did it just so you know and I will also help you find affiliate relationships.

      Like I said, may sound like gibberish right now, but it will all make sense as you work through it with my help of course. You work at your own pace, it’s not a race and ask any question you want, there are no stupid questions, if you feel it is a stupid question don’t worry, I have probably already asked them when I first started lol.

      This is really simple step by step training and with me by your side we can have you up and running in no time flat, plus it’s not costing you to get your business rolling, not your thing, feeling frustrated, not seeing the results you like then just walk away, there is no credit info taken. Hope to see you inside Pamela. If you want more info or just want to talk about things, you can contact me in private through the contact page here on this site. Have a great day Talk soon Mike.

    2. Hi Mike,

      Can you build something reasonable by staying on the free membership option?

      I’m into music and would love to promote products that can enhance the online stream experience.

      Thanks, Louis

    3. Hi Louis, yes absolutely you can! The only significant difference between a free starter membership and a premium membership is, you only get two free websites which are hosted as a sub domain of WA. What this means is, the business you create at WA won’t be transferable if you decide to leave where as a premium membership offers portability and multiple websites, the business is yours and you can move it or do whatever you want with it.
      One other thing is, you have limited access (7 days) to WA’s keyword tool which is a must in affiliate marketing. You can get access to say Google’s keyword tool which is free.

      I have helped quite a few members create websites over the years that were into the music niche, whether it be online guitar lesson, music supply products and so on.

      Hope that helps Louis, I really don’t think you have anything to lose by trying a free membership out, it’s free and if you don’t think it will work for you just walk away WA doesn’t ask for any payment info such as credit cards just a active email account and you are off and building your future online business. Have a good one Mike.

  35. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely my favorite platform when it comes to earning money online. I have been involved with many platforms, products and so on, but nothing tops what Wealthy affiliate offers. Some say that 50$ every month is quite expensive, but tell me where can you build your own business offline for 50$ every month? You would spend much much more money to have your own business. Not only that, but it would be much harder to succeed at it.

  36. Hey Mike, very nice and informative review.
    I love the way you are able to enjoy life while making money online.
    Can you please tell me more about your income? Is it steadily rising or is it more fixed?
    I would also like to know how many hours you are working on this a week and how long it will take before I see a breakthrough to some nice income.

    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Martin thanks for your questions. Since I started online through Wealthy Affiliates platform my earnings have steadily been on the rise. I now have two writers on staff producing content for my various websites and have plan for more expansion in the years to come.

      With the hiring of the two writers I have scaled back my work days and focus more on giving my time to helping people make money online. 

      I can comfortably pay for two writers and still provide my family with a nice lifestyle. We like to travel and are off to Greece and France in September which we are really looking forward to. I am actually meeting up with a few people I have worked to help build their online businesses over the years so that will be pretty cool to meet in person.

      anyone can duplicate what I have done over the years and in much shorter time I was balancing a full-time job and three kids so my time allocated to my online business kind f goof to a slow start. Once you get to the stage where your business is pulling in a good income you can start investing in more and more automation and investing in people who can really move your business to the next level which I have done. 

      It really all starts with taking action and sticking with it and before you know it you are living a dream, hope that helps Martin, if there is ever anything I can help with I work on a pay it forward mentality, when you find success help someone else, cheers Mike.

  37. Hey there! I’m a student and looking for a way to earn money online. I heard great things about wealthy affiliate but I don’t know how it works. After I read your review about wealthy affiliate, I learned that it helps me on creating a website and start earning money through it. This perfect for me since I needed help on creating website and earning money. I really appreciate your time and effort sharing this information about wealthy affiliate. I hope that I could start earning money as soon I get into it.

    1. Hi John great that you stopped by. You can definitely use WA to make money even if you are going to school. I had a college student a few years back that came to me looking to make a few bucks while he went to college. Jesse had limited time but put some good effort in ad was rewarded for his efforts within a years time he was making roughly 15,000 a month which is pretty crazy when you think that he accomplished this while being a full-time college student. Have a good one John hope to see you in WA. Don’t be afraid to stop by my profile Mike Lambert in WA and ask me any questions you may have, cheers Mike.

  38. Hey Mike. I’m thinking about joining WA soon and I think you could really help me achieve my goals in internet marketing, but I just wanted to ask you if it could be done from a mobile device?My name is pronounced dee-el by the way

    1. Hey De’l great to hear from you, yes you can do WA on a mobile device. Lots of times when I am traveling I will use my I-phone or my iPad to work with people on the WA platform. I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with you I think we can build you a really profitable online business. See you inside WA, have a great evening Mike.

  39. Hi Mike,
    You explain very well why you consider wealthy affiliate the number 1 program for creating an online business. As a premium member of WA I was checking out your website through your profile at WA AND I can confirm the validity of your entire post. I have also observed the highest rating you give to your entire wonderful Community. A great future awaits this platform and all its members. Thanks for sharing your experience. Regards!

    1. I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read my WA review. Look forward to seeing you in WA Ganardine, have a great day Mike.

  40. An awesome site that has opened my eyes to how far I have to go here on WA .Your attention to detail and that to visitors to your site is really great.I had a quick look at rest of your site and you have executed your business plan really well. I wish you continued success and hope you can come to my aid in the near future

    1. Hi Gerard, thanks for the positive comments, you can always stop by my profile in WA and ask me anything you like I am always willing to help some one willing to learn. Give yourself a little time and you will be building sites just like this one, just follow WA,s training and ask lots of questions, look forward to helping you in Wealthy Affiliate soon, cheers mike.

  41. Most grateful Sir for the million dollar knowledge you share on your blog.
    Sir I would like to know if there are any drawback for WA members practicing all the way from West-Africa. Most importantly I would like to know if Paypal is a good enough means for any financial transaction I might have to undergo during the course my learning process here.

    1. Hi Kris, no there are no issues with being a WA member and working from Africa. PayPal is widely accepted as a payment method for affiliate merchants, in other words your affiliate commissions will get paid through PayPal if you so choose. Many merchants give you choices such as cheque, direct deposit, or PayPal. Hope that helps Kris, have a great day Mike.

  42. Hi, this is an excellent website where you talk about wealthy affiliate and how it’s worked for you and the others. Really liked your point at the start of your page – ‘Spend more time in doing what you want to not what you have to, such as fishing’. I would like to spend more time working out and keeping myself fit but I totally get what you’re trying to say. I’ve heard a lot about wealthy affiliate and I’ve been doing some research on it, definitely looking forward to trying this out. Thanks for sharing the commission payment pics of others and also the entire process, that was helpful.

  43. Such a great and inspiring story.

    I have a question.

    Do you promote all products that you like on 1 website or you create multiple websites for each and every product? How many products you can promote on your website?

    Can you explain how does it work? Which option is better?

    Thanks for the great review.

    1. Hi Miroslav, great questions!

      I have many approved programs on this site which I am affiliate with and some I am not affiliated with. 

      When a program makes my approved program status what this means is, it does offer some opportunity. Meeting my approved status doesn’t mean this program is perfect by any means but what it does say is, these approved programs can work to generate income even if they have a few flaws in my opinion which I state in my reviews so people who do want to take advantage of these programs have the knowledge going in.

      Wealthy Affiliate has been my #1 recommended product for quite a few years for a number of reasons. The program is very transparent, has a zero up sell policy which is very unique. What this means is you won’t  need to buy extra products or services to make money using their platform.

      WA offers unbelievable support and have the most advanced tools all inclusive in your membership.

      What I also like about WA is , they are willing to offer a free membership so people get to try everything and actually start building their online business. WA shows you what they have to offer and you can talk to members and get a really good feel for their program and only then would you consider moving to their premium membership which isn’t necessary to actually make money using WA’s platform.

      Wealthy affiliate teaches you ow to build websites just like the one you are on quite easily using a step by step process while offering one on one support when you need it at no extra charge.

      I hope that answered your questions, if you do join WA stop by my profile and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and offer help where needed, have a good one Mike.

  44. I’ve been looking for a little help on the subject of SEO – more specifically keyword research. I have a few free tools I use but I find ranking near enough impossible (below the third page!). Will this education platform be able to help me improve with this kind of thing? Do they supply SEO tools?

    1. Hi Chris, you will find Wealthy Affiliate has tons of training on SEO and many of their members achieve top page rankings. I have used their training for years now and have multiple first page rankings my latest post done yesterday was posted under “Stack That Money Review 2018” where my post ranked on the first page for “Stack That Money Review” and also under “Stack That Money Scam”. 

      Only a small percentage of internet users search past the first page so getting a first page ranking is critical to getting traffic to your site. WA will help you get traffic to any site or offer using their training. You can work directly with me Chris under a FREE Membership and check out everything they have to offer. Click here for your free membership see you inside Chris!

  45. I have joined for a few months now and I can say that it is absolutely amazing! I have learned so much and made so much progress! What I love about Wealthy Affiliate is that I can even get in touch with those who are super successful and ask them for help when I get stuck. And they are so nice about it! I love how Wealthy Affiliate puts everybody on the same level. Where it takes you, will depend on yourself! Not on how deep your pocket are!

    1. Hi Reyhana thanks for taking a few moments to share your experience with Wealthy Affiliate. You have touched on a few good points within your comment. WA isn’t for the rich it offers opportunity at a very affordable price and the great thing is you can be a member with WA for free, you never need to pay for a membership if you don’t want to. Everything you need to make a living online is offered at Wealthy Affiliate. WA has a zero up sell policy that you don’t see anywhere else. You don’t need to by anything to make money online just your membership, so you no what your costs are, no surprises.

      Many have made a lot of money using WA’s training, myself included so it does work and it’s so inexpensive compared to other money making offers online. You can be assures that you only get what you need to make money online,  not like most programs that try and sell you on products that they make money off of and serve you absolutely no purpose. Have a great day Reyhana, cheers Mike.

  46. Thank you for taking the time to explain how Affiliate Marketing all works. I have been involved with MLM network marketing for 1 Year and things are not going that well. You are right when you say there’s not enough training and support. In the first couple of weeks, I received help from my mentor but this soon become sparse.
    I have learnt that you need plenty of help and support to succeed in an Online Business and love the sounds of Wealthy Affiliate. Is there any other Upsells with the Premium membership I should be aware of before I join.
    Thanks, Jeff?

    1. Hi Jeff thanks for stopping by. MLM offers unfortunately really fall short when it comes to investing in quality training for their members. Less than 2% of MLM participants make any significant income mainly because they are ill equipped to reach a broad market. They are left with one option and that is,  trying to sell to family and friends which eventually dries up and so does their income potential.

      To your question, does Wealthy Affiliate have any up sells? No Wealthy Affiliate is a all inclusive membership, everything they offer, which is extensive, is all included. Everything you need to make money online is included in their membership which is refreshing to know that your cost is your actual cost, no surprises!

      Have a good one Jerry thanks for stopping by, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Kenneth, well if you are looking to make income from home there is no better way than affiliate marketing, I have made money working from home as an affiliate marketer for quite a few years now. I got my initial training through Wealthy Affiliate where they taught me how to build websites using a step by step process, target different products to sell and find merchants. Basically everything you need to make money online they do with you all you have to do is follow a step by step process and you will have a website that has the potential to make you some great long term income from the comfort of your own home. Hope that helps Kenneth. If you click on a link on this page you will work directly with me. I am with you every step of the way, have a good one Kenneth hope to see you in WA, cheers Mike.

  47. I have had a problem with the Wealthy Affiliate front page of there Website I mean I just don’t understand that page so because I don’t understand it they must believe it’s ok for years it has not changed I’m not sure about there teaching will be as confusing. Would someone please inlighten me.

    1. Hi Tim actually WA just totally redesigned their home page to offer a better explanation on what they offer and how they can benefit your money making aspirations. As well Wealthy Affiliates training platform has gone through many updates and additions of tools like Jaaxy keyword tool as their main keyword research tool are a huge value added addition. Wealthy Affiliate has also added a tool that allows WA members to write content for other members and receive up to $50 US per article based on their abilities which offers many WA members an alternative way to create a great income online. The sweet part about the new addition of site content is Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to create engaging content so you can use this training to turn around and make money almost immediately.
      Wealthy Affiliate has recently launched training that will combine affiliate marketing with E-Commerce on one website which gives the website owner multiple income streams.
      Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most progressive training platforms online you should try a free starter membership out and see what they have to offer. Its step by step training that even a tech challenged guy like me benefited from.
      Hope that helps clear up any questions you had about Wealthy Affiliate I am a member at WA and will be more than happy to help you through any training, cheers Mike.

  48. Hi ALL

    Just wanted to say a few good words about mike
    He has been SO HELPFUL in making sure i succeed
    I am someone new to internet marketing & mike has been holding my hand from step 1
    He has left no stone unturned in explaining all the intricate details
    I now have a proper understanding of what needs to be done
    If you are someone on the fence and are considering working with mike

    Thanks Mike !

    1. Hi Victor, thanks for your kind words it’s been a pleasure working with you and you have made some great progress, cheers Mike.

  49. It says I already have an account but won’t let me in I have tried to reset the password but still getting no where

    1. Hi Jeff, I have heard of this happening before. What I suggest is try and log in from a different computer which will have a different IP address and just throw in a random email address, or first try a different email address from the computer you are using and see if that works. If you still have issues go to WA’s main page and contact them directly.Let me know how you make out, cheers Mike.

  50. Hey Mike,

    Congrats on a nice website and your 7 year success in online/affiliate marketing. I’m in the process of trying to identify a WA marketer to sign up under and found yours among the many of others online.

    First off, a big thank you for the time you’ve taken on your blog to answer questions from people you “could” and “could not” benefit from. That speaks volumes on your character. I have zero experience with affiliate marketing and just a little with online marketing but I am looking at how WA can help with both traditional business and online business endeavors.

    In trying to find the “right WA member” to sign up under, I’m looking for someone who can best support my efforts and goals which include:

    1) Selling my own products. Specifically, I am an author with a book that’s available online that I’d like to augment its sales. Additionally, I’m in the process of creating an e-course based off the same book that I will want to market as well. Both the book and e-course could be a “feeder” for folks that might be interested in hiring me for one on one consultation on the specific subject matters of the book.

    2) Given my affinity for passive income and leverage, I’d like to create an affiliate marketing online business selling other people’s stuff and get to a minimum goal of $10K per month by 12/31/18. I’m reading Russell Brunson’s Experts Secrets and will follow that up with his original book Dotcom Secrets. I’ve also signed up for his affiliate marketing program but have not done anything with it yet. Whether it’s Click Funnels or other products, I’d like to build a thriving affiliate marketing biz promoting products I believe in. Interestingly, I think I saw an ad on your site for Expert Secrets so what a nice coincidence :). I’ve read where it’s possible to earn income from just creating leads (cost per advertising or cost per lead if memory serves me well) where you are not selling things online, as well as from selling things online through affiliate marketing and promoting other people’s products Google Ad Sense, WA, Click Funnels, Amazon etc. All of that interests me.

    3) I have another “niche” consulting business that I’d like to drive a lot of traffic to create consulting opportunities from

    So two of my goals revolve around main course 1 in WA being an online entrepreneur. I wasn’t sure if this was something you could help me with. My third goal which revolves around affiliate marketing, I feel very certain you can help with.

    I have some other obstacles/concerns that are best discussed offline, as opposed to on your blog. If you could provide some guidance on how to best communicate with you to discuss those concerns, I’d appreciate it.

    Keep up the good work and thanks in advance for your time!


    1. Hi Ike thanks for reaching out. I will start by saying I can tell you have a knack for writing, this will bode well for your affiliate marketing aspirations.
      I do promote Russel Brunson’s books, Expert Secrets and Dot com secrets, he is an accomplished internet marketer and no slouch at motivational speaking. I will be honest I never started out as a Russel Brunson fan until I started to dig into his online promotions. I quickly realized that he has set up a pretty sweet sales funnel all leading to Click Funnels, pretty smart marketer. Some people write reviews and criticize Russel’s giveaways as being part of a big plan to get people to Click Funnels, I look at it from an internet marketers perspective and can only admire what Russel has accomplished. I think there is something to learn there!
      Ok enough on Russel, yes I can help you with the affiliate marketing end of things and I do believe WA would be a huge benefit to your end goal. To be honest $10,000 in just over a year is a pretty ambitious goal for the simple reason building traffic to a product, building a brand does take some time, not saying it isn’t doable because it is, but to do it you pretty well need to put all your efforts into one product.
      Time is the biggest factor working online and to be successful you really need to focus on one entity. Yes you can incorporate your e-course into your offer depending on what niche you run with. I am not sure what consulting business you have Ike but as longs all these ideas are all related then this will work.
      Click Funnels has a pretty good commission payout so that’s a good product to promote, not to mention Click Funnels has some good marketing behind it and like I said, Russel has developed a pretty decent sales funnel to support Click Funnels.
      Whatever you do decide to promote Ike if that’s your course of action it has to be good or you will end up with a lot of refunds and not much to show for your hard work. I have promoted a few JV Zoo products over the years, these are lower end one time payment products that I promoted with some good success but the refunds were through the roof and in the end I found it to be a time wasting venture do to the high refund rate, and you can’t build a brand selling crap!
      I am actually a product of WA, got my start there working through their training platform.
      Over the years I have helped many create some nice incomes from working online so I am confident it will work for you.
      I can be reached through the “about me page” on this site, you will see an email on that page where we can correspond in private.
      I actually promote a few products online not just WA but they are my goto program for good reason, I believe in what they offer and Know it works!
      Thanks for the nice feedback much appreciated. I am not like a lot of the WA guys, I am not going to tell people what they want to hear just to make a sale, can’t and won’t do it! I am getting older and I feel more in tune with what is important and if I can help someone make the right decision for them then I put that first even if it is telling someone who wants to make money fast with little effort that they had better look offline.
      I am sure we can make something happen for you Ike, I would suggest checking WA out under a free account and see what the platform looks like, ask some questions from the community, no strings attached you can just walk if it doesn’t look like something that will benefit you but I am sure you will like it. This link will hook you up with me if you are interested Click Here Ike!
      just email anytime Ike and I will answer any questions you may have, have a great evening Ike.

    1. Hi Grace, yes WA still offers a discounted premium membership if you sign up for premium within your first 7 days on a free starter membership.
      I always advise people wanting to try out Wealthy Affiliate to start out with the free starter membership, get a good feel for what WA offers and if it fits your needs then look at the discounted membership. What this does is gives you a really good look at their platform and all the time you are building an online business. The website that you will create for your online promoting under a premium membership is fully transferable and the training is the best out there in my opinion so for 38 days of full on training even if you leave after your discounted month the deal offers great value for $19, plus you will work one on one with me, not that that’s a bonus lol but I can teach you a thing or two in that period of time. Hope that helps see you inside if you decide to join, cheers Mike.

    2. Thank you for your reply Mike, I’m from the Philippines so the free trial is not available for me, doe s that mean the $19 discount will not apply as well?

    3. Hi Grace I don’t see a problem getting the discount for your first month just ask for it when you get in there if you don’t automatically get one, cheers Mike.

  51. Hello Mike,

    I have attended a number of ‘Internet Marketing’ weekend seminars here in the UK and have found that so many individuals enrol in programmes without doing any proper research on the vendor whatsoever. There are a number of ‘information’ areas I am interested in and have extensive knowledge, both academic and practical, of a few. However it seems to me that the best place to start is to sell someone else’s product and master all the relevant skills and then, if desired, graduate to product creation.

    Many of the programmes, as you are no doubt well aware, sell high-priced training packages with little or no ongoing support and, to me consider signing up , the ongoing support in any training package is the most important thing. Indeed without that element individuals may as well go buy a book on IM for $30.00 or so and learn as much. WA gives people the chance to try before parting with their hard-earned cash and unfortunately the industry is not short of snake oil sales people so this is a refreshing change.

    Apologies, now a question! What do you think of Click-Bank University as a training provider and would it complement WA training or is the best thing to stay focused on one training package?
    It will be good to hear your perspective, thanks and have a great evening,

    Kindest regards


    1. Hi Stanley sorry for the slow reply for some reason your comment got forwarded to the spam folder.
      It appears to me from your comment you have a pretty solid understanding of online training options and some of there all to common faults.
      If I can give you any advice I would say when you are first starting out you really want to keep your costs to a minimum most people fold under the financial pressure that their online endeavours end up costing them.
      I do think Click Bank offers a good program but it is pricey and there are many extras that you need to consider using their platform. Click Banks training platform also doesn’t offer the best website building platform which is something that I feel is a must when you are promoting any products online.
      Over the years I have sold many click Bank products which do offer a great commission 45%-75% commissions is not uncommon the big draw back to promoting Click Bank products is their high rate of refund which can be quite large given the type of digital products sold through their platform.
      I like Wealthy Affiliate for the simple reason they teach you how to promote any product not just click bank and they offer a free starter membership where they offer a great 10 unit course and set you up with two free websites you can get a lot done on this free starter membership which will give you a really good head start. You will need to eventually go premium to get all that WA offers but thesis only $49 a month and offers everything you need to run an online business promoting products for commissions. If you like Stanley you can get a free starter membership through this link Click Here Stanley, at worst it gives you a really good look into Affiliate marketing and what is really needed minus the snake oil salesman. WA has a zero up sell policy which is rather refreshing, never harassed to buy anything they offer everything in their premium package that you will need except a domain registry for your website which runs around $14 a year!
      If you need anymore info Stanley on any program or just internet marketing questions feel free to stop by and fire away cheers Mike.

  52. Hi Mike

    Your review has been really helpful. I have been looking at Click Funnels and Elite Marketing Pro as I am in MLM with Forever Living and am looking at using attraction marketing to generate leads for my products and business opportunity.

    Forever provide a templates website system but the online shop is managed by them so they take the payments and ship the product and then pay me my profit margin. Will WA be able to integrate with that? BTW I am not techie at all. I can do the basic stuff and have a WordPress blogging account – not used consistently I hasten to add.

    Really would like to research this some more as very interested and want to get started ASAP.

    I am also looking for something that I could roll out to other team members and potentially add another income stream to my business.

    Thanks Mike.


    1. Hi Linda sorry for the late reply. I checked out what forever living offers it’s members for a website which they call the flp360, not what I would consider very useful other than you don’t need a sales page. The capabilities are very limited most of the features are just for show, like the Google hangout function which is really absurd to be honest you can conduct hangouts by simply typing “Google hangouts” into Google and you can create a hangout in seconds, all the recording of info stuff is pretty useless my opinion. I use Google Hangouts quite a bit to meet face to face with my writers that work for me on various sites, it’s quite easy to use and access. It looks like the sites Forever Living provide are simply to facilitate sales transactions and are all run under a sub domain which means you never will own that site your just renting it.
      Personally my advice would be to establish a well rounded marketing campaign. I would create an actual website and ad content that is relative to the products that you sell. I would also hit Facebook hard and link to your new website. It’s going to be a hard sell if you just go from Facebook right to that flp360 sales page because your visitors would be landing there cold and that site doesn’t do anything to get your visitors engaged, you need to prime your audience before there is any opportunity to sell. Lots of options if you have your own functional website. You can offer a free product or guide related to your products and capture email addresses.
      Attraction marketing is all about building consumer confidence and that I feel can only be done from a blog that has the capability to engage your customers. Yes you can build lists and use social media but they all originate from a blog.
      I honestly think you could get this from both WA and Elite marketing pro I feel that WA is the cheaper of the two. You can create a free starter account, build a website quite quickly and then get the first month discount off a premium membership which brings the monthly cost down to $19 for that first month, by then you will know if it works for you or not, I feel it will but at least this way you are only out $19 if you feel it doesn’t.
      If it doesn’t hop over to Elite marketing Pro then you will have a really good idea of what you are looking at and really need, no chance of getting sold on up sells, can get pretty pricey in elite Marketing pro if you buy into everything.
      To integrate with your flp360 I feel you need to use it as it was meant, a sales page, send people to into make their purchase just as you would sending someone to an affiliate offer. I am still a member at WA you can contact me inside WA by punching in Mike Lambert and I will help you through the process if you like. Whichever route you go Linda will help, if you try and get traffic to that site as is I am afraid you won’t be very successful, best of luck Mike.
      Just had another thought, you could choose certain products and build simple 4 page websites that are very specific to that product. This is just an example, take forever bee pollen for example you could build a quick website that is called “forever bee pollen .com” which you could rank high for because it is very specific which google likes and just do a few pages about the benefits and attributes of this product and link to your flp360 page so they can make the purchase, it’s very quick to create these sites and very effective. I would say two months maybe a little more you could have quite a few of these sites built all leading back to your flp360 site. Each domain (SITE) you’re looking at roughly $14, something to consider gets you away from costly tools such as autoresponders and so on, all you need is a keyword tool to pull this off and that comes with your membership, take care Mike.

  53. Hi Mike

    Thanks for informative review. Just signed up for free account

    Look forward to learning more about affiliate marketing

    1. Hi Jennifer, glad you took the plunge. I think you will find your new venture very exciting and that it offers quite a bit of opportunity to make some nice income online. Look forward to seeing what you create and if you need my help at all you will find me under the profile “mike Lambert” inside WA, have a great day!

  54. Mike,
    I currently have a skincare business, with a company provided website. I am looking into ways to broaden my network & bring in new customers, but I am very green when it comes to Internet marketing. WA looks like it’s not quite what I need, do you have other suggestions on training for this type of situation?

    1. I answered a previous question of yours Rita but I would like to say if you have a website and want to reach the masses WA is exactly what you need. I got my start with WA many years ago and now have quite a few websites to my name in many different niches, everything from board games, urban chicken farming, weight loss you name it I have a presence. Your Skincare business is absolutely something that would take off due to the training at WA.
      WA has a no strings starter membership that asks for no payment info whatsoever all you do is walk away if you don’t see how it will help your business, but I am sure it will!
      I actually know of many members some I personally work with that are promoting skincare products, one site in particular is in the dry skin niche and offers products just for that one specific condition.
      Hope that helps Rita, you can click here for free access, cheers Mike.

  55. Will this program help me if I already have a website with the company I am with? I have a skincare business but I’m looking to branch out to a wider audience, but I have zero marketing experience. Do you have suggestions for what other type of training I should look into to if WA isn’t right for what I’m looking to do?

    1. Hi Rita, it doesn’t matter if you have a website already or not but one question I will ask is what kind of website builder did the company provide? WA uses WordPress which is a huge asset to have access to. WordPress websites have the ability to grow with your business needs From my experience many companies, MLM’s, don’t offer high quality website builders, more on the lines of generic website templates that everyone has with very limited capabilities.
      To be honest WA is the best in the business in my opinion when it comes to teaching people how to promote products via a website. There are other programs out there that are very good such as Chris Farrell and Affilorama but they are quite a bit more expensive and offer a fraction of what WA offers under their membership. WA has over 400,000 members who are very active, need an answer to a question there are thousands that will help. I would suggest just trying their free starter membership, see how you can reach a broad audience with your skin care products. If you build a website at WA it is totally transferable.

  56. Hi Mike, Craig from the UK.

    Loving your site and the way you take the time to genuinely help people move forward. I admire that.

    I’m an ex Corporate IT Software Consultant with 25 years software development experience. This wasn’t in website building but I have taught myself at home and built a couple of basic sites without issue, though not sites to monetise. I therefore have no issue learning the tech side of things but certainly have a lot to learn in the other areas of affiliate marketing for example niche selection, kw research, SEO, writing content that ranks and driving buyer traffic both free and paid. WA premium sounds a good fit to take me forwward with the training and mentorship on offer!

    1) My next logical step would be to build a real affiliate site, rank and monetise it. I understand you build a website in the initial free training with WA before going onto the premium membership. Is this first site we build in the initial free training just a training website or is it a website to promote WA or can it be the startings of a real affiliate website in a chosen niche or is that best left for the premium training when we get more access to better themes and a .com website? Just trying to understand the best route in for me?

    2) I think I’d be interested in the health supplements niche – is this still viable and do you have experience in this niche?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Craig thank you for stopping by and I am glad you like the site. I will start by saying having the experience building sites and some IT background is going to be a huge asset to you while doing the training at WA. To give you the ideal path, actually the one I took myself, I would join under the free starter membership and make sure I have my niche picked out and my website structure in place before I considered going premium, take advantage of all the free training you can. After you have done the 10 step free starter course I suggest flipping over to WA’s boot camp, this is where they teach people to promote WA.
      Why boot camp?
      Boot camp has some really good training on visitor movement and creating content that ranks, I tell anyone I work with to do boot camp but sub in your own niche idea “health supplements”, works like a charm! WA boot camp teaches members all about targeting people in the right stage of the buying cycle, writing content that ranks and using social platforms to complement your websites traffic generation.
      Lastly, yes the health supplement niche is very viable but not in the broad sense, I would choose a sub niche in the health supplements niche. An example of this is supplements ta aid in the lowering of blood pressure. This is a very specific sub niche that you could own, or if there is a certain brand of supplements that you want to focus on you could own any exposure to that certain brand for example.
      What I do with people I work with is I will do a keyword search on a certain niche idea which uncovers many lucrative sub niche ideas that we can sift through and decide which route to go, ultimately it is your choice but I will give suggestions based on my experience and what the numbers show. You don’t want to get into to broad of a niche for the simple reason it takes way to long to break into that niche and make money from it, not impossible, you can dominate any niche, some just take longer than others and I find that the faster people start seeing results the more success they will have. So yes there is opportunity in the health supplements niche but we really need to dissect it to find that golden nugget.
      Some other things I like to help with are your initial website structure layout, it is critical to have a good user flow. I also like to critique your first piece of content for your site, I have developed a very simple and SEO friendly format for creating content which you will find very easy to implement and ranks like crazy in search engines. These are just a few areas where I can help if you feel you may want it.
      Sorry got carried away for a moment, your starter membership allows you to build two websites, I advise only one to start. You want Google to see you as an authority site so you want all your effort going into one site, faster results that way, all starter sites are transferable at a click of a button to a more customizable theme when or if you go premium so your efforts are not lost. You can always go ahead and buy a .com soon as we have hammered out a potential area that you are going to participate in, roughly $14 a year for a .com, I wouldn’t buy anything other than a .com carry more ranking weight with Google.
      Any other questions you want answered before you take the plunge don’t hesitate to stop buy and ask away. If you are happy and want a free starter membership you will work with me by clicking this link “click here” That’s lesson #1 strong call to action, see we will have you monetising a website in no time, lol, Have a great day Craig.

    2. Thanks for such a detailed and well thought out response Mike, very much appreciated. Will be in touch when ready to take the punge 🙂

  57. It would be lovely to actually get the knowledge needed to build up an online business – I have tired before but I’m afraid I’ve ended up out of pocket or just plain confused….
    Do you feel this bunch have got the teaching side of things ok – do you feel it’s easy to follow overall?

    1. Hi Chris, yes I fell WA does offer what it takes to build a successful business online. They offer a step by step process that I myself followed and now run a very successful online business all do to their training platform.

      I always suggest to people new to IM to try out WA’s free starter program that way you have zero pressure and a chance to learn and actually get your online business up and rolling before you even think about making any financial investment.

      You don’t need a lot to work online, a website, hosting and a keyword tool that’s it, you get all this in Wealthy Affiliates starter program so it’s a great place to get started risk free, only your time is on the line if you find working online isn’t for you.

      I think the deal make for me was the support, usually if you get access to a inexpensive offer you get shafted on the support or lack of it, but with Wealthy Affiliates starter program you full 24/7 access to the community and the owners Kyle and Carson with no strings attached. You can ask as many questions as you like from who you like, this includes me, I am a member and have no issue answering any questions you may have. Hope that helps Chris, look forward to working with you in WA, cheers Mike.

  58. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your review on WA, it really is a great help for soemeone who doesn´t really know where to start.

    I recently decided to change my life and left a lifetime career, and I´m looking for a job where I can work and see the results of my work.
    I want to invest my time on building an online mains endurind source of income, so I can live of it and at the same time have a decent balance between work/free time.
    I know very little abou IM, just what I´ve been researching, and I can tell you I´ve taken a lot of insights just from reading your review and all the coments.
    My question is, I´m not much of a writting person, I mean, I can be good at it, but I´m a little bit of a perfectionist, so it takes me a lot of time, just thinking of what to say and how to say it, so iis the affiliate program rewarding enough that you can start making a living of it, after a few months of hard work?
    I´m a fast learner and I want to work and have a even more enjoyable life, should I jump into this?

    Thanks for your time Mike and keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Sandy, thank you for the nice comment.
      Many people like to complicate IM, not sure why? Well actually I guess I do, affiliates make a pile of money selling programs and tools to people who don’t have a clue that these tools and high priced programs aren’t necessary to make a living as an internet marketer.
      To be very honest, in regards to being a perfectionist, you will need to dial that back a bit. I know right now you are thinking what guy tells me that perfectionism isn’t a great thing?
      An honest one when it comes to IM!
      Here’s why
      I am a bit of a, I am going to use a dirty word, “perfectionist” also. When I first started affiliate marketing it would take me 8 hours to write a simple post, my butt hurt and at the end of the day I still felt I accomplished little, except a sore butt! Actually the first time the internet went out in the middle of my post and I didn’t notice, I hadn’t saved my draft, didn’t know I had to, lost the whole enchilada, WOW! You want to see a guy throw a temper tantrum, thought my wife was going to have to bribe me with an icecream cone to get me to settle down, lol.
      The best advice I ever received was to write like I was talking to my buddies, that would probably mean I would have to stagger around while writing so I didn’t go to that extreme.
      When I did start writing more “casual” I totally forgot about grammar, punctuation, websites all have spell check so that was covered off, as long as your sentence made sense then that was a wrap. After that point I wrote two to three posts a day and now started building a presence all over the internet and actually found myself smiling and enjoying what I was writing about. I couldn’t write myself out of a wet paper bag when I started but now I just let it go and it will be what it is. I get a ton of traffic to my websites because I have content all over the internet and I actually enjoy it now, no more sore butt!
      Not only do I get the traffic and exposure I make a connection with my readers, people like yourself comment, that’s is the essence of IM, if you can get some interaction you have a chance to sell, I am not selling right at this point by the way, maybe later, lol. This never happened when I sat down and really thought about what I was writing, my writing was very dry and very analytical, didn’t appeal to the average internet user and that’s who you want to appeal to. Anyone who is going to pick apart my punctuation or grammar I am not going to connect with anyways, find the middle ground, use slang, but not profanity, definitely don’t go as low as using “u r nice” not cool, lol. I actually see this type of stuff from people I work with so I need to straighten them out pretty quick or they won’t have a bright future in IM.
      Try the “free membership” and I will help you find a niche and then you can write a post, I will critique it and straighten you out pretty fast, lol
      When I write a post I think of questions that my readers I think will want answers to. I write down all the questions as I think of them and they become my paragraph topics and that’s it, plain and simple, absolutely nothing more to it, jeez, just gave away my trade secret!
      Some food for thought!
      I would rather try and fail than never have tried at all! I think someone prominent once said something like that, so I won’t take credit for it, lol, but it’s so true!
      Have a good one Sandy, hope I get the chance to work with you, cheers Mike.

  59. Hi Mike,

    Again, thanks for your help. I will wait to hear from WA as you suggested. While I am waiting would you please answer a question that I have been wondering about? It has been my understanding that in affiliate marketing the affiliate gets paid for the first purchase by a customer, but not on future purchases by that customer. Are there perhaps some companies that pay a residual commission on future purchases by the customer?

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi Larry, In many cases merchants have affiliate programs that provide you with a unique “affiliate ID” which they use to track visitors that have come from your website or capture page. If you scroll to the bottom of a merchant’s site you will usually find a link that says “affiliates”, here their terms for qualifying for a commission will be stated. In most cases a 30 day window is in place, in other words if a person comes from your site via your affiliate link your “cookie” is set for 30 days, anytime a purchase is made within that 30 days you will get credit. The only time this will not happen is when your referral has gone to another affiliate site and gone through under their affiliate ID overriding yours.
      There are many commission structures, some recurring like membership programs or monthly fee offers and then there are straight up one time sale commissions. These commissions vary also, digital downloads are the highest commission payers at roughly 40-75% of that sale. Amazon on the other hand runs on a 4-10% commission structure. What I like about Amazon is when someone enters Amazon through your affiliate link (affiliate ID) any purchase they make you get credit for, I had a person that went into Amazon to buy a book I was promoting and decided to buy a treadmill while they were there, that was a nice commission that I wasn’t expecting, but you know, that happens a good portion of the time, collateral sales!
      So to recap, just scroll down to the bottom of any site and look for “affiliate” if the site doesn’t have an affiliate link then chances are they are an affiliate site themselves or the merchant doesn’t offer an affiliate program. Places like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, merchants like this are great because they have such a large offering you have tons of opportunities to make a variety of sales through one visit.
      Hope that helps Larry, have a great evening, cheers Mike.

  60. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the quick reply to my questions. I now have another issue that I hope you can help me with. A few months ago I answered an ad on backpage by another WA affiliate. I entered my email address and info and was entered into their system. I never did have any personal contact with the WA rep whose ad I answered. I did receive an autoresponder message or two. Not knowing what I now know from your website, I elected not to pursue the WA opportunity. After reading the information on this website I realize that I acted too soon. I tried to sign up for the starter course from this website yesterday, but I received a reply that my email was already in the system and I could not go any further.

    I went to the WA website and sent a message to this effect in their “contact us” section. I told them I would like to enroll from your website because I feel I would get more support from you rather than whoever the rep was that ran the advertisement. I have not received a reply from WA yet. I would appreciate it if you would contact WA on my behalf to expedite the process.

    As far as the choice of sponsor is concerned, I chose to select WA not from the efforts of the original affiliate who placed the ad, but from the info I received from your website.

    I would appreciate your help.



    1. Hi Larry, I would advise you to just wait for a response from WA. Once you are enrolled in the starter program you can stay in as long as you like there is no expiry date on a free membership so they will just send you your password info and you’re off to the races.
      I work with many members in WA Larry regardless if they are my referrals or not. I am a believer in paying it forward and (carma), so feel free to come to me with questions if you like and I will do my best to answer them.
      You don’t have to belong to WA to ask me questions Larry, if you need some advice or have affiliate marketing/blogging related questions fire away, like I said I will do my best to answer them. Let me know how you make out Larry, cheers Mike.

  61. Hi Mike,

    I plan to take the free course and will probably follow up with further WA training later. Before I begin I need to know if I have the proper software installed on my laptop. When I purchased my laptop about eight months ago I didn’t realize it did not include Microsoft Office software. Will MS Office be required for the course and later work? Also does WordPress require software to be installed on my computer?

    Thanks for your help.


    1. Hi Larry, no you don’t need anything special, just internet access. WordPress doesn’t require any software. Look me up inside Iam happy to help, have a great day Mike

  62. Hi,
    Thank you for your review.
    That sounds interesting but I have a few questions about reviewing the products.
    What’s the process exactly in here? Checking the hot and potential items on Amazon(and other affiiliate stores) and reviewing them? And by reviewing, it means writing a whole article about each item, describing the pros and cons etc? If English is not my mother tongue and writing is not my best skill, is that a task that can be outsourced? How can anyone write about an item if he or she never owned it?
    How many reviews in the website there should be on average?
    I understand that this is not a business model that makes people get rich overnight but do you think such a business is enough to make a decent living(for 1 person) or It’s better to think of it as a side project.
    Finally, are there any existing websites of specific niches that I can see? Sometimes, real examples are very encouraging to move forward.

    Sorry, I asked so many questions, but I’m just a little confused.

    Thanks so much,


    1. Hi Ahmed, great questions!
      What Wealthy Affiliate teaches Ahemd is affiliate marketing and blogging for profit. Your right in saying that the money making techniques that WA offers aren’t overnight get rich techniques, these get rich quick techniques don’t exist unfortunately many will try and sell you on the idea they do!
      What you will learn at WA is how to build a website or websites that will generate income which, it’s really not a complicated process although many programs will try and make it more complicated than it really is so they can charge more money for training.
      Affiliate marketing for example is simply directing traffic from your site to a merchant’s site whether it be Amazon or one of the thousands and thousands of merchants that pay commissions for traffic that results in a purchase.
      What I do for example is build websites on various topics and steer traffic to related products and if that traffic results in a sale of a merchant’s product I get a commission.
      If you are looking for examples of affiliate sites just punch in any product that comes to mind and if that site isn’t the actual brand name this will be an affiliate site. Fitness is a huge niche for example you could punch in “how to build muscles” and the first page in Google would be littered with affiliate sites promoting everything from protein drinks to exercise equipment, how do you know the difference between an affiliate site and the actual merchant? Scroll to the bottom of any site if it has a link that says “affiliates” this means they are an actual merchant and are looking for affiliates to promote their products.
      For example go to Home depot, Petsmart, Lowes or wal-mart, The Gap, Ardene, and scroll down their home page and you will see “affiliates” if you click on that you will see what they offer for commissions to promote their products, almost every conceivable product has related affiliate programs that offer varying commissions even art, jewelry, watches, sporting goods, camping, hiking etc.
      As far as this not being a business model that makes people rich this can’t be further from the truth. Affiliate marketing has made many very very wealthy and what does start out for many as a side thing can quickly turn into a dream job.
      If writing isn’t your strong suit then outsourcing your writing is a viable option, many do this. Not all websites have to be extensive written projects, there are various types of sites that can be built including sites that are very streamlined but very item specific.
      There is no written rule on how many reviews you need on a site if any, many sites just offer knowledge based posts that inform their readers on different topics that lead to related products. You could have a blog that talks about hiking for example that leads to hiking apparel or have a blog on birdwatching that leads to binoculars and outdoor wear, it doesn’t need to be a review site.
      Lastley, many bloggers or affiliate marketers learn as they go along by researching the niche they choose, you are always reading and researching and that is how your blog grows and your experience level grows and that is what you pass on to your readers.
      I used the hiking niche earlier as an example, well no one person is an expert right out of the gates when they start hiking it takes knowledge that is acquired over time to be an accomplished hiker no different than writing a hiking blog. You might read an article on the best way to stay hydrated on long hikes or what the best footwear to use in a wet environment may be and so on, your job as a blogger or affiliate marketer is to compile all this information or knowledge in one convenient place for your readers to find putting your own perspective on it, which comes in the form of your website.
      When I first started out affiliate marketing I don’t think you could have found a greener person than I was but as time went on and the sales rolled in I kept getting more efficient, converted better and sold more and more to the point it comes second nature now and I know I will always have the means to make great money online, trust me it’s a great feeling and place to be in.
      The nice thing about the WA starter membership is it’s free to try that’s the best way to find out what affiliate marketing is all about if it’s not for you just walk away you don’t have to cancel anything there is no payment requirements.
      I hope that helped clear up some of your questions Ahmed, I always have time to help if you need any, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Angela, this is a website that I created through my training at Wealthy Affiliate and is one of thousands of WordPress website themes you have to choose from at WA.
      WA offers the opportunity to create multiple websites that you can generate multiple income streams from. I personally have created websites in some pretty obscure niches such as products for chickens, rabbits, board games and a few weight loss products. Once you learn how to build and promote a website the process becomes more repetitive than anything. I don’t have to even think about the website building phase anymore! Check it out for yourself it’s free to give it a try, cheers Mike.

  63. Hi Mike,
    Thank you for this review as I was considering joinng the elite pro until I read your review. So I made a detour to WA.

    I’m interested in signing up a free account on an individual basis like one of your responses on this platform suggested…after my attempts to sign up were restricted.

    How do I go about signing up on the individual category please.

    I really want to learn how to build an automated online business and learn how to market/ sell properly on the internet. I’ll also like to partake in every other learning opportunity you say WA has to offer in regards to the free account.
    I’m a total novice to online marketing and I hope with your support? I can sign up and excel?

    Please respond soon.

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi Rejoy as I have mentioned to other visitors to this site there are a few countries that WA will only deal with on a one on one basis do to high spamming volumes. WA offers a hassle free learning experience free from solicitation or upselling. WA has zero upselling in their platform unlike many other Internet training platforms so you know what you are getting upfront no surprises.
      Email them directly through their main site and say you have been to this site and hopefully that will do the trick. I look forward to the possibility of working with you Rejoy, look me up inside WA, cheers Mike.

  64. I absolutly loved reading your site as it is packed with good solid information. Exspecially being part of Wealthy Affiliate myself, I naturally found your information very useful. As well as refreshing myself with key points to the program that have slipped by me at the start of WA’s adventure. Your site is very well written,looks clean and streamlined, and very easy to manuver. I give your site a thumbs up and would rate it a 10+.Thank you for the inspiration as we sometimes loose site of what our end goal is. All I can say at this point is, fantastic job!

    1. Hi Bob thanks so much for the comment. I am glad you came and checked out my website, I have built many over the years thanks to my training at WA many very profitable this site was created to give back some of my knowledge as well as make a few bucks selling the odd Internet marketing tool.

      Anyone that I have helped over the years at WA I have always hammered home the fact that you need very little to make money online, training of course offered at WA and a keyword tool which you get with a membership at WA that is all you need. I go crazy when I see people selling internet marketing systems and multiple tool suites when they are not necessary and frankly don’t increases your chances of making income online, thnak you once again for stopping by, see you in WA, cheers Mike.

  65. Hi Mike,

    Great review here bud. I signed up to WA back in 2013 but never got around to going through the training for some reason… never had the motivation. About a week ago I decided to take action and make a change, can’t believe why I never did it sooner!

    Cheers mate

    1. Hi Manson, motivation, persistence, follow through and commitment are key ingredients that people need when they look at starting an online career. Building an online business using a website to promote products or your own business doesn’t happen overnight it doesn’t take long to build a website, actually less that a couple of days to have everything you need in place what does take the time is getting traffic to your website.

      It’s nice to hear that you feel you are ready now if you weren’t into it before then it probably wouldn’t have resulted in much success. If you want to make a living online which is very possible through the training at WA you need to bring the above mentioned disciplines to the table and your chances of making great money online and living a lifestyle that many can only dream of is within reach, best of luck Manson, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Joseph, yes you absolutely can utilize WA’s training with the Blogger platform. WA uses WordPress for their platform but the training is universal to any website template. Here are a few issues that you might want to think about using the Google’s blogger platform to run an online business.
      – With Google’s blogger platform you don’t actually own your website they can shut down their service or your access at any time, with WordPress you own your site and can transfer it to whatever hosting you like when this is your business I would recommend owning your material.
      – In comparison to WordPress the Blogger platform has limited functions and capabilities which might affect the appearance of your offering which might be a drawback if this is a business you are promoting.
      – WordPress is an open source website building platform you have a choice of thousands of premium themes on the other side of the coin Google’s blogger platform has limited choices by design.
      Really I can go on and on why I would go with WordPress for a business application over the Blogger platform but that is solely your choice.
      WA teaches you how to turn your blog into a profitable online business so their training will work with any platform, hope that helps answer your question, look forward to working with you inside WA, cheers Mike.

    2. Hey Mike,

      Thanks for all the info. Very helpful. I tried to register but It says that Free Starter accounts are not available in my country (Philippines). WA only allows premium registration.

      Is it possible for me to register as FREE member first?

      Thank you!


    3. Hi Joseph by all means just contact WA directly say you have talked to me and they will look at the free accounts on an individual basis. Unfortunately there are a few countries that they have experienced spam issues with and therefore they look at applicants on an individual basis. Wealthy Affiliate is an unbelievable platform where you can learn without upsells. WA doesn’t upsell they don’t get you in and then ask you to pay for every little service they have a free account or a premium account nothing else. This is for the simple reason they want to continue to be the leading internet marketing learning platform and don’t want people coming in trying to sell products to members, especially when members don’t need them, hope to see you in WA Joseph, cheers Mike.

  66. This is a great review of Wealthy Affiliate. You have covered all the questions I might have.

    In fact my main concern would be the free membership as usually you find this is worthless, but you have covered this question in your review, and it sounds pretty good.

    Worth a try I think!

    1. Hi Ruth, yes WA’s “free starter course” is worth your time it will give you a great start in building an online business from the ground up. It will teach you how to find a niche (products) to promote and how to promote them on your own website that they provide and show you how to build it step by step, this will also work for a business of your own that you may want to promote, best of luck look me up inside and I will give you a hand where needed, cheers Mike.

  67. This is a great recommendation. I feel that this learning platform and learning platforms like it are the solution to people falling for scams. What many people should understand online is that if it doesn’t require time and effort, there is not going to be a real pay off. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Hadri, it does take some time to build a profitable online business but not long in the scope of things. In mere months you can build an online business that can provide a really good income for many years to come. If you went to school for 4 years got out and got a job for $100,000 a year you would probably be somewhat happy but think of IM this way say it takes you a year to make that which isn’t out of the realm of possibilities and all that time you are earning something as you learn your business is growing and next thing you know two years have gone by and you are making $200,000 pretty insignificant investment of time when you put it into that perspective.

      Yes IM does take effort and commitment but when it pays off it pays off big time you just need to stay on task, thanks for the comment, cheers Mike.

  68. I really like that you pointed out that the program still continues to be your favorite and that it’s not just for newbies but also for more advanced marketers. I definitely agree with that as a member. I think the fact is it’s a very straightforward subscription service and host and has so many free useful tools for bloggers and marketers and has such a crazy huge community that no other program can really compare that I’ve seen. Thanks for the article!

    1. Hi Maria thank for stopping by! WA is a great place and has continued to warrant my recommendation because it keeps evolving as a training platform it adds new training almost daily and like you said has a massive membership, somewhere around 400,000 members I think which is an insane amount of members, think of the investment these people have put into this program to cater to all their members, pretty unreal place, thanks again for stopping by have a great day Mike.

  69. Hey!

    Fellow WA member here. I just want to vouch for what Mike’s saying.

    I’ve researched a lot of programs, and I found that Wealthy Affiliate is currently the best thing out there. WA is a great, honest, and VERY helpful community for those who want to truly learn how to make an online income.

    This place provides you with the tools, information, and people to help you become successful. The one thing you must supply is the elbow grease.

  70. Hey Mike!
    It’s great to see another WA member review such a great service. The thing that got me Premium was that I could try it before I bought it. I tried it for about 2 years before I went premium! But I did take the plunge because I wanted to take that next step with my online business.

    1. Hi Jason, thank you for letting my readers know that you had a really good opportunity to check out what WA offered before you made any decision to take advantage of their premium membership. This is what I like about WA’s starter membership it has no expiry date, you stay on a free starter membership as long as you like, people know when the time is right no need to rush it, thanks again, see you inside WA, cheers Mike.

  71. Hey Mike, after wasting so much money in search of genuine online job, I was thinking that money making is impossible through online tasks. But after trying my luck with WA at last, I realised that nothing is impossible unless there is someone to show you the right path.

    Here, you are going to be prove as a mentor and there are many who would be thankful to you after they will achieve success at WA. 🙂

    1. Hi Sangeeta, thank you for the kind words. I am the type of person who truly believes that you can make a positive change in a person’s life by doing small things, helping people find online success at WA is such a small thing but I know it works because I am proof of that and I am willing to help others achieve the same or even more online success that WA has offered me and my family through their training, thank you for taking the time to comment, cheers Mike.

  72. hello there:)

    thanks for sharing such interesting information. I never believed that earning money online could be so enjoyable with easy to follow steps:)

    I see you mention there is a very helpful community and I think I will have many things to learn and will need that support if I give it a try 🙂

    I like the fact that in the beginning you don’t have to pay, you have the chance to see how it is working. I will give it a try and I will let you know 🙂

    thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Cristina, I hope you do give WA a try really what do you have to lose, actually you have everything to gain. Wa worked for me and many that I know that are making some pretty crazy money online do to WA’s teachings. You will see once you enroll in their free starter course that it is a real opportunity, I would suggest that when you do start ask lots of questions test the response times from members including myself, it will blow you away how many respond and how quickly. When I first started internet marketing through WA I was working full time and didn’t have much time to dedicate and what I found made WA so successful for me was I never had to wait for answers I always had answers right away, they also have live chat where seasoned marketers such as myself frequent to answer questions, just another added feature WA offers, look me up inside I will take you under my wing, cheers Mike.

  73. Hello Mike. I think you have put together a good review of Wealthy Affiliate here. I think you have touched on a couple of good points that are important for newcomers to know. I totally agree with you when you say that WA isn’t just for beginners. I have been working online for about 6 years and know how things can quickly change. The key is to keep up to date with the latest happenings in the internet marketing world and Wealthy Affiliate allows us to do that by networking with each other. The great thing about WA is the fact that there are so many people with various skills and backgrounds. You can really learn a lot from some very experienced people. And as you say, paying it forward really works too. Thanks for your review and the best of success to you!

    1. Hi Andrew thank you for your feedback I take you are familiar with Wealthy Affiliate. There are many experienced marketers that belong to WA for a few reasons, it is a great community I have stayed because I have many friends that I have made in WA and I would miss that interaction. On another note I think many of the experience members stay because the internet world is always evolving and it is a necessity not a luxury to stay current, your online business depends on you staying ahead of the curve, newcomers are the benefactors of experienced marketers staying in WA and the culture of paying it forward that WA instills in it’s members and implements in its platform, thanks for sharing, cheers Mike.

  74. Thanks Mike for the Great WA Review! I completely agree with you! WA is by far the best way to make money out there.

    There are no upsales, the community is awesome, the information is priceless, and best of all Kyle & Carson are involved when you need them!

    This review is outstanding and really highlights what makes WA the full package!

    How long would you say it takes a business to really get up an running?

    Thanks again for the great content and AWESOME website!

    1. Hi Erich, I would say that on average you are looking at 4 months and you can expect to start seeing sales rolling in. It takes some time for your content to start generating traffic but after that it should really start rolling. For some it happens quicker and for some it may take a little longer this all depends on how much time you can afford to spend on building your content, thanks for the comment, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Dean I am happy to hear you made it to WA obviously you must like it or this comment would have been much different lol. Look forward to hooking up with you at WA, cheers Mike.

  75. Hi mike…I’m from India..no free membership available here…. I could not afford premium membership right away as im a student..is there any way u could me? Appreciate ur help… Thanks

    1. Hi Sivani, contact WA through their main website and just say you have been to my site and would like to try a free starter membership, let me know how you make out, cheers Mike.

  76. Hi Mike,
    For quite a few weeks now i have been viewing everything
    internet, about affiliate marketing and have learnt the basic processes of how
    it works through utube etc . Like yourself mid 40 looking to move out of physical work
    with a young family.
    So i see it as : 1 Pick your Niche /interest.
    2 create website (domain name /hosting).
    3 Use wordpress to create theme and add content.(and promote others adds ie Amazon
    market health, rakuten.
    4 drive traffic.
    5 Earn.
    I have the ability to get through point 2 to 5 but i always come back to the first.
    Its the only thing im having trouble with .Picking the subject.
    So my question is .If your not good at picking a niche is it easy to
    get around this and get help to overcome this .Is it vitally important to be good at
    finding niches .
    Also i have found your information here very informative and considering
    joining WA pending this Q.
    Thanks Mike
    Simon Australia

    1. Hi Simon I love when people ask questions like the one you just asked. The sequence of events is pretty bang on to what you just described in your comment so you really do have a good understanding of how content marketing/affiliate marketing works. What WA teaches is real not some fake system or pie in the sky no effort required type of deal, they offer a step by step format resulting in a income generating website, does it happen for everyone, no! People have different expectations and work ethics that influence their ability to follow it through to the stage where your traffic is coming in on a steady basis giving you the opportunity to sell .
      Had to get that part out of the way, honestly finding a niche for most is the hardest part about using this type of training to make what I would say is a pretty lucrative living, what’s the answer? Ask for help!
      WA has well over 400,000 members and not only do members like to help other members find success but there are incentives built into WA’s platform which encourages members to pay their experience forward. This is only 1 small sample of the innovative approach that Wealthy Affiliate applies to it’s training platform.
      I am a member at WA Simon and I help new members find niches all the time, I use a keyword tool called Jaaxy to do a broad niche search and from that I drill down on smaller less competitive niches with good income potential, I can do this in less than 15 minutes so it’s not an inconvenience for me at all, all we have to do is agree on a interest or topic you may want to explore which I can help you with. CLICK HERE! and grab a free starter membership it has no requirements associated with it, no credit cards anything like that, I will help you find a niche and off you go, see you inside, cheers Mike.

  77. Hi Mike! After much consideration, I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate. I created my account but unable to access the full website I believe due to my country (Philippines) being blocked for Starter accounts. I would really appreciate if you can help me with exceptions. Thanks in advance for your assistance


    1. Hi Arnel, if you have a problem getting in under the free membership just contact WA directly could be some issue there and they will straighten it out, look me up inside if you need a hand, cheers Mike.

  78. Hi Mike !
    I just joined WA and I was very surprised to see that there was actually a place like this where I can improve my personal knowledge of online marketing and not worry about being scammed, thank you Branco.

    1. Hi Branco thanks for leaving a comment. Yes Wealthy Affiliate is the real thing for sure it’s not a get rich deal it offers real training, tons of tools all part of your membership, no hidden costs and a huge community well over 400,000 members which they offer incentives to help fellow members, the model works great! Their goal is that no member should have to wait more than 10 minutes for a question to be answered which is pretty cool. Wealthy Affiliate is always adding training and services at no extra cost that’s why I recommend their program. You still need to work hard to achieve success online but at least there they offer everything you will need and don’t upsell products or services that are integral to making money online which is unique and refreshing in the making money online market, cheers Mike.

  79. Hi Mike,

    I am trying to sign up for WA for the first time even though free starter member is not available in India however I got an error that “Oops, we found that you already have an account at Wealthy Affiliate. Please login with that account to access Wealthy Affiliate!”. I haven’t created any account yet with my email. And then when I click on forget password option just to check if my email address is associated with a particular account it says that ” We were unable to find a user account with the credentials provided.” I am bit confused. Later I came to know that my friend had use my laptop and my internet connection for signing up his WA account. Does this mean that 2 person cannot use the same laptop for logging or signing up two different WA account ? I cannot afford to buy another laptop and internet connection.

    Please reply.



    1. Hi Vungneimaw yes it was because there was another account set up using your ip address I have straightened this out for you. I had them send you an email with your new password, ENjoy WA, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Stan, I am scratching my head trying to figure out the NPN and only one comes to mind, is it a company called ” Napster PeertoPeer Network” you are referring to? If not let me know who you are referring to and I will give you some feedback, talk soon Mike.

  80. Hi Mike,

    I would like to get on board with WA if i get on board through your link as my up line would you help me through the process of getting traction as well as the step by step video.

    Essentially would you help to mentor me, if so what is your link to get on board?

    Kind regards


    1. Hi Anthony, The awsome thing about WA Anthony is that with Wealthy Affiliate you don’t have to rely on just my help you have many experienced members that offer help inside. Also what’s nice about WA is you won’t find any extras costs for training or personal mentoring. WA works on a pay it forward philosophy and it works quite well, I am a benefactor of that philosophy, if it wasn’t for many experienced marketers helping me and sharing their expertise I am pretty sure I would have never achieved the online success I have to date. Inside WA you can ask a question and get multiple answers in minutes sometimes seconds.
      Please don’t take my word for it have a look for yourself, go in under a FREE membership and start asking questions, ask any question that you can think of and I will bet you will have an answer in no time. I guarantee you won’t find anything like the WA community anywhere online. Look me up inside I will be happy to lend a hand, cheers Mike.

  81. Hi Again Mike,
    Well I answered my own question by taking a little tour of your site and finding a review on Google Sniper 3. So i guess I know your views on it …. out dated and some bad advise.
    So I guess my only question is as a novice and someone who is likely to freeze at the 1st sign of technical jargon and has no real idea what website I want or need to start with. But someone who is willing to sit down and spend several hours a day trying to make some money. How would you frame the worst case scenario in terms of developing traffic and income over the course of a few months. assuming say I was popping up sites at a rate of 1 a week What are the running costs involved along the way and the minimums or ‘cautiously realistic’ incomes, with only the tuition provided by WA to go on??

    1. Hi Richard, I know there are lots of programs out there such as “Google Sniper” throwing around the multiple site thing and many throwing around the latest scam called “link posting”, but to be quite frank it’s just B.S. Sure it looks good on the surface to an online newcomer but in reality these money making techniques are totally ineffective and don’t offer a realistic chance for making an income online. The problem newcomers are faced with when it comes to the Internet gold rush is most people don’t know how income generation works online and that’s where the scammers come in.
      Personally I would look at Affiliate Marketing it’s the only real opportunity I have seen so far that really generates income online, that’s what I do for a living and you can start earning as you learn to the point where it becomes your main source of income . Hope that helps Richard, cheers Mike.

  82. Hey Mike,

    you sound like the honest kind of guy I need to listen to.
    I was in a spin sieving through hundreds of sites all offering similar stuff on how to make money from affiliate marketing . I am a technophobic so very worried that a package will really take me from the very 1st steps. so far all the you tube tutorials Ive watched have all left me wondering where to start.

    financially tired of taking knocks and need to start earning. I was actually almost about to take the plunge with Google Sniper before stumbling on this blog. Do you have any views or a review possibly a comparison of this to that??

  83. Good write-up, I have to say I feel just by the way you write that you have some integrity for that reason I will check out your recommendation. I have looked around and dabbled at making an income online but I have never broken through and made money hopefully this will be the one, thank you!

    1. Hi Candis, there are never any sure things in the online money making game because there are two variables that only you can control, effort and commitment, I can tell you WA did work for me and I consider myself just and average Joe with your basic education but a willingness to change my world. Wa offers a step by step program with lots of support so I think that’s why it appealed to me and eventually paid off for me, I sincerely hope it provides the same results for you, need any help don’t hesitate to ask, cheers Mike.

  84. I have looked into various ways to make money online but all just seem like scams, after reading your review of Wealthy Affiliate I feel you are a trustworthy guy so I will try it out.

    1. I am glad you feel that way Shayne. I have no problem recommending WA because I know it works and even if you don’t like it the free starter course is just that FREE! Best of luck, Mike.

  85. Hi Mike,
    Almost signed up for Sniper X with George and got Hijacked over to a Binary trading site after I paid the money. The support is an invalid email and the contact phone numbers are not valid or disconnected. It will take 30+ days to get my money back even through PayPal. So to the next question. You recommend Wealthy affiliate and thank you for an in depth review. I am retired and would like to treat this as an 8 hour a day job. Is the material organized in such a way where I can expect to understand and follow this information. Some site have you moving all over the place to 100 different offers or something like that. I get so confused I give up.
    I would like a site that says Do this, then this step and the next step etc., etc., Like everyone else I paid a lot and have yielded $0 respectively. Mike this could end my 5 years of ripoffs and scams.
    Thank you so much for your reply. If this is the one you truly recommend then I am all in.
    So do I go for the Free or Just jump on board for the $47.00 per month with a full membership?
    Thank You, Chris Anthony

    1. Hi Chris, yes there are so many shady things happening on the Internet these days it’s hard to keep up on all of them you definitely want to stay away from Binary options in my opinion that is one of the biggest farces going it’s just new method that traders use to get at your money.
      Yes I do endorse Wealthy Affiliate because they are what they say and that is an online program that teaches you how to make money online by using a variety of techniques all very legit, ones I have personally used.
      I always tell my readers to do the “free thing” you want to curb that jumping into stuff when it comes to the Internet you will either get severely ripped off or spend a fortune on unnecessary tools, you need very little to make money online.
      Have a look under the free starter membership and take their 10 step course even do some of their affiliate course just for the training aspect and see what you think then make your decision. I am an active member so you can contact me at any time and I will be more than happy to lend you a hand. WA is a legitimate outfit as you will see, no upsells, zero, they have a very experienced and helpful community of thousands with the same goal as you, make money online for a living, it’s where I got my start so I know it works, please look me up inside, good luck Chris.

  86. Hi, Mike
    Thank you for providing this useful info. on WA, however free starter membership is not available in India. How can I avail that free starter membership?

    1. Hi Deepak, yes I am sorry about that but I talked to WA about the lack of FREE access to India and they said it was do to the high rate of spamming coming out of India in particular and they want their members to have a safe and hassle free environment to build their online businesses, Kyle did say that you can contact WA directly and they would look at granting free membership access on a one on one basis, hope that helps, let me know how you make out, cheers Mike.

  87. I’m not that much of a internet reader to
    be honest but your sites really nice, keep the info coming! Interested in Internet Marketing, is this the program you recommend?

    1. Hi Adrian, thanks for the compliment and yes WA is one of my recommendations. I do have a few others I like if WA isn’t a good fit for you but it’s really hard to beat WA’s offering they have most extensive offering out of any online money making program that I am aware of, cheers Mike.

  88. I lіke reading thгough a review that will makе men and women think.
    Also, thank you for allowing mе to commеnt!

  89. Ok Mike I’m going to give it a try I’m already on the free access with wealthy affiliate and yes I can say it is good alot of info. I look at other folks too so I can learn different ways from other people as well. But I’m a normal guy 9 to 5 job have alot of time on my hand s free time. I know computers and stuff and typing but not really technical with website and etc. And my goal is to learn this stuff and really make a killing once I actually get the hang of this I’m a fast learner. So my question is is this the real deal and if I actually implement this knowledge and tools csn I really make good money and I mean good money with affiliate marketing?

    1. Hi Jonque, well I will start with the technical skill aspect, you are giving WordPress website themes to use when you build your websites and they are very user friendly you really don’t need any technical skills when building WordPress websites and the stuff you do need you get step by step training so we can cross that off the list of obstacles. Can you make money with the training you get at Wealthy Affiliate, absolutely! WA has over 200,000 members many of which run very successful online businesses pulling in some nice incomes which you will see when you take part in discussions in the forum.
      There is a ton of info inside WA because there are many ways to make money online, everything from people learning to promote their own offline business online or learning how to outrank your rivals gaining more traffic for a MLM product you are involved with or learning how to be an affiliate for companies such as Amazon, so yes this is the real deal with real training resulting in a real income, you will see just ask members the questions you just asked me and see for yourself, hope that helps clear things up for you, see you inside, Mike.

    1. Hi Elsa, yes you can join if your from the Philippines! There are many members in WA that reside in the Philippines, try the free starter membership and don’t forget to say hi when you are inside I am happy to give you a hand getting started, Mike.

  90. I am scared to do this. Been scammed too many times. Is it really safe ? I am savvy on the computer but do have trouble understanding how to paste even sometimes. I really would like to try this. I would certainly dedicate 100%. What do you think Mike. ?

    1. Hi Kristin, nothing to be afraid of with this program, try the wealthy Affiliate free starter membership course, you will have an opportunity to build a few free websites and see what Internet marketing is all about and at the same time you may earn a few bucks. This program is very credible and the nice part of their free starter membership is you get to go in and ask members their opinions on WA and that’s better than any single testimonial.
      Internet Marketing whether it be blogging to make money from advertisers or Affiliate Marketing for merchants are just two of many techniques you will learn at WA, look me up inside WA I will be happy to get you started.

    1. Hi Nona, yes actually I did learn how to set up reviews through the training at WA it’s quite easy when you have a step by step format. You can apply this type of format to any group of products that yo wish to review, have a great day Mike.

  91. I have read many of your articles on this site and they are very good, did you learn how to do this at Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Hi Stanton, thanks for the comment and to answer your question yes I did. WA teaches you how to write content for a website which is one huge advantage of being a member there. Most places like Weebly, Wix, Godaddy and places like that offer websites and hosting like Wealthy Affiliate but the big difference is at Wealthy Affiliate you get the training inclusive with your membership plus they offer superior website templates such as WordPress which the others don’t. Getting a website and hosting means squat what matters is how to get your site seen and that’s where Wealthy Affiliate separates itself from the rest, they teach you everything you need to know about ranking high in the search engines such as Google. They offer courses on how to write content, how to format your content so it appeals to your readers, all these courses and literally 100’s more are part of your membership, cheers Mike.

  92. The Affiliate Bootcamp will teach you how to build a website from scratch, which can be used to promote Wealthy Affiliate and earn money in the process.

    1. Hi Victor, yes you’re absolutely right Wealthy Affiliate does offer what they call a bootcamp where they take you by the hand and teach you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle the owner runs the program and shows you using his own website that he created for the bootcamp how to write content and how to have that content rank, he shows you how to pick a website name and how to set it up. Kyle is there to answer questions, it’s a sweet deal for the obvious reason they want you to succeed so they hold nothing back and the training is second to none. Have you done the boot camp?

  93. I like your website avoidonlinemarketingscams.com however you need to test the spelling on several of your posts. A number of them have spelling issues nevertheless I’ll definitely come back again.

    1. Hi Gary yes I can put my thoughts to paper but my spelling and grammar sucks even though I do have spell check with this WordPress theme, go figure I should have payed more attention in school. Goes to show you can still make money online without being perfect, lol, thanks for taking the time to point this out to me I will take a little more time proofing in the future, cheers Mike.

  94. Thanks for the review.
    But the program is country selective. Can’t register with my country.
    Any solution?

    1. Hi Sistus, yes Wealthy Affiliate has excluded “Free memberships” in some countries which I did contact the owners about, their explanation was that there are just a couple of countries that they have had to put this measure in place do to security issues revolving around spamming. Some countries for whatever reason have very high spamming rates where people enter WA and try and sell products or services to WA members which is very disruptive and as I have mentioned Wealthy Affiliates success is reliant on offering it’s members “a pure and safe learning experience” they do no upselling of their own and allow no upselling from outside entities guaranteeing a hassle free experience for it’s well over 200,000 members. They have told me if you contact them they will gladly give free memberships on a one on one basis, hope to see you inside, Mike.

  95. Nice post, I’m impressed! Great deal of information to process look forward to giving your recommendation a try.

    Thanks and best of luck.

    1. This is a question I get on a regular basis and to be honest the answer really depends on how much time you invest and what level of experience you have going into IM. I had very little exposure to Internet marketing, actually to computers in general and I had a full time job when I started so I was looking at working at IM when I had the spare time, it took me roughly in total 5 months to produce steady recurring income but once I had the basic framework in place I just keep adding to my online business and my income kept growing. I kept waiting for the income to slow down and level out but it didn’t, the more I added, the more products I introduced the more traffic I got and the sales kept increasing, next thing I knew I was looking at quitting a job I did for 30 years. I just decided to take action and give it a try, I had nothing to lose but some time.
      Results vary on what niche you choose to be involved in (products you want to promote), time invested, previous knowledge of IM. People come from all walks of life, Engineers, doctors, computer technicians, business owners looking to promote their own business, they all have different strengths and weaknesses. Some people are really good behind the scenes and have some pretty Amazing websites, I am an ex grocery guy and I suck at the behind the scenes stuff but that hasn’t hurt my income potential online and the kicker is I have helped many very technically savvy people make money online because it’s not all about the flash it’s about knowing how to get your product seen by as many people as you can and know how to connect with your audience which is what WA has taught me and continues to teach me.
      Long winded answer but I get excited about this stuff and the unlimited opportunities that come when you open the online door, look me up inside WA I will be glad to help, cheers Mike.

  96. I am a single mother of soon to be three I was told by a doctor to take it easy or he will bed rest me I still have to provide for me and my children I need this program to really work please help us

    1. Hi Victoria, learning how to promote products online definitely works and it provides my family and I with a great lifestyle. It’s really simple to learn Internet and all you need is a computer. Wealthy Affiliate has all the training and support you will need, they offer step by step instruction with tons of support from members like myself. I am not going to lie to you and say it is an instant payday, it’s not! It does take some time to build up steady traffic to your website but once you have that traffic the money is out of this world and the lifestyle that working from your laptop anywhere in the world gives you is in my opinion second to none. I will absolutely help you I just want you to know if you need this to happen overnight Internet marketing isn’t the thing for you!
      I haven’t found any money making ventures in all my years reviewing programs and products that can deliver overnight success, although there are many that make those claims. Please don’t fall for anyone or any program telling you they have a push button system or a way that you will earn income on your first day because they are outright scammers.
      You can join WA under a FREE starter membership and see what it is like, this way if it’s not your thing you will only lose your time not your money. Look me up inside WA and I will help you get started and give you any tips that I used to find online success, cheers Mike.

  97. Hi Mike,
    Found your site while Googling “Sniper X” and have a question.
    My wife has a home business as a Color and Beauty consultant with a line of products from ‘Color Me Beautiful’
    She has a web site (currently being rebuilt by Dex Media). This site is too
    introduce herself to potential clients and has a link to another site where her clients can order products (this site is currently also being rebuilt).
    How can “Wealthy Affiliate” help her?

    1. Hi Ed great question! This unfortunately is a common problem with business owners or product developers, most business owners feel that having a professional website built by someone else will meet their clients needs and drive sales which can’t be further from the truth. Who has the training to maintain and add content that ranks after the framework for the website is complete which believe it or not is a very simple process, this is where your businesses “Internet wheels” fall off!
      It takes virtually no time Ed to build a professional looking website at Wealthy affiliate and learn how to add content that will bring your website to the top of the search engine results garnering tons of traffic. You can host your newly created website at Wealthy Affiliate which offers one of the best and secure hosting platforms on the Internet and all the training to help you add content that ranks, With your training you also benefit from the support of thousands of experienced WA members.
      People that join Wealthy Affiliate enter for a number of different reasons, they want to either learn how to promote their own product or learn to promote for merchants, many choose to promote WA which offers a very lucrative step by step affiliate program.
      To be honest it really only takes roughly an hour to set up the framework for a professional looking website after that you build it out when you have some free time here and there, not much to it.
      So to recap Ed, anyone can hire out to have a website built for them but you are honestly wasting your money, why? because getting the traffic to your website is the hard part without the proper training, building a professional looking website is the easy part. I hope what I said makes sense and helps you guide your business in the right online direction, don’t hesitate to ask more questions Ed when need be, cheers Mike.

  98. hi Mike; I have my own limo business, so my question to you is: using WA, can I learn how to promote my business and get some descent exposure?
    I am also very much interested in joining WA, and try to learn how to make some extra money. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    1. Hi Reda, To answer your question ” can you use WA to promote your own business” yes you absolutely can, many members at WA have done the training and now are effectively promoting their own products. WA teaches people to promote any product online it’s all about giving products the best exposure possible online in this case it would be your limo business. Wealthy Affiliate also has a step by step affiliate program that teaches you how to promote WA if you so choose which can be very lucrative, hope I see you inside, cheers Mike.

  99. I have done my homework on this program and as you have stated there is a starter program which is free but they also offer a premium program which I can’t get much info on, could you explain what this package entails?

    1. Hi Diana, You can make money using the free starter program, many have. WA offers a premium membership for people who want to expand their online presence with multiple WordPress website themes, access to everything that WA has to offer, literally thousands of training options, live chat, 1000’s of training videos, unlimited hosting, everything that WA offers is included in one set monthly fee, no extras costs or upsells will be found in this program, premium membership is $47.
      The nice thing about WA’s starter membership is there is no expiry date, stay as long as you like and upgrade when you feel you want to grow your business to the next level, this is the most transparent offering that I have seen to date, hope that answers some of your questions about WA’s premium membership, cheers Mike.

  100. Hi Mike,

    I’m an English teacher and don’t have that much spare time. lots of marking, moderating and setting of papers and exams etc. So my question is how much real time does the WA system take up for an average Joe as me. Regards from South Africa.

    1. Hi Patrick, It really doesn’t take that long to get set up and running I would say if you could put in an hour on average per day as well as spend some time on your days off you could have a site that will produce in a couple of months tops. I do IM for a living and I put in roughly 2-3 hours at the most on average per day to run my online business. Take a spin and see for yourself, see you inside, Mike.

  101. I’ve read much about Wealthy Affiliate but to be honest all I read is good stuff, is it really all that good?

    1. Hi John, yes I know there is a ton of reviews and forums discussing WA and it’s hard to believe all the good info but I just want to give you this one thought, WA has thousands of members actually hundreds of thousands of members and with that number of members you would think there would be some pissed off people who want their complaints heard. As a member of WA I see members with issues all the time some valid some not but what I do see is they all get answers and get dealt with openly which is why WA has the largest membership online for a training program.
      I have know hesitation recommending their program because it worked for me, a guy with limited tech savvy so I know it will work for anyone. They offer a real opportunity to make money online as well as a free starter package that gets you up and running, see if it’s your thing and off you go. I hope that helps you decide and puts some rationale behind all the good info out there, make sure you look me up inside if you decide to take the plunge, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Niklas, although Wealthy Affiliate offers a multitude of training options their main method they teach is affiliate marketing. This will teach you how to promote your own product online or other merchants, you never carry inventory, you actually don’t sell anything, all you do is direct traffic to websites and if these referrals make a purchase you make a commission. There are literally thousands and thousands of merchants looking for affiliates and they offer some crazy commissions all the way up to %75. I have been an affiliate marketer for years now and it’s the best job in the world, I work from home and work when I want with no boss. Wealthy Affiliate has a free starter course where you can get your feet wet and really see what it’s all about, look me up inside I will give you a hand, cheers Mike.

  102. I am very interested and willing to work very hard! I have a question however. I am planning on eventually upgrading to premium, but, is it possible to make money on the starter package? Or is it more for training and knowing what you are supposed to do and to see if you like it or not? Because what I was planning to do was to use the money earned from my starter package to help pay for my premium package, but I don’t know if that’s possible or not. Please get back to me and have a good day sir 🙂

    1. Hi Samuel, yes it is very realistic to say you can make money on the starter package, many do. You get two free wordpress websites and hosting as well as a 10 lesson course with no time limit, stay and work on your sites as long as you want and when you want. The premium package offers all the bells and whistles and is the best value on the market, worth looking into when you feel you are ready to elevate your online business.
      The premium package is the only other package offered at WA, they have a “no upselling policy” so you know there is no extra charges within WA and every member has access to the same material and tools available. I think the best way to answer your question is give it a try you have absolutely nothing to lose, look me up inside I would be happy to offer my help, cheers Mike.

  103. Hi Mike, I have very little skill with the Internet and English isn’t that strong, do you think Wealthy Affiliate will work for me?

    1. Hi Melena, there are many nationalities and many languages used inside WA. The best way to find out is do the free starter membership and see if it is a good fit for you. I always suggest to people to give it a try it might not be your thing and that’s just fine, but at least give it a try you would hate to look back and wish you had followed through, need a hand look me up inside and I will help where I can, talk soon Mike.
      p.s I was inexperienced as they come when I started, it’s a step by step program that anyone no matter their experience level can do!

  104. Hi Mike,
    How well would this work in marketing an established MLM company that already has their own very very professional websites and landing pages??


    1. Hi Rob, Wealthy Affiliate offers wordpress websites which are the premier website building platform in my opinion, thousands of plugins and so easy to set up I can’t think of an MLM program that offers this. The main concern I have with MLM products is that there “professional websites” don’t rank because they never give you the knowledge and training to make that happen so your potential recruits and customers never get to see the actual sites. Landing pages have no impact in modern day marketing unless people get to see them and that just doesn’t happen with MLM websites, you need to be an authority site and learn the key components to SEO something that I have not found in any MLM programs so far, this is why I am not very keen on MLM programs. I feel to make money consistently online today and in the foreseeable future you need to have all the tools and training at your disposal and I know from my experience that WA offers this. WA has a free starter membership that I recommend to everyone, take a look at what you get with the MLM that you are considering then look at what you get with Wealthy Affiliate and I think your decision will be very clear. You could use WA in conjunction with any MLM to boost your offering no different than you would do with any affiliate product, you can learn to build a website that ranks and sell any MLM that you choose which would definitely give you a leg up on any MLM competition, hope that helps, any more questions or ideas you would like to bounce off me I would be happy to help, cheers Mike.

  105. I want to build an online business so that I am able to live abroad. How many hours a day do you have to put in realistically to make money online?

    Thanks Rich

    1. Hi Rich, I will start by saying that working online will give you a free lifestyle and the money to do the things you want to do. Now that my business is set up so to speak I put in roughly 2- 3 hours a day, some days I don’t put in anytime, nice thing about working online is that everything is automated so it works while you are sleeping and people are awake in other parts of the world buying.
      If you go into WA under the FREE starter membership ask around and get peoples thoughts, everyone has different stories, some are completely money driven and have achieved some pretty lofty financial goals and work quite a few hours a day, some are like me who work less but like to have a balance where I can enjoy the money and the family time also, it’s really up to you, see you inside, cheers Mike.

  106. Mike, I see that you tried to reach out to me, but I couldn’t, or didn’t know how to respond. I’m still learning, and in fact, I looked at the first training video. What do I do now? And do I have my own link so I can invite others to check out WA?

    1. Hi Robert, WA has thousands of training videos on all sorts of money making techniques and topics. I suggest you start with a free starter membership and their 10 unit ” getting started course” it’s step by step instruction on creating an online business from the ground up to making your first online paycheck this way you stay on track and don’t get lost in the volumes of training at WA. The starter membership also includes 2 free WordPress websites that you can do whatever you want to with, their yours, and hosting at no cost.
      WA does have an affiliate program that in my opinion is very good, lots of support, they also offer a boot camp that has step by step training, I went through it myself and I feel it’s the best training I have experienced to date, look me up and I will give you a hand setting up a free membership, cheers Mike.

  107. Ok, you got me sold…I’m going to join this right now.k I’ve read a number of reviews online, including yours so now I’m sold. Will talk to you soon

    1. People always ask how much money can you make and to be honest it really depends on the person. I wouldn’t classify myself as a go getter but I have put some effort into making money online and because of it I live a life that most I am sure would envy. I am sure there are many at WA that run online businesses that dwarf mine but they probably work non stop at it, I on the other hand like to play and enjoy life.
      I will say if you really want to know about success stories, how people built their online businesses, how hard it is? is it for real? you know, all that stuff I would want to know, just go into WA it’s a FREE no risk, unlimited membership, ask the members all the questions you want answers too, it’s really that simple, no sales pitches, nothing, just look around, have some fun, and meet some people! Hope that helps cheers Mike.

  108. This has been the most helpful information I have found to date. I am glad my research brought me to your review! Most offers I have seen ask for $39 to $59 at the beginning & are very secretive as to what work is involved. This site lets you try it out with no start up cost! Thank you for explaining the process in such detail!

    1. Hi Kathy, I am glad you found my review useful. I am a product of Wealthy Affiliates training which has allowed me to make a nice living online. I have no problem endorsing their program because I know it works. There are so many “make money online” schemes that want a $1 or some type of credit card info so they can set their hooks in you, on the surface they appear to offer some value but once you are in and a few months have passed and you have been diligently paying your $39-$59 a month you realize it is all a sham and you are out of pocket a couple hundred bucks and no closer to making income online.
      Wealthy Affiliate offers a no strings attached membership where you can actually start to build an online presence, don’t like what they offer you simply walk away! They are confident in their offering and know you will see the value. There’s no lack of transparency or hidden agendas inside WA, they don’t allow or participate in up selling, it’s a genuine learning platform that offers valuable training.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Gloriana, I look forward to helping you achieve online success, please look me up inside WA and will will get started, cheers Mike.

  109. This sounds wonderful.

    Right now it is the middle of the Passover holiday and I am staying with my daughter in Florida (I live in NY). My access to her computer is limited, so I cannot start now. Can you email me a link so that I can sign up when I get home next week?

    1. Hi Bonita, come on now! you have to go give it a spin before you say I am exaggerating, honestly take a look at what is offered, look me up inside I will help you get started, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Lemo, if you want to learn Internet marketing and sell products online WA is a great place to learn. Side by side learning is a scam, it’s a way for gurus to offer their services and charge big money and it still boils down to the effort you put in, you are the one that still has to do the work, trust me, save your money, biggest mistake people make!
      I am a member at WA and I do offer my help to other members on a regular basis. I know what it takes to make money online and anyone that goes through this site I offer my help too as long as you are willing to put the effort in. I do run an online business so I do have other commitments but I am at WA everyday at some point to lend a hand. WA has a great community and they are very helpful, they have live chat where you can get real time answers to questions right away so you will never get stuck and waste valuable time. As far as making money that will still be something you are in control of, the harder you work at it the faster the money comes and it does come. If you decide to try WA look me up inside and I will be there to give you a hand, cheers Mike.

  110. Wealthy affiliate is only free for a certain amount of time then you’ll have to upgrade to premium for the live webinars and unlimited support and chat which is $19 the first month then $47 a month thereafter..so no it is not 100% free

    1. Hi Kay, thank you for leaving a comment. I just would like to respond to your comment, you bring up a few good points but I have to say that you are not correct in saying that WA’s starter course isn’t 100% FREE, it actually is 100% FREE if you wish to stay under the starter membership which is available for an unlimited time period, nothing like this in the industry, no Internet marketing training platform on the market that allows you to have free hosting, two websites and unlimited access to a training platform that gets your online business up and running, they also say run that business from here as long as you like, no strings attached.
      Yes you are correct in saying there is a premium package, this is for people who feel they need more and want to take their online business to the next level. Many members have multiple sites and sell multiple product lines and need the most advanced training on the market, under the premium package they don’t need to look any further than WA. Premium members have access to Live webinars, unlimited support, live chat, unlimited wordpress websites and so much more.
      WA has a ZERO upsell policy. You are not exposed to any advertising or product promotions, it’s a pure learning experience, this is why they offer a premium membership, revenue has to come from somewhere and this is the most transparent method to achieve that.
      What you won’t find at WA are deceptive methods to get you through the door on a $1/7 day trial and then wammm! big monthly payment and upsells coming out the wazoo!
      I hope my response cleared up any misunderstanding about what WA offers, cheers Mike.

  111. Hi there, the contents existing at this site are truly
    awesome for people’s knowledge, well, keep up the nice work fellows.

  112. So interesting to see so many scams you must be working 24 7 trying to keep up with them, one common thread I noticed that the branding often looked a bit like a some well known product like the ANZ Bank but was AZZ or something…. and copying Wealthy Affiliate what a nerve! So very good to know about your site. Thanks. Best wishes Jackie

    1. Hi Jackie, Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 so they are a company that others like to copy but their infrastructure is to extensive that outfits can only copy surface deep, have a great day, Mike.

  113. Hi Mike, I just stumbble on your site while looking for a review about screw95, and read your comments. I have a newly created website and very eager to learn how to make money on it but don’t know how to start, and incedentally read your review. I am enlightened to read your reply and many comments of different people. I think i already found what i am looking for.

    I just have question, i hope you could help me. I am from the Philippines, is it possible to be an affiliate marketer and sell products in the Philippines while those companies are mostly in the US. can you suggest how to do it here?

    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Reynaldo, I am glad you stumbled onto my site. I know quite a few people in Wealthy Affiliate that are affiliate marketers who live in the philippines. I guess my question would be, why limit yourself to the philippines? As an affiliate marketer the whole world is your customer, that’s the coolest thing about it, I make money while I sleep, I get paid to sleep, my friends can’t wrap their heads around that one!
      I sell products to people from Australia, Holland, Germany, US, Philippines, Japan, India, you name it, I have sold there. Language is no barrier with a WordPress website. I am an affiliate for companies all over the world, the world is your playground Reynaldo, have fun with it. If you join WA look me up inside, I would be happy to help, cheers Mike.

  114. Hello, great website, you have a pretty good sense of humor as I have seen in your blog posts, keep up the good work, look forward to reading your next.

  115. I read your profile and see you started out with a small goal. Is there an opportunity doing affiliate marketing to make enough money to live off it?

    1. Hi May, I started out like most people looking to make some money online had very little expectations but what started out as making a truck payment online grew into more than a great living. I can honestly say I make a lot more than your average university graduate and my training was probably a fraction of what they would have spent on their education. Check out WA and look me up I will give you a hand, no problem, cheers Mike.

  116. I am just wondering, I would like to start a blog on raising children, I am a stay at home mom and I would like to make some money to help out around our household, can I do this through Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Hi Chrissy, yes absolutely this can be done in no time through WA. I started out with a minor goal of making my truck payment with my online proceeds and now I make an annual income that most people will never see. It’s very doable and can be done in your spare time when you aren’t too busy with the kids. When I started I had a full time job and was just looking to cover off the extras. It happened fast, about two years and my income went through the roof and the lifestyle you just can’t beat. If you need a hand getting started please don’t hesitate to look me up inside WA, glad to help.

  117. Hi Mike, I did go to WA on your advice and thank you for that! I am enjoying the experience and thought I would stop by and let others know it is what you say it is.

  118. Hi Mike, I have read a few of your other posts and commented on a few, I like how you write and your layout, did you just naturally come by this or did you learn this somewhere?

    1. Hi Brad, no actually brad as far as the writing goes and how my blog posts are set up and flow, this was acquired through training at Wealthy Affiliate. They teach you how to connect with people and hopefully this is the case. The best advice I got was from one of the owners of WA, Carson, he said, write like you are talking to your friends and you will never go wrong. I started writing like I was talking to my friends and things took off for me. Check WA out and see for yourself, it’s pretty cool, Mike.

  119. Hi Mike.
    Firstly, congratulations on creating such an authoritative site. You cut through the BS and speak with sense and sincerity.
    I have two questions about WA membership:
    Is there a time limit on the Starter Account? (In other words, is there time to absorb and implement the training, get the two sites up and monitor results before committing to the Premium Account?)
    Is the Premium Account set on a fixed term, renewable contract or open ended?
    Forgive me if these questions have been posed and answered elsewhere.
    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Stuart thank you for leaving a comment. Regarding your question ” Is there a time limit on the starter account?” This is actually a very important question, I can name more than a few programs that actually have time released training modules, they say it’s for your own benefit, allows to absorb more info, but really it’s to increase their membership retention, more money in their pockets less in yours.
      There is no time limit whatsoever, You can work at your own pace which is important, not all of us learn at the same pace and WA recognizes that throughout all their training, they don’t hold you back or rush you, you are in control of your learning schedule.
      Stuart, the premium account is open ended, no contract. WA is first class, a pure learning experience, no hassles, no upsells, no time limits, no contracts. Thanks for the questions Stuart, have a great day, Mike.

  120. Hello Mike,
    im really interesting,but as i understand so far is ,the WA helps to create websites just like yours.This is the only way you can sell online ?( website,content,comments,etc).Do you have other websites created from you so i can take a look?

    1. Hi Kostas, great questions! I will start by saying, no matter what online venture you get into it’s a good bet at somewhere along the line you will need a website. There are many Internet marketing techniques used but most revolve around having a website. You don’t need anything fancy and Wealthy Affiliate can have you up and running with a high quality site in less than 30 minutes free.
      Many outfits, scams, crappy programs are only in the Internet marketing training game for a quick profit, they will string you along and say that there are other ways to make money online that are just as good or better than building a website and promoting products, in my opinion this is absolutely not the case and I think once you get to know how IM works you will realize that Google thinks the same. Scammers prey upon the fear that new people to IM have of building a website but I can tell you that Wealthy Affiliate has made website building a step by step process that anyone can do in a very short period of time. I promote building sites because I have made a great living off building sites up and selling products, I own the sites and no one can take my business from me, I own it and can grow my business as large as I want, income has no boundaries with this method.

      Many marketers myself included have multiple websites in varying niches, you don’t have to be 100% hands on with these websites, many marketers have what are called ghost writers that generate content for them, you build a relationship with a writer or two and you give them the topics that you want them to write about and off they go, you become basically and editor that oversees their content, you pay them per article. I don’t do that with this site because this is something I have committed to giving my undivided hands on attention, not the point of me building this site.
      I won’t tell you the sites that I manage because they are in very obscure niches that I have made a living off for some time now and other marketers would jump on them in a heart beat.
      Everything I am talking about in this comment and so much more is taught at Wealthy Affiliate, their training works in the real world, not manufactured garbage to make a quick profit. Wealthy Affiliate has been around for years, evolving, improving their offering in a market that is full of fly by night scammers. These obscure niches were found through the teachings at WA. Traffic generation, ghostwriting, managing multiple sites, building sites, optimizing your site, and knowing what Google wants, which is critical, is all part of belonging to WA.
      Not all sites are full of reader engagement, you can have sites that are built to sell products with short product reviews or product information. Most of my sites are not like this site. This site was created to teach and inform while at the same time encouraging dialogue that in the end will hopefully help readers make some informed decisions and avoid scams online. Wealthy Affiliate offers a free chance to learn what is needed to make money online, check it out, see what IM is all about, if IM is not what you thought no harm done, walk away! Long winded like many of my replies but I feel everyone deserves my full attention and answers regarding IM are never usually a yes or no answer. Hope this helped, cheers Mike.

  121. hi, i will honestly admit that your website saved me from the all too good MTTB i almost ventured in. Thanks once again. My Challenged right now is that WA is supported in my country(NIGERIA) which is quite unfair. please can you give me a better idea on how to go about singing up so i can’t started. please….

    1. Hi Daniel, yes, unfortunately from what I have heard is there are some countries that WA doesn’t offer free memberships to do to the high frequency of spamming incidents. WA doesn’t allow any upselling or spam within it’s forum, they like to keep WA a pure learning experience where everyone has the opportunity to learn in a safe environment. The only way to enter WA from certain countries is by a premium membership. Sorry for that Daniel, if I can help in some other way pleases don’t hesitate to ask, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Rose, Yes WA has two different courses that you can enroll in and they have everything in them that will get you up and running with an online business. The programs start you out with the basics such as various explanations on common affiliate marketing terminology, What’s a blog, what’s a post, what are keywords, what’s a niche, how to pick a niche, how to set up a website, how to write content that ranks high in Google, how to pick products to sell. These are just a few basic things that you will learn all the way to the most advanced Internet marketing techniques. The nice thing about WA isn’t just the learning material they offer but all the support you receive from members like myself and of course unlimited access to Kyle and Carson the owners. Hope to see you inside, make sure to look me up and I will help you get started, talk soon Mike.

  122. Hi Mike…

    I really impressed on your explanation about WA … Can I get a success in affiliate marketing if I am not very good in English. Thank you.

    1. Hi Rose, yes absolutely you can succeed at affiliate marketing even if your English isn’t the best, not to mention you can focus on promoting products in your native tongue. Many affiliates that I know personally promote products in sweden, Germany, Philippines, Holland and the list goes on. Wa has their free membership where you can try affiliate marketing set up two websites and see how things go, if you like it then they offer a premium membership where you can have unlimited websites and really elevate your online business to the next level. I am there to help so I will see you inside if you choose WA, cheers Mike.

  123. Hi Mike,
    I was doing some research in the web and I bumped to your website. I really like that it looks genuine, to the point and user friendly. I do not know if you have already post something regarding my following questions, if so sorry for that and just show me where to look.
    My questions:
    1. Are you mostly an internet marketer or a blogger/reviewer according to yourself?
    2. Just started a startup and I am thinking to create a blog. Is it tumblr the best choice to go through or do you recommend something else?
    Thanks for your help.

    ps: Sorry if my questions may not really fit to the initial topic.

    1. Hi Kyriakos, I am happy to answer your questions. In regards to whether I consider myself a blogger or Internet marketer I see myself as both. I make a living marketing online and I blog using this site because I got ripped off when I looked to get into IM so now that I am in a position to give back and here we are.
      Blogger/ reviewer Internet marketer in my opinion are one in the same. Here’s an example, say you create a site that focuses on Internet marketing tools and you do a review on the top 5 website builders and I rate them, what you want to do is be an affiliate to all of them that way you are in a win, win situation, someone will pick one for sure and bang you have a commission, that’s Internet marketing 101. You can apply this to appliances, weight loss products, eyewear, shoes, you name it, wherever there is an affiliate program you can offer that product. I have done this with all the products I have just listed and countless more.
      The key is getting your reviews or blogs ranked high in Google, people can’t buy from you if you can’t be found!
      #2 If you want to start an online business such as I have then Tumblr will not meet your needs. They offer basic templates which are good for fooling around same as “Twix” which is a better provider, whom I am an affiliate for but still wouldn’t recommend them for an online business, to basic, not versatile enough. On the other hand WordPress sites have thousands of available plugins that give your site so much potential and they are always updating with new versions. My site is a WordPress site and has had many updated versions that keep giving me better options roughly every 6 months.
      I am not trying to sell you something here because it’s free, but check out Wealthy affiliate, you get two free WP sites and free hosting and you can blog until your hearts content, no time limit. If you like the IM/ blogging thing then they have a premium plan which is very inexpensive where you get all their training, unlimited wp theme selection, unlimited websites and free hosting.
      Do you want to learn how to build review sites that rank high in Google and sell products like I do? well, that’s where I crafted my skills. No upsells, no b.s just training and lots of help. If you do be sure to look me up and I will give you a hand, cheers Mike.

  124. Pretty accurate review, went and checked WA out under their free membership. Liked their program, lots of information and nice people. The problem I have is I am looking for a fast way to make money, I don’t have 1,2,or 6 months to build an online business, any suggestions?

  125. Hi Mike, I really love your honest review here. Does WA teach you how to be affiliate in IM niche, or any niche? Does it have Amazon affiliate training too?

    1. Hi Renha thanks for visiting my website. To answer your questions, yes, and yes. Wealthy Affiliate offers training that will get you from zero experience to picking a profitable niche and all the training needed to build that niche into a money making online business. Wa offers training on how to promote any products on the Internet including Amazon products. Wa is the place I got my training and went on to build a successful online business, and I have sold lots of Amazon products over the years. To be honest I have never found Amazon products the most profitable products to sell do to the low commissions ranging from roughly 4-10%.
      Wa will teach you how to sell anything you can find for sale on the Internet using a multitude of marketing techniques. Wealthy Affiliate has thousands of members with varying experience levels that always seem willing to help a fellow member, there is an actual ambassadorship program that rewards members for helping other members, works great. Hopefully I see you inside WA Renha I would be happy to help you start selling online, cheers Mike.

  126. Hi,Mike going through all comments and your replying.I m pleased and eager to join this program …exactly ,i am getting confused sometimes that a great blogger johnchow mail me always to join MTTB and i go through the reviews of MTTB and it says to slap John r8 now ….he has positive reviews about MTTB system…he says join it and grab my bonus of$2000 …..how to believe him on that platform

    1. Hi Gautam, I am sure John Chow is a great blogger and by the sounds of it an even better Internet marketer. The fact that you say John Chow offers a $2000 dollar bonus to sign up with My Top Tier Business program is a marketing scam commonly used by promoters of the MTTB program and of course he will have positive reviews about this program. Wow! $2000 dollars in savings, if you can save $2000 what is going to be the end cost of the MTTB program, that should scare the crap out of you Gautam. MTTB is a rip off you can read a review that I did on them here . I know you had a second question but I would rather not go into your financial stuff so openly. You can email me through my profile page and I will get right back to you, cheers Mike.

  127. Thanks Mike for your review, I thought I would come back to your site to pay it forward. I went and signed up under a free membership about 5 months ago and I am now a premium member and have just hit my first $1000 week!
    It’s been a lot of hard work but everything has been so worth it. I would like to thank you for your help inside Wealthy Affiliate and your constant encouragement has been the key to my success to date. I hope my comment will motivate your readers to give it a try. This has changed my life and opened a whole new world for me, I am forever grateful, god bless. Kai

    1. Thanks Kai, you have done well because of your work ethic and the help I gave you was nothing really, it was all you! I do appreciate your kind words and your thoughtfulness. I look forward to watching your IM career continue its meteoric ascent, I see great things in your future, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you, talk soon Mike.

  128. Hi Mike, That answers my question and thank you for your research in finding WA. I’m joining first the free course which is vast and more than enough the start making substantial money, then ramping up to the premium. The single payment of $47 a month for the Premium option with access to all 20 categories that includes Unlimited 1 on 1 Coaching– Live Support- Websites– Private Messaging– Searches of Keyword Research Tools, 12 Training Classes, Live Video Classes, Website Security & Backup and more is an absolute steal. This treasure trove of knowledge taught from WA will enable us to build a strong foundation and streamline our internet business that could flourish to unimaginable heights. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Best whishes!

    1. Hi Steve, I am glad that I could help and I look forward to watching your online business grow. Wealthy Affiliate launched a very lucrative online career for me and I am sure it can do the same for you. Please don’t hesitate to look me up inside WA, I look forward to the opportunity to help when needed, you will find this is a common theme inside the community at Wealthy Affiliate. Enjoy all that WA has to offer I know you will love it, cheers Mike.

  129. Hi Mike, Yes thank you for your thorough answers. Referring to my last question#3, -Regarding the $47 per month under the Premium heading, there are “FOUR Main Categories” and each have “FIVE Sub- Categories under them. So that’s 4 x 5 = 20 Total Categories. My original question: Is EACH of the 20 categories $47 per month OR do you get access to ALL the 20 different modules for a Single payment of $47 per month OR is Each of the Four Main Categories $47 per month “which include” all of the FIVE Sub-Category/Module in that Category? Your answer was – “IF you sign up for premium you get everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.” So to clarify, I do understand there are TWO offers, the free offers (that are amazing!!) and the Premium that’s $47 a month (which I’m interested in). My question to be specific is regarding the “Premium payment.” ONE of the following THREE scenarios I’m proposing has to be what the Premium cost structure is. 1- So do we get access to ALL (20) categories that comprise the “FOUR Main Categories with all their FIVE SUB-Categories” in the Premium offer for a “SINGLE payment” of $47 a month OR – 2 – Is each of the “FOUR Main”categories $47 a month which include each of their “FIVE” Sub-Categories under each Main OR – 3- are all total “20 SUB-CATEGORIES” $47 a Month “EACH”? It’s got to be one of the THREE scenarios , what number is correct? In addition to my own exhaustive research I had a friend of mine who’s in this business review WA and he said it’s the most honest and best he’s ever seen on the net. I will be joining right after I hear your answer. Thanks!

    1. Hi Steve, the answer to your question is #1, under the premium membership which is a monthly fee of $47 you get access to all training material, all categories, all sub categories, webinars and any new training that is added. I am a premium member and I have unlimited access to all the material that WA offers, which I might add is extensive. I pop in and do courses that allow me to keep up to date in an ever changing IM field.
      There are no extra fees on top of the $47 monthly fee, if you choose that option. The free membership is also quite good which I encourage new marketers to investigate so that they can really get a head start before there is any outlay of money, that way they are assured that the IM thing is for them and at the same time gain valuable knowledge.
      So in summary, under the premium membership you have access to all course material that is listed for a low $47 month which in my opinion is the best value in relation to resources supplied that the IM industry has to offer.
      I recommend WA to my readers because they offer quality training for everyone, whether you are just trying it out or really want to make IM your living which is a real opportunity from what WA teaches, it worked for me and many members at WA. You can ask any questions under no obligation with a free starter membership, people in the WA community are very helpful. I hope I answered your question and by chance I didn’t please have a look inside and ask away, cheers Mike.

  130. This sounds excellent and exactly what I’ve been looking for to learn how to sell on the web with the much needed ongoing support. I reviewed the WA site, it was fantastic and comprehensive! I had asked them 3 questions on their site about 3 days ago but I haven’t heard back from them yet. If it takes them a little longer maybe you can answer the questions in the mean time. 1 – Do I have to find only the businesses on the web that already offer affiliate programs or do I or WA have to convince them to offer an affiliate program if they don’t do so and if not we can’t do business with them? 2 – Does WA make money from the affiliate fees I make from the businesses that I refer clients to that buy on their website from the traffic I drive there? 3 – In addition to the many FREE modules under Four Categories — Services, Tools, Training, Support & Coaching, WA offers those same modules with unlimited searches, support, coaching, websites etc. that cost $47 per month under the heading of Premium. Under each of the four Categories are FIVE Sub-Categories/Modules. Question: Is EACH Sub-Category/Module $47 per month or do you get access to ALL the different modules for a Single payment of $47 per month or is Each of the Four Categories $47 per month which include all of the FIVE Sub-Category/Module in that Category?

    1. HI Steve, I can answer your questions. As far as finding businesses online that have affiliate programs the answer is yes you want companies that are structured to keep track of customers that come from through your site so that you will get the proper credit. In saying that I have worked out deals with companies that don’t offer affiliate programs and we arranged different options for tracking such as coupons and such.
      The next question, does Wealthy Affiliate make anything off your affiliate commissions, absolutely not, they are strictly a training platform and support to help you build your online business, they are there every step of the way except when it comes to your earnings, Your earnings are yours and are completely separate from WA.
      Lastly, there are no levels inside Wealthy Affiliate other than free and premium, zero upsells. IF you sign up for premium you get everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, which I might add is everything you will need to build and maintain a profitable online business, including multiple FREE websites and hosting. I hope this answered all your questions, by all means if you have any more questions just ask, Cheers Mike.

  131. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for sharing this information.

    How soon can someone who’s a complete newbie start making money with Wealthy Affiliate?

    Many thanks and looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Love & Light,

    1. Hi Joergette, I wish I could give you a timetable on making money at Internet marketing but that would be totally irresponsible of me and to be honest misleading. I can tell you that joining Wealthy Affiliate is an education and some people learn faster than others. Wealthy Affiliate offers volumes of training, not bogus get rich products but real training that teaches you everything you need to start and run a profitable online business.
      In my case I was into the training at WA for about 3 months before I started to generate income from a website that WA had taught me to build from scratch, I found a niche, posted articles, and started generating traffic, with traffic came sales and once I got one sale it was easy to turn that one into a hundred and from there it just kept growing.
      What I embarked on was a long term approach to internet marketing where I had a goal to do it long term as a career and the best way I saw to do that was building a business using websites to promote products in various niches. This strategy has worked extremely well for me and my future is set, I don’t have to worry about various techniques fading out and my business with them. I am proficient at SEO and writing content that ranks, valuable money making skills that you can’t lose, once again all taught at WA. They teach all aspects of Internet marketing, I chose the method I just described but there are so many ways to make money online all taught at WA
      Joergette, I have seen people make great money in six months and I have seen people not make a dime for various reasons, mostly do to lack of effort and motivation. Everything you need to make money online is at WA, but it still boils down to doing the work, completing various training, this isn’t a get rich scheme it’s the real deal and myself and so many others are proof that the training at Wealthy Affiliate works.
      I guess to make a long story short, they believe in their teachings at WA so passionately that they offer a free starter membership no strings attached, no credit cards that you have to worry about canceling when a trial period is over. You can ask other members of their experiences at WA to see if it will work for you, and you get to build websites and blog for free. It’s really that simple to get started, if you don’t like it you walk away. Clear as mud right, lol. Give it a try and if you do, look me up inside and I will be more than happy to give you a hand, cheers Mike.

  132. Looks like a great program, can I learn everything I need to know to make a good living? I have tried another program called MOBE and I got scammed.

    1. Hey Gerald, Yes Wealthy Affiliate offers the best Internet marketing program on the Internet in my opinion, it worked for me any so many others that I personally know. I can only say to the ‘ Can I make a good living?” Hell yes you can, but it takes work and it definitely isn’t a push button success story. I have had to work hard at IM but the rewards are huge and the freedom to work from home or anywhere I want is priceless.
      There is no scam at WA, they are the real deal, just ask the members. You don’t see the negative PR on WA because it simply doesn’t exist, not like MTTB or MOBE. Have a look at WA you won’t be disappointed, good luck Mike.

  133. Hi Mike

    firstly congrats to you for a beautiful and informative review. After going through and impressed with review on WA I got curious and preferred to opt for free starter pack. On sign up I have been to WA website which informs me that free starter pack is not available for my country (India) and they are offering me premium membership. So disappointing.

    If possible pl me guide me and send me the training material on online marketing?


    1. Hi Vakula, Yes unfortunately in some countries they don’t offer the FREE membership do to the high level of spamming that originates from some countries. If you flip me an email I would be happy help you to get started online. I don’t have a lot of time on the teaching end of things do to my online business but I definitely can help you find some scam free options for learning Internet Marketing. Talk soon Mike.

    1. Hi Kathija, being able to write does help, connecting with an audience is important, but in saying that, blogging isn’t the only form of Internet marketing, it’s just the form of marketing that I prefer and recommend for building a complete online business. What I would suggest Kathija is go into WA under their free starter membership and ask any questions you like. You might find someone that has limited writing skills that is successful in other ways, such as email marketing, promoting Amazon products with short 1 page sales pages, promotion via Youtube has been working well for some people. These types of marketing achieve varying success, just not in my opinion the long term r