Wealthy Affiliate: The Ugly Truth

Wealthy Affiliate: The Ugly Truth

You have probably seen tons of Wealthy Affiliate propaganda/scam reviews etc. If you are doing your due diligence, which you should be doing before you jump into any make money from home venture. Its pretty hard not to notice the abundance of Wealthy Affiliate scam reviews littering the internet,  don’t let the scam reviews alarm you or bias your opinion, these Scam reviews are simply titles created by bloggers to fool search engine ranking protocol rather than an assertion that Wealthy Affiliate or any other make money from home program is less than legit.

Now to my post “Wealthy Affiliate The Ugly Truth”, yes I am using a little SEO, Google trickery myself but there actually is a Wealthy Affiliate The Ugly Truth which I will explain in this article.

What’s Up With All The positive Wealthy Affiliate Reviews?

If you take the time to read all those Wealthy Affiliate Scam Reviews you will notice they all end up being pretty solid endorsements for Wealthy Affiliate as a work from home opportunity. Theres actually a good reason for all these glowing endorsements, Wealthy Affiliate is a solid work from home training platform that I myself have used to create a nice income from promoting products online.

Before you get your check book out there are a few things I feel you need to know that will go a long ways to helping ensure you have the best chance of finding success if you decide to go with Wealthy Affiliate. That’s right “best chance”, anyone who tells you there are any money making guarantees with any program, not just WA, are outright lying. Success online for the most part is 80% effort and 20% support and training, how can you guarantee that someone will put in the effort needed? You can’t!

Here we go,  enjoy my Wealthy Affiliate The Ugly Truth,  like always I welcome any questions or opinions you may have, I guarantee you will get an answer, look forward to hearing from you, enjoy the read!

The Good!

  • Great step by step training
  • Work at your own pace
  • Offers a free starter membership, absolutely no credit info is taken, just walk away if it’s not your thing.
  • Large membership ( 1 million plus)  with a lot of diverse experience and backgrounds that you can tap into as you work your way through the course material and build your online business.
  • WA offers members incentives to help fellow members, this is the backbone of their platform.
  • You can get answers to questions in minutes from a variety of support mechanisms such as the community, live chat and private messaging.
  • The largest volume and extensive affiliate training resources in one place on the internet.
  • Newly created websites are backed up daily, very secure.
  • Offer WordPress website building platform which has the ability to grow as your business grows. WordPress websites are portable.
  • all inclusive,  one monthly fee memberships, includes everything you need to operate a thriving online business for only $49 a month or for your best value, a $29 month membership if you sign up for a yearly membership.
  • Many forms of training options, video, text, webinars, tutorials
  • All tools are included in your $29 or $49 a month fee, as well as unlimited websites and hosting for your websites.
  • In house writing platform for those members that don’t feel comfortable writing their own content or who want to make some extra income writing for other WA members blogs. You can earn roughly $50 for a thousand word post that you write for another member.
  • Offer a hassle free learning environment, no up selling is allowed in Wealthy Affiliate, your monthly fee gets you everything WA has to offer
  • If you work and have limited time or time periods to work on your online business,  the program is very flexible and allows you to work your schedule around a full-time job
  • Great platform for the beginner, when I started with Wealthy Affiliate I couldn’t even send an email, now I make a great income promoting products online through WA’s training.
  • WA teaches proven marketing techniques that allow for making money online,  all that is needed is some effort and commitment from you.
  • Training can and has led to substantial income for members
  • Never physically hold or facilitate sales transactions, online merchants take care of this for you. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to promote your own business, MLM offer or virtually any online merchants offer for some pretty healthy commissions.
  • your services as an affiliate marketer are in demand with no sign of this slowing down as merchants clammer to get their products online and get maximum exposure.
  • Double digit growth for online merchant sales bodes well for affiliate marketers earning potential

The Ugly

  • Large membership, For the most part a massive membership would be considered a huge asset, but in the case of Wealthy Affiliate if not used wisely can lead to your demise. Socializing is a major issue on a platform like Wealthy Affiliate. Everyone is reaching out and if you’re not careful you will spend more time chatting than building a lucrative business.
  • Can easily get distracted with all the training options forgetting that time is money, your money. Stick to the course outline, it is step by step. WA has new training almost daily created by them or members, stay the course and you will be fine.
  • Some members have difficulty finding a profitable niche which is a critical step in your journey to build a profitable online business. You need to know that your mentor will be their with you at this critical time.
  • The community is your best tool inside WA, use it. Ask as many questions as you can, you will get answers in minutes or even seconds. As good as the community is, always ask your mentor, whoever you joined under, to give you a website critique and critique any content you have created. Many ask the community for help in this area and from what I have seen get not so good feedback. These areas I mentioned are critical to your success online. Do your home work when choosing a mentor to sign up under. They need to have the experience to help you in these areas. For example, I check every members websites I work with for a nice flow in the website theme they choose as well as how they set the site up for functionality. I also like to critique members first couple of posts to make sure their content is SEO friendly and resinates with their readers. Make sure your mentor will do this, if they don’t, find another one to join under.
  • Although the free membership is absolutely free and unlimited,  at some point you will need to go premium to get the maximum benefit fro WA’s training. Communication is cut off after 10 days under a free membership but you always have access to training and your websites. What I do with members who want to stay starter is have them work with me through this site as they work through the course material, I never leave people stranded with out help.
  • Members set too lofty of goals, you must be realistic when setting goals. As you achieve your goals check them off and set new ones,  that way you have a sense of accomplishment, not disappointment.
  • Some members read other members accomplishments, some good and some bad, but what you need to understand is you are in control of your success and you can’t gage your expectations based on what others do, stay focused on your goals, not what another member views as success.
  • Members underestimate the commitment needed to find success which ultimately leads to failure.
  • This one really gets me, I see so many members are paying for optional tools and services outside of WA which is an absolute waste of money. In many cases adding extra costs when you are just starting out proves to be the downfall of a members money making aspirations for the simple reason they buckle or fold under the financial pressure they have put themselves under. Keep your costs as low as possible. I only use free tools and services on top of my WA membership. You can find all these free tools through WA.
  • Like any offer there are affiliates that tend to understate the work or financial commitment and overstate the money making attributes of the program

There are many obstacles to navigate as you build your online business with Wealthy Affiliate, it’s not some slam dunk type of deal but it is the best deal I have seen after doing hundreds of program reviews.

My Parting Words Of Advice!

Wealthy Affiliate is a very credible make money from home training program that many have used to create an unbelievable lifestyle, myself included. I feel its at least worth taking the chance on a free membership.

I have personally helped many members go on to very lucrative careers promoting a variety of products and services online with the help of Wealthy Affiliates training platform, bottom line is it works! Yes, there are some downsides to WA’s program, like all work from home offers. The reality of learning how to make a living online or a nice passive income is there is no such thing as a perfect system, they all have their challenges.  All you need is a little help inside WA from a quality mentor and you will be well on your way.

I welcome any questions or comments. If you are looking for any help or want to run any work from home programs by me please don’t hesitate, my help is FREE! Have a good one Mike

209 Replies to “Wealthy Affiliate: The Ugly Truth”

  1. Great article Mike. You have made it easier for me to make a decision as to where to get IM training. The only problem I’m seeing is that you need to be blogger or have some type of website to promote vendors products. Well, I neither a blogger nor do I have a website. Not only that, I have no idea what to blog about. I have no professional training in anything, I am embarrassed to say I have no passions (except crossword puzzles and how much can I say about that). I like gardening, I like making things with my hands, but again I’m not an expert by any means. I guess I’m going to have a tough road ahead unless I figure something out. 🙁

    1. Hi Patty, there are a few misconceptions when it comes to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing offers many different techniques that produce income not just blogging for example. You can build multiple mini niche sites that are very targeted which can provide a pretty nice income when you combine all their revenue. That’s just one way.
      You can use social marketing also to make income where you create social accounts and do little posts that link to sales pages.
      I wouldn’t discount the authority site deal though. Many get the idea you need to be an expert on a topic to start a blog or participate in a niche which isn’t the case. You actually grow with your site and as your site develops your knowledge also grows, eventually you will be an expert in your niche, this is inevitable.
      Writing content for a site is now so simple. WA created a writing platform some time ago that uses templates that are easy to use as filling in the blanks which automatically make your post search engine optimized ( will rank high and get traffic).
      Online merchants also love authority sites and great lucrative relationships can be built that can earn you quite a nice income.
      There are always lots of reasons we can find to not start something or leave our comfort zone, but you need to just do it! There is ZERO risk, WA offers a free membership that you can utilize to see how it all works, stress free!
      Hope this helps you feel better about taking the leap of faith, cheers Mike.

  2. Mike, just read your article and some of your comments to your readers and you have helped me be less nervous of joining Wealthy Affiliate. I had also been doing a lot of research to see what program was the best fit. I really like Profit Engine but their doors are closed until next session. I am happy to know I have made a good choice and don’t be surprised if I look for you on WA because I am petrified of failing!! LOL.

    1. Hi Patty nice to meet you, there’s one thing that feels worse than failing and that is to have never tried, I believe that’s an old adage from somewhere lol.
      You really have nothing to lose with WA just go in under their free membership and give it a try, you can work at your own pace and it is step by step training you just need that little extra from from the person you go in under.
      You really can’t fail with WA, just stay on the free starter membership as long as you like to see if it’s even for you, some it’s just not a good fit for. When I say that I mean their program is second to none but not everyone will like affiliate marketing there’s no problem with that just like not everyone likes working on cars for example.
      I also like Profit Engine, it’s just quite expensive and I believe that to find success online you need to keep your costs as low as possible when you are first starting out, actually I believe you need to keep your costs down period. Profit Engine is more suited for someone with affiliate marketing experience. I do quite well as an affiliate marketer, linking to Profit Engine for example as an affiliate marketer I was making just shy of $1200 commissions a day, just off of one sale, so affiliate marketing can be a pretty lucrative gig once you get it figured out.
      I am a huge fan of WA and I am an affiliate for them also, WA is where I got my start, it’s inexpensive training as far as affiliate marketing training goes and it offers everything you need under one roof at no extra charge, no up selling.
      I do believe you need a good mentor to join under, not saying it needs to be me, but do your homework and check their sites out to see that they know their stuff, never join off Facebook or Pinterest, could just be a random person throwing a link out their with limited abilities and not much expertise to help you. Look forward to seeing you inside WA, doesn’t matter who you join under, I am always willing to lend a hand. You can sign up for a free starter membership under me if you like by clicking here, cheers mike.

  3. Hey man I enjoyed your article. I’ve been researching affiliate marketing non stop the past 3 weeks just trying to to do my due diligence. Pros and cons all over the place and post saying good and bad about each others company. WA seems to be a good start because it’s free. I’ve been in sales my whole life and have found that having and being a mentor is the best way to succeed. You dont see many great stories about people that will say they got roped in by being told someone would be right there for them and just disappear on them when they signed up. So my question is how do you actually find a good mentor and how do you onow if that person has even been successful?

    1. Hi Joe sorry for the late reply I have been struggling with an inner ear deal which is making the task of working on my laptop frustrating to say the least, getting better, just a virus I picked up doc says so I am on the mend and back at it.
      WA is in my opinion the best way to break into affiliate marketing I personally have reviewed hundreds of programs and haven’t seen anything that offers what they offer with such great support.

      You do have a great question which unfortunately doesn’t have a clear cut answer. Here are a few things that will help give you the best chance of finding a good mentor inside WA.

      Your hunt for a good WA mentor actually starts well before you sign up.
      Never sign up to WA through a Facebook ad or off any social media outlet like Pinterest or Twitter, why? Anyone can create a Facebook page or open a twitter, Pinterest account, it takes the basic skill set to accomplish this, what you want to look for is a WA member who has created a website with lots of authoritative content on their site and also mixes in social media such as liking them on Facebook or following them on Twitter or contributes to forums like Quora for example.
      What this tells you is these WA members are experienced and can offer you all the skills they have not just the ability to create social media accounts which on their own will not find you any success. The best way to promote products or build a business online is by engaging in a balanced marketing campaign.
      Next, check out the WA members website, does it have a nice flow, good structure, good use of images and overall just a nice appearance. These WA members can pass that knowledge onto you, that’s what you want.
      How do they answer comments? Do they take the time to go into detail? If they don’t then I wouldn’t think they would spend the necessary time with you.
      Comment on their site and ask if they offer website critiques to their referrals. Do they critique your first couple of posts to make sure that you are on the right track?
      How long have they been a member at WA?

      Asking these questions will help you determine if the person you are signing up under will give you the attention and chance of success you deserve.

      I provide all the services and more to anyone that joins with me Joe so if you are interested then here is a link to free membership that will link you to me Click Here for a free membership!

      One other thing you can do is get in under the free membership and look at the mentors profile to see how they answer questions, there is nothing to lose by doing this but everything to gain. Hope that helps Joe, hope to see you inside WA, have a great day Mike.

  4. scams are common in all industry, but Most of the unsuccessful affiliates are shouting that affiliate marketing is a scam, they are trying to make money fast, patience is important in the affiliate marketing business, They are not realizing that money will not come at overnight, keep sharing with us.

    1. Thank you for taking the time Harish to leave some valuable info for my readers. Yes it does take work to become successful at affiliate marketing, it’s not an overnight success type of deal but well worth the effort in the long run. The lifestyle and income that affiliate marketing has to offer is pretty incredible, thanks again, cheers Mike.

  5. Great article. Everyone only talks about how good wealthy affiliate is, but i very rarely see someone who also talks about some bad things. No one is perfect, there are good and bad things everywhere, however after few years of searching for ways to make money online i must say that wealthy affiliate is the best option, at least for now.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to add your thoughts rich. Yeh no program is perfect but Wealthy Affiliate does have a great program that works for many there are just a few things I feel people need to know before they join, hey, it worked for me! I make a pretty good living online from the training I got at WA and all my sites are hosted through WA also. I have writers that write for me that use Wealthy affiliates site content platform where they write posts for me, from there I edit the posts and make sure they are accurate and with a click of a button these articles get published on whatever websites I want them to go to. Wealthy Affiliate has some great features that make running an online business stress free. Thanks again Rich, have a great day, cheers Mike.

    2. yes is the best option, but im dissapointed about they becouse when i paid 19$ for premium, they took me abusive again 49$, and the bad thing is they didnt recognized and after one month asked me to pay again 49$, and stoped my course till will pay , i sent many mails to kyle, but no answers, so i lost 49$ for nothing ,i sent my statement of the bank but nothing
      this is the bad thing about WA

  6. Hi Mike
    My english is very bad and I am not used to writing contents or artcles. I am from India and Here it is not free to join. I am afraid if not able to create my own niche which is the most firststep of this business since I am a family man with full responsibility alone. Therefore I cannot spend more than $47 every month if I dont earn from it as sooner as possible. I dont want to earn much. I am happy with $400 a month if possible and if this happens I promise to give it a full time job because I am jobless and I have fedup doing business locally due to too much of competitions everywhere. Please elaborate everything in details before I join. I want to make my living from WA. Thanks!

    1. Hi Shngain, your situation is actually pretty common. I will start by saying your income goals to start are very realistic I started online with a goal of just paying for my vehicle payment which I surpassed quite quickly. Don’t let your online aspirations die just because your English might not be 100% there are many ways around this. Most websites offer translations options and grammar and spell check and WA has as part of their platform a tool called site content where you can go to create content for your website which has grammar and spell check which will give you the correct options for sentences that don’t quite make sense so this will help. Site content also tells you (live) as you create content how your post is looking for SEO which is a great help and instantly publishes to your website with a push of a button.
      In saying all this looking at your and your families needs I would look at maybe going in a different direction and creating a niche specific site and not an authority website that takes longer to create income from, yes an authority site has a much longer shelf life but a niche specific site can generate income within weeks of being built. Niche specific sites can earn from a couple of hundred dollars into the thousands very quickly.
      WA offers training and a live case study of a website that was quickly created within a week and making money.
      WA offers all the training and websites under their premium membership which you made mention of. Why I like this route for you is you will see quite quickly if this will produce and meet your needs so you won’t waste money on something that doesn’t work for you.
      The mini niche website deal does work the guy (Jay) who created the site that is used for WA’s case study is an acquaintance of mine and he told me it brings in between $1000-$3000 US a month depending on the season. Jay walks you through the whole setup and how to find your own niche product to create a site on.
      Honestly that’s the best advice I can give you at this time. I feel that although an authority website has long term income potential it does take some time to develop that income stream (4-6 months). A mini niche website can produce quick income but historically won’t offer a huge income stream, reading your comment I feel this option is the most realistic after reading your circumstances.
      I emphasize with your situation Shngain and for this reason I have to say that the pursuit of making money online in my opinion is like gambling in a way, there are no guarantees and I feel if you can’t afford to lose say 4 months worth of membership fees I wouldn’t join, not just WA, but any program, I would hate to see you and your family suffer anymore financial hardship. If I can help in any way please don’t hesitate to stop by and ask for my opinion on any make money online options, have great day Shngain and thanks for stopping by, cheers Mike.

  7. Hi Mike,
    great article, I was a premium member for 6 months in WA, did the niche and the affiliate website promoting WA, but during my short months there, I have never read or talk to anybody who could actually make a living from it. Of course it’s a great platform where you can learn a lot, but 99% of the people I talked, they have many websites running and zero income. Everybody tells you the same, you are in for the long run, need to write every day, promote your website, facebooks ads, Google ads, etc etc etc.
    Also, i’m from Argentina, so I managed to talk to a few latin members and eventually they canceled their membership due to lack of results. I have spotted a few downsides in WA that I want to share with you ( so far Google is full of positive reviews, you are the first I found out to be more neutral )

    Niche and affiliate Marketing only works in USA/Canada.
    You can’t promote amazon, etc products if you live in Argentina, due to the fact that Google is localized, if you are in US soil and search for products reviews, it will bring US results, not WW results.
    There is no training for WW users, only locals.
    All reviews are from WA users, so there is no neutral and objective review.
    I read somewhere that WA started legal actions to negative review user

    But it also has a positive side,
    Great community
    IT support 24/7
    You can actually contact Kyle and Carson ( and they will reply to you, maybe their staff, but at least they make you feel you can talk to the boss and he will listen )
    Plenty and plenty of tools, webinars, videos, documents, etc.

    Conclusion: If you want to learn how to make a website using WordPress promoting WA and maybe 2 or 3 niches website, you need to join.
    If you want to try and make a decent online income using all the above, please explain me how ( Even if you a in another country but promoting US products )

    Great article and thanks for reading!

    1. Hi Walter, Thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughts on WA. I guess you could call me neutral but I like to think of myself as objective when I look at any program, I call a spade a spade.
      Not 100% sure I understand your issues. WA has many members from all over the world. I personally work with may members from Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Guam, Germany, Philippines, Australia just to name a few countries and they all are active online in various niches that I have helped them find so I am not sure what you are referring to when you say Google is local?
      You can find many WA members Success stories all you need to do is type in WA success stories or WA testimonials for example and you will read many posts from members who have had very good success online using WA’s training, many $10,000-$14,000 a month earners I saw comment, I did the search as I was writing this comment just to make sure and saw quite a few, so they are there. I have quite a few members I have worked with that have posted their achievements and some are really impressive.
      Yes, it would be a lie to say that this is the norm, it’s not by any stretch, there are many who find very little success or none at all but it really depends on what niche you participate in and what type of effort you put in. Most people I work with don’t promote Amazon products ( this is due to my advice) for the simple reason there is way more money to be made elsewhere with less competition, everyone gravitates to Amazon because it is so easy to promote but Amazon only pays commissions of 4-10% tops whereas you can find 30-75% commissions with marketplaces such as Linkshare, Market health, Commission Junction, Clickbank just to name a few.
      WA has it’s issues and I will be the first to mention them but “not making money with WA” isn’t one of them from my experiences and many I work closely with.
      I would look at the niche you are participating in and what type of mentor you have in WA. For example I make sure that people I work with get a website critique from myself to make sure their site is user friendly and optimized for sales. I also do critiques on their first few posts to make sure they are SEO friendly and engage their audience, I check their sites for user flow right down to the use of images and so on. These are all important aspects that you need to be getting from the person you entered under, if you aren’t you are getting the short end of the stick and not getting the best help that you need to succeed.
      I wish you were in WA with me Walter I really think you would have a different outlook on WA. Yeh WA has a few issues but I still feel it is a solid program that does deliver results if you have the right person in your camp. Thanks again and I do appreciate you leaving your experience for others and hopefully people can learn from my response also, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Dallas to answer your question yes $10,000 is more than achievable but I will say don’t expect that over night it takes time to build traffic to your offers and become the site that stands out in your chosen niche. If you stick with it and have chosen the right niche which is extremely important your $350 a day goal is well within reach.
      It’s a real work in progress to get to the $10,000 mark a lot of things need to fall into place. You will need to learn that not all traffic is made equal, target people in the right stage of the buying cycle, build an effective sales funnel and the most important thing how to make a connection with your readers.
      This may sound a little overwhelming but you chip away at it step by step and before you know it you are there.
      There’s lots of help in WA that will get you to that point you just need to add determination and work ethic. Wish you all the best Dallas and if you are looking for someone to work with click through to WA on this post and you will work with me, have a good one Mike.

  8. Hello again Mike

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to me and helping me with my niche. I bow to your superior knowledge on the ‘fantasy fiction’ niche research you did for me as you’re the one with IM experience and I’m just starting out here. Sounds like I would have to write a great deal of content and it would take me a long time to compete with the results you saw come up from your search if they are long lived sites with a big amount of content. I will go away and have a think if I can come up with some more obscure niche ideas in my area of interest. When I’ve done the list shall I contact you again through this comment facility? I would private message you through WA but as I’m a free member at the moment I’m not allowed to! I will also go over all the free training in WA that I can so I know it well before I consider upgrading.

    1. You can email through this site Lorna and we will come up with a few ideas I have compiled a few that may interest you that look like they have quite a bit of opportunity, good traffic and low competition.
      I always suggest to people looking to take advantage of WA’s free starter membership that they use that offer to it’s fullest take the entire course build as much as you can before you start paying for anything.
      I work hand in hand with you through out WA’s free starter course. I will help you find your niche which I think we have already done and help you choose a website name (domain name) and I also among other things help you find affiliate merchants that offer a great commission structure so by the time you have finished the free starter membership course you are ready to roll. By the way the free starter membership has no expiry so you will never lose your work you own that content just not the actual site it’s listed on, but you can transfer that content at anytime to any website hosting platform. Hope I get a chance to work with you Lorna have a great day Mike.
      Get your Free starter account here!

  9. Hi Mike

    Thanks for your review above. I’m writing this comment to ask for your advice if you would be kind enough to help me. I’m currently a free member of Wealthy Affiliate and am at the stage of choosing my niche. I have an interest in fiction books and feel I could happily write content in this field. I realise of course that ‘books’ and ‘fiction books’ is too broad a category and so I am thinking of narrowing my niche down to fantasy books as these are the type of books I’ve noticed myself reading the most. I’m just wondering if you think this is a good niche to go with or do you think it needs drilling down even more? Any help you could give me would be much appreciated. I wish I had come across your website before joining WA so I could have joined under you and been able to have you as my mentor but hey ho. Also I’d just like to ask if you are a free member in WA is it an uphill struggle to succeed unless you upgrade to premium?

    1. Hi Lorna thanks for reaching out and yes I would love to help you! I started in the same position as you are taking the exact same course as you are now and yes I had the same issue as you and to be honest most people looking to break into affiliate marketing have a problem finding a niche.
      On paper the niche you are looking at looks promising theres a good amount of traffic and not that much competition I did a keyword search and that is what was indicated. Most would just run with that but experience has shown me that you need to go even further so I looked at what sites were prominent on the first and second pages of a Google search when I punched in “best fantasy books”.
      I will be honest what I found wasn’t all that encouraging there were some pretty established sites that yes you could knock off but it would be a long road of building out your site so that you matched the volume of content they had on their sites. You would have an advantage because you would be a trained affiliate marketer utilizing SEO and from what I could see these site owners are bloggers not affiliate marketers who got their sites ranked through shear volume of content which is a slow process. Many of the sites were established over ten years ago so they will be hard to dislodge and you need to have content, not your site neccessarily, but content that will outrank theirs.
      Most people don’t realize that it’s not your site that brings people to your product but your posts that you create, they act like spider webs that bring visitors back to your site and from there you show them your offer.
      In saying all that maybe we can put our heads together and find something that is in your area of interest that you can dominate. I always like to find little obscure niches for people I work with that they can dominate that way the time frame that is involved in generating income is much shorter, who has ten years to wait when you can have fast results with a fraction of the effort.
      List me off any thoughts as crazy as they may seam or interests, anything that comes to mind and we will go from there. Something that may help you is a little guide I created that just helps you find niche ideas from odd sources.
      Here it is “niche market finder” just browse through it and see if it helps at all.
      To the other question regarding the free membership vs premium.
      When people sign up trough me I tell them my honest opinion and that is take anything that is free and use it to the max this goes for WA’s free starter membership. The starter membership offers great value and by the time you are done you will have a good understanding of what it takes to break through as an affiliate marketer plus the skills needed to succeed but…. I know there is always a but!
      The thing with IM is eventually you will need your own domain and when you build a free site at WA under their free starter membership you go under a sub domain of Wealthy Affiliate which is ok but it has less ranking power as a .com which I advise everyone to have never buy a .net,.ca,.org because anyone that knows what they are doing goes for a .com and will always have the upper hand as far as ranking power in Google’s eyes.
      Stay with the WA free starter course as long as you like and even look at WA’s bootcamp it’s free just sub your niche for promoting WA it offers some great training.
      You can still have a name for your website but what I would suggest is when you decide on a niche find a domain name( website name) and register it that way when you do decide to take your business to the next level your site is registered under you no one else can steal your work.
      One thing you do need to know is, authority sites build a reputation with Google and other search engines but predominately Google which leads to a better ranking sort of like dealing with a bank and when they get to know you theres a chance of better rates.
      To do this your site needs to be establishing itself and recognizable so if you build a site out under a subdomain like WA offers and not your .com there is potential for your sites recognition with Google to be slower than if you start right out of the gates building your .com.
      I guess what I am saying is get as much free training as you can before you have to pay for anything but eventually to participate as an affiliate marketer you will need to pay for hosting for your website and roughly $14 a year for a website registration (domain name).
      At $49 a month for what WA offers including a keyword tool which you absolutely need and must use, don’t try and do affiliate marketing without it you will not succeed!
      Hosting you can find for about $25 bucks a month maybe a little less but that’s it no training no keyword tool and no support so if you really look at value WA is in the ball park that’s for sure.
      You didn’t enter under me so I have absolutely nothing to gain by giving you my thoughts on WA.
      Really it doesn’t matter where you are who you take training through if you want to do affiliate marketing there will eventually be a cost you just want to keep your costs as low as you can. Many newbies and even experienced marketers think spending more on tools and training gets you more in the end but it doesn’t from my experience you need very little to make money online just remember to keep it simple and you will succeed.
      Look forward to hearing from you, cheers Mike.

  10. Hey Mike.. I’m from Kenya. I really hope I’m not asking a question that you have already expounded on but since the free starter account isn’t offered here, what would you advise I do.. Upgrade as soon as I can, or learn more about it from various sources (hoping there are various sources). If you know of a “hack” I can follow that would give me access to a starter account information, I would really appreciate it,.. tonnes! Thanks

    1. Hi Jollie, as much as I would love to have the opportunity to work with you I would always advise that people looking into internet marketing get as much “truly” free training as they can before they have to buy. If you are seriously looking at IM you need to know that eventually you will have to workout some money but this is where I feel Wealthy Affiliate shines. WA has a zero up sell policy so what you see is what you get and with a premium membership you get everything you will need for $49 a month the only thing extra is a domain registry fee of $14 a yea roughly which you will need to register your website name.
      If you click on my side menu on the category called “internet marketing” you will find quite a few resources that I have created for my readers that I think will be of help for people looking at IM as a career or just for some passive income.
      Bottom line get as much free pre work done before you buy into anything, hope that helps and hope to one day get the opportunity to work with you in Wealthy Affiliate, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Laurie just send me your WA username through my email on the “about me page” on this site and I will gladly help, look forward to hearing from you, talk soon Mike.

  11. The unwillingness to put in time to achieve the lofty goals is what has irritated me the most. My own goals were lofty but I set no limit on the time I’m willing to put in. I remember feeling repelled from members that a) Think too small, and b) Want the payoff for little to no effort.

    1. Thanks for your honest candour Agnes. You make some very valid points and I do agree with you that people new to online marketing really for the most part underestimate the amount of effort it takes to make money online. It took myself a few months of long hours and a fair amount of hair pulling to get to the stage where I started to make money.
      I know a hell of a lot more now and I feel confident I could help people achieve their financial goals quicker than I did but they do need to know that it takes commitment, really anything good does!
      Once again I appreciate your taking time to comment it does help other readers, cheers Mike.

  12. Hi Mike
    Love reading your review and am very keen to continue with something like this. However, is the cost of this in US Dollars. As I am living in Australia, by the time it converts to Aussie dollars it could become quite expensive.


    1. Yeh I get it David I am from Canada and the value of our buck is just about as crappy as yours if not worse. I travel quite a bit and I take a big hit when I head to Europe or the states. In relation to training costs I do have to say that the investment in training does pay off. It’s just one of those things if you want to reap the rewards you eventually have to stick your neck out. At least with WA they have the free starter membership which you can ride as long as you like. I always tell people who are interested to do the free starter ask a lot of questions get as much done on your site as possible and only then look at going premium. Eventually people need to go premium because you want your own domain you don’t want to stay on WA’s subdomain for ever but there’s no rush it’s free give it a shot. If you click through on this page you will work directly with me, hope to see you there.
      If you decide to take a pass and just want some info on something you are looking into or some internet marketing questions answered don’t hesitate to drop me a line and I will give you my input and any help I can, cheers Mate!

  13. Mike,

    Great article and summary of what I have envisioned WA to be for beginners like me.

    Would you mind emailing me directly? I would like to connect with you offline as I am interested in WA, but a few lingering questions still dance in my head. I truly appreciate it.

    1. Hi Gus you can reach me directly through the “about me page” on this site at any time with any questions you may have, have a great day Mke.

  14. Hi Mike, I read everything about wealthy affiliate, and it seems to be a good place to start online business. But My really concern is on the premium program. I read from many blogs that being a premium member will help you succeed., and I completely agree and will consider being a premium member. But my biggest issue is that I only have few money to cover for only 2 months of the premium membership fees, as I am a 20 years old college student from Ethiopia (broke AF! .. lol) . Considering I will put a hard work to building and ranking my site with my maximum effort and choosing trendy niche, can you guarantee me that I will earn a $100 in the end of the second month (for 3rd and 4th month fees)?
    Sorry for my fluffy English though

    1. Your English is quite good Anwar! I would be misleading you Anwar if I told you that I could guarantee you would be making money after two months, many do, but it’s not quite that simple. The niche you decide to work in makes a difference in how long it takes you to break into it and how much time you have to work at it. Even though WA offers a step by step program there still is a technical aspect to it and frankly some people are a little challenged when it comes to the technical side, myself for example had zero computer or internet exposure when I started, took me about 3 months before I started earning but everyone is different and learns at different rates have more motivation than others. If you can get in under the free starter membership, not sure if your country has access to that offer but that’s what I would try first, that way you can get your website built and niche picked out which will give you a good headstart before you go the premium route. The starter membership is a very good start I did the exact free membership route myself and it worked for me.
      Other than that Anwar I would say keep your money in your pocket and use it for school. Yes I promote WA Anwar but I live by a code of ethics and I can’t guarantee you will see income after two months and in your case your money is very precious to you so keep it in your pocket and put it towards your education, there will be lots of opportunity to make money online.
      Let me know how you make out Anwar and by all means run anything by me, but don’t throw your money away, there are many outfits out there that will take your last $100 and not miss a minutes sleep, there is no program or money making opportunity online that can give you a guarantee, even though they do quite regularly, so don’t believe it for one minute! Cheers Mike.

  15. Hi Mike I’m about to get into the course . My concern though is that I have difficulties writing articles , cause English is my second language is there a way around this problem?

    1. Hi Antonio thanks for stopping by, when it comes to affiliate marketing there are a couple of ways to find success online. One popular way is to create a website on an interest you may have and try and monetize that website either with paid advertisements or tying in affiliate products. With this type of approach it is beneficial if you can write short posts on various topics. How to Write engaging posts is taught inside WA and really isn’t that hard but may be a challenge if you struggle with a language barrier. Some ways you may get around this is with PLR material which I don’t suggest at all. PLR material is usually computer generated crap which an audience won’t connect with and that is really what blogging is all about, connecting with your audience.
      The route I would consider if you try and really don’t feel you can write a 500 word post that gets your message across would be to hire freelance writers which many people do. This can be costly $20-$50 an article for 1000 words. There’s challenges with this also, I have hired writers for my various websites and found in some cases writers like to use a lot of filler to get their word count up leaving you with a bunch of useless filler that isn’t engaging at all, you have the right to proof and reject it which I have personally done on many occasions.
      In your case Antonio if you don’t feel comfortable writing or don’t feel like you have the time to take a little training then I would look at a short 3-4 age website which has very little writing which is very niche specific, you need to have a little more experience to make this type of affiliate marketing work but it is all taught inside WA and very doable.
      One of the guys who creates webinars in WA created a live case study using this exact technique and had quite a bit of success, Jay walks you through the process step by step, it’s very quick and shows very good results, so much so I gave it a try myself and yes it does work!
      WA’s free starter course gives you all the knowledge you will need to put jays model in play, hey it’s free, what do you have to lose. Need a hand at all finding the training look me up inside WA and I will be more than happy to help you through the process, cheers Mike.

  16. Hi!
    First, you got me there 🙂 by the title, well done!
    Then, I think you might just have changed my view a bit towards a more favorable side about Wealthy Affiliate. I heard people talking about this platform but until now I thought it is, not a scam obviously, but just another hyped program with unrealistic promises. After reading this, I’ll give it a second thought.

    1. Hi Zed, I think you owe it to your online aspirations to give Wealthy Affiliate a try. WA’s free starter membership is a great program that gives you all you need to make money online. Unlike many make money offers online with WA all you really need are 3 components and they are a website, hosting, and a keyword tool. WA also offers a 10 unit step by step course that contains all the training you will need to get your online business up and running, it really is a no lose type of venture, other than your time there is zero risk.

  17. Hi!
    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I can only approve that everything written is entirely accurate!
    I’ve never found such a perfect place where to learn Affiliate Marketing.
    It is just YOU that has to put in time and effort to succeed!
    They provide you with everything, site building, training, comments, support, live WAbinars, and much more.
    You just have to put in your time, and with a reasonable goal, everyone can get there!!
    Thanks for your great article!!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to stop by Chanan and comment. I am a product of WA s I know it does work. There always will be a risk of failure with anything you do but I do feel that WA has put together a pretty straightforward step by step process in place that will maximize members success rates.

  18. Great article. I found it very inspiring as I am new to wealthy affiliate and am starting my own website. I have been at it for over a month now it can be frustrating at times not seeing any money from it or even not seeing your site rank but everything takes time. As long as you put in the effort and work at it, success can be achieved over time. It is important to have realistic goals. Definitely.

    1. Hi Jeff, don’t give up on your site. Sometimes depending on the niche you are involved, it’s competitiveness, it will take a little longer than it should to start making an impact in your chosen niche. This actually brings up an important point, I like to play a part in choosing a niche for people who I work with in WA for the simple reason this is a very important step that does have lasting implications going forward. I look at the competitiveness of a members niche as well as opportunities in their desired niche before they make the final decision. The final decision is theirs but I like to put my thoughts forward and some of my concerns or why I might think it’s a great opportunity. For anyone thinking of entering WA make sure whoever you sign up with will do the same, this is very important. Good luck Jeff, if you need a hand at all don’t hesitate to ask me for help, cheers Mike.

  19. I like the review, because you sound honest. I appreciate people being honest, because they only do so to help. Like when you mentioned that the training was not that easy to you. That’s honest, and from a sales perspective, it’s taking a hit, and you didn’t have to write that. On the other hand, it gives people a realistic bearing on what to expect, and could avoid frustration for a lot of people knowing that it’s challenging before they get there.
    Thanks for the info!

    1. Thanks Eddie, I am big believer in what goes around comes around, I practice this on a day to day basis. When I started with WA’s training I had absolutely zero experience with a computer and the internet and yet I now make a pretty nice income online solely do to my effort and Wealthy Affiliates training.

      There are no secret systems or secret tools all you need is a website, hosting and a keyword tool all of which WA offers in their free starter membership. Does it hurt me in sales, not so sure on that one, really doesn’t matter to me, I call it as I see it and live with it, that’s how I roll. Life just feels so much less complicated that way, have a great day Eddie and thank you for your kind words, cheers Mike.

  20. While I do agree about the value of a mentor if you want to succeed with Wealthy Affiliate, as the mentor can show you how he or she exactly achieved success with the program, you can still make it even if you can’t find a mentor. The co-founders themselves, can be your mentor. They can be contacted if you are a premium member, and they frequent the Live Chat, so you can easily ask them about the things that matter to you.

    I myself don’t have a fixed mentor in Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi Gomer, yes I can’t agree more with what you are saying. I guess what I am saying is what happens when you hit that wall, most will, and you need a little nudge or just that confirmation that what you are doing is right.

      Wealthy Affiliate has an unbelievable support system like live chat for example where you can get answers in real time. I found with a mentor on your side you can bounce your answers off your mentor to get their input. In many cases you can get conflicting answers, this isn’t the norm but does happen. Website critiques, content critiques are very important and this is an area where a mentor can be of great value.

      The bottom line here is why not have a mentor? Really they are just another form of support that you have a direct line to.

      Thanks for your thoughts Gomer you do have some valid points, cheers Mike.

  21. I have always wanted to start a business online, but have always been afraid of the scams that are out there. I know if i found something that I could believe in, I would work hard at it. The members look very active as well which is very good. Finding success definitely takes time, but I think if you don’t quit, i’m sure it is possible Thanks!

    1. Hi Ralph, you are exactly right when you say if you don’t quite it is possible. Building a website and getting traffic to your website through the generation of content does take time but there are ways to speed the process up. There is no doubt that this process works millions are doing it and find success but these are the ones that are dedicated and want the lifestyle that working from home and the revenue that can be generated by internet marketing can produce.

      WA teaches a very sound and reliable way to make money online. What I tell people all the time is just keep it simple, don’t buy costly internet marketing tools they are not needed. Don’t saddle yourself with high internet marketing training costs they are also not necessary. WA costs $49 a month for a premium membership, everything is inclusive, website, hosting, keyword tool, you need nothing else to make money using their training.

      I make pretty good money online and I use nothing other than my membership at WA. If you look around the net you will see lead generation tool, graphic design tools for your website, pre made sales funnels, traffic broker services, autoresponders, really the list goes on and on. One of the reasons I created this website was to inform people that you don’t need all this stuff, all you need is what WA offers nothing more.

      People fail at IM because they load themselves up with all these expensive tools and the pressure to make money gets to overwhelming instead of keeping it simple, keeping costs down and enjoying the experience.

      Thanks for the comment Ralph, good luck with your IM endevours, cheers Mike.

  22. Hello There and Thank You for this!
    I think many people look for affiliate marketing to make money and they sign on thinking it is a get rich quick thing. The work you have to put into it is the point to making money. You make the information stand out and get the point ingrained as to affiliate marketing and help people to understand just what it is.
    I think your article should be posted all over for people to read and understand more clearly.

    1. Thank you mark for taking the time to comment. I truly believe that if more people actually knew more about affiliate marketing they would see it’s true potential. Affiliate marketing is the engine that drives the internet, but not many people know this.

      Without affiliate marketers online merchants would struggle to get their products seen by the masses, they would need large marketing departments to produce the same results that enlisting the aid of affiliate marketers would achieve. With affiliate marketers the online merchant only pays for results, they don’t have to pay for wages and benefits of a in house marketing team.

      Where am I going with this?

      Affiliate marketing is in demand and very lucrative for people who have realized it’s potential, it’s needed to give merchants exposure and they love the fact that it’s results based marketing (sales). Affiliate marketing is growing as new merchants clammer to establish an online presence.

      Have a good one Mark!

  23. Hey Mike,I have been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2008. They are certainly the best online marketing system I have used. However, a lot of people think you can just make a site and make loads of money. However, this isn’t really the case. I have worked like mad the first two years. Made very little. However, I have been doing it for 8+ years now. Love the hosting plan. I can’t think of anywhere you can get hosting for that cheap. It is WordPress managed hosting, too. But, the one on one support is simply awesome. I would pay $300/year just for Kyle and Carson’s 1 on one help. Overall, I am very happy with Wealthy Affiliate. I would highly recommend them to anyone that wants to get in the industry. But, just be prepared to work. Otherwise, you will fail. Garen

    1. Hi Garen, I totally agree that WA is a great training platform and I do like that their hosting is probably one of the most secure and your site is backed up daily. In regards to the timeline that you can expect success everyone has different results, it really depends if you go for an authority website type of marketing strategy or a item specific type of website where you only have three to four pages. This type of approach can yield quicker results but may have a short revenue life span whereas the authority approach is for a long term income stream.

      People I work with I make sure they are aware of both methods so they can choose their direction based on their immediate or long term financial needs.

      Some people are looking at a complete lifestyle change that will replace their 9-5 job with steady income, in this case I recommend the authority approach. Many I work with just want to supplement their income for a few of the finer things in life or to create a nice nest egg for retirement as an example.

      Another factor is the niche you choose to participate in. If your chosen niche is very competitive then it may take longer to make an impact in your niche.

      Lastly I have tweaked the startup process a bit for the people that I work. I have a very simple standardised website structure that makes it very simple to have a website up and running in no time flat. I have also created a guide to help newcomers choose a niche, probably the hardest thing for newcomers is establishing a niche they want to work in. Lastly, I have created a structure for creating content for their websites. This will help anyone create SEO friendly content that ranks high with no experience in writing posts or content necessary.

      Put all this together you can shave hours and hours off your online business start up.

      Thanks for your thoughts, cheers Mike.

    2. Also, I always tell people to get in niches they actually care about, too. Otherwise, it’s no fun, and you will get burnt out. I have made this mistake in the past.

    3. Hi Garen thank you for your input! I appologise in advance but this is going to be a lenghtly reply. I do agree with you that one should look at getting into a niche that they are passionate about but here’s the problem with that philosophy.
      You will see a few comments on this page from people who I now work with, Karen, Amanda and Manuela all now work with me in Wealthy Affiliate and are doing quite well.
      Karen for example had an interest/passion of preaching the benefits of ETF tapping. Karen asked me to look into it as an option which I do for all members who work with me. The problem is, if Karen made her decision solely based on following her passion she would have chased her tail until she gave up.
      When I checked into ETF Tapping there was a ton of competition in this broad niche. With all that competition it would have taken years for Karen to have enough authority for her website to get ranked high enough to be even seen by the internet public, never mind getting enough traffic to make sales. Roughly only 15% of all traffic searching a topic goes past the first page search while Googling a topic, your goal should be to make the first page and your goal should also be to make money. The only way you are going to make it on the first page of Google is if Google sees you as an authority in your niche and if the competition is beatable, you need to be able to knock your competition off the first page.
      With Karen we discected her interest down to topics such as, ETF to quit smoking, ETF for emotion relief, ETF for weight loss. These are still sub niches in Karen’s interest but they are very specific topics that she will become an authority in very quickly and with that all the related traffic and sales.
      When I hear people say, choose something you’re passionate in, I cringe!
      I just completed a program review of Pajama Affiliates, decent program but one that promotes getting into a niche soley based on what you are passionate about, no mention is made to drilling down on that niche which is a recipe for failure. So if your choice is to die of bordem in a niche you have no interest in or have your asperations of making money die because you hav spent all this time building out a website that doesn’t have a hope in hell of ever being seen, really what’s the difference? The end result is still the same!
      Do you know how many people come to me that are interested in fitness for example?
      You would give up faster at being involved in a popular niche like fitness and never seeing your content featured by Google than you ever would participating in a niche that maybe your not to stoked on but generates traffic, conversation and ultimately sales.
      In the fitness niche there is so much competition that your website would never be seen, it would be somewhere deep in Google’s basement which you probably would never get out of. Not sure what that would do for your motivation but sure in the hell wouldn’t spur on any aperations I would have of making a go of it online!
      Here’s another example, I worked with a young guy named Jesse, jesse’s is a pretty accomplished internet marketer now. Jesse was in college when he came to me looking to supplement his way through college. Jesse wanted to get into fitness which I advised against do to the competitive nature of that niche, but we did find a comprimise. We found a obscure sub niche that focused on a method to build muscle.
      This was a very specific targeted niche, still in Jesses interest but with very little competition, not huge traffic but traffic he could own. Jesse now makes somewhere in the range of $20,000 a month and is now building another website in another very specific niche. Jesse has over 25000 visitors to his website in a month, these are not just visitors, they are targeted visitors that are looking for products and knowledge in his area of expertise. Jesse only promotes a few books and some protein powder and suppliments, that’s all he promotes to make in the range of $20,000 a month, crazy hey!
      I help people I work with find those obscure elements of a niche they are interested in, the profitable ones. Then we look at what affiliate program options are available (who’s going to pay you). Next is something that most trainers wouldn’t think to do, I look at who your competition is on the first page, remember, this is where the traffic is and this should be where you want your website to be. If I see a first page that has prominent websites that I know you will never beat out then we may have to choose another option. There’s usually only 10-12 spots available on the first page of a Google search result, the rest are paid ads. If you are up against DR Oz and DR Phil and a few drug companies in the health niche I would say look at another niche, you aren’t going to beat out a website that is adding content on a regular basis like they will.
      You can see there’s way more to finding success online than choosing a niche that you love. I walk people I work with through this process and many more important aspects of building a successful online business using my experience as a successful affiliate marketer as their template.
      Please don’t just take my word for this, you can view all my correspondence with people I work with on my personal profile in WA. This is where people I work with ask questions and I answer them. You will see screenshots of keyword research I have done for members while helping them through the process of choosing a niche I know will create income for them for years to come.
      Anyone wanting to see how I work with people to find a profitable niche, write engaging content, literally all aspects of creating a profitable online business, create a free starter membership and have a look at my live interaction with members I work with.
      To work with me inside WA or just have a look at what people I work with are doing, click here!
      Have a great day Mike

  24. Hi Mike,

    I have been following the WA training for exactly 1 year and 2 months now but I have only earned $10,000 plus so far thru Amazon. I have to admit that 100% it’s due to my bad habits – not posting content enough and not publishing consistently. I have only 30 posts when I reached my first year!

    I only started publishing 3 times a week when I reached my 1st year and 1st month, and after that, I am consistently publishing quality contents EVERYDAY.

    I have seen good improvements in my sales – I get sales almost every day now. But I have to admit that the amount is just cents in comparison to what my potential is.

    WA is a legitimate program and no doubt that the training works. You don’t need to use any other tools outside WA to make it work.



    1. Hi Pitin, thanks for sharing your experiences. The fact that you are making money is good, just be disciplined and I think you will easily expect to see that income move up 10 fold over the next year, once again thank you, Mike.

  25. Your article is a great read. The only issue I differ with you is the idea that you need a good mentor to be successful. While a good mentor is nice to have, your sponsor does not necessarily become your mentor. I think the live chat, the ability to ask questions, and the community support together is a good substitute for a mentor. Members with questions can get responses quickly without waiting for a mentor to be available. Just my thoughts based on 20 years marketing online.

    1. Hi Glen thanks for sharing your opinion and congrats on that many years in the business. I agree totally with most of the statements you make in your comment. I also believe that WA’s main strength is their experienced community. I think having access to live chat where you can have answers live and not waste valuable time is of the utmost importance. When I started I was full time and had to work at IM after work and on my days off, what made WA work so well for me was that, like many programs you can’t get the help when you need it and that stops you dead in your tracks and wastes days in the end.

      I always encourage people I work with to use the community, ask lots of questions, no one person has the collective knowledge of 1000,s of WA members that’s for sure.

      Back to having access to a good mentor, this is where our opinions differ. I have found that people I work with need help in certain areas, such as choosing their niche, website structure and content creation. I have set up a few systems to help with these disciplines that over time have shown some great results for shortened start up time and quicker results for my members. I know of a few mentors that have set up very specific complementary resources to help their members move quicker to their goal of generating income.

      Appreciate your feed back Glen, good luck Mike.

  26. It’s always good to read a realistic review from someone who has walked the walk. I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate too and thank my lucky stars I found it. It’s the only place I would recommend for a newbie.

    I don’t fault newbies for dreaming big dreams and setting lofty income goals. I encourage newbies to dream big because big dreams are the ones worth working for. The trick is not quit.

    The only issue with some income goals I see newbies set for themselves is the time frame. Making six figures with the skills taught in Wealthy Affiliate is very doable. Making six figures in three months is probably not realistic for most people.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. There is no hype or smoke and mirrors, and there is no guru worship. It’s a learning platform, plus the tools, plus a supportive community eager.

    Building a legitimate business takes time. It might take months or years. The biggest challenge I see for newbies is that too often they expect it to happen fast and without effort. They take a, “Well, I’ll try but it if it doesn’t work by the end of my free trial, I try something else.”

    Success with any venue takes patience, commitment, and consistent action. The difference with Wealthy Affiliate is if you stick with it, the rewards are phenomenal.

  27. Hello Mike, Great write up on Wealthy Affiliate!
    Agreed, going from a new web site to an income producing business doesn’t happen overnight. Like pumping water from a well – you gotta work the handle for bit before the water starts to flow.
    Today it is easier than ever to get started, and easier than ever to lose your shirt if you’re not careful.
    A good training guide like Wealthy Affiliate is vital!

    Cheers and best, Oren

    1. Thanks for the comment Oren, you are right in saying that building a business is a process, I think one thing I left out of my article was that while you are going through the process of building up your online business this doesn’t mean that you aren’t making money, I started making decent money after 4 months and it gradually grew every month that followed. As you build out content on your website your reach grows and so does your traffic and income opportunities. So I just want my readers to know that when I say it could take longer to generate a great living you will still be making money as you build your business no different than a brick and motar business.

  28. Hi Mike – I am a complete newbie at all of this but willing to learn. I was also researching SFM as a possible educational option. Would WA offer the same in depth training (again, emphasis on NEWBIE…as in not very technically/online anything adept)
    The whole process seems like Greek to me and I really need to know that I will have some hand holding along the way.

    1. Hi Karen just happened to be answering comments on the site when I came across yours. When I started I knew absolutely nothing about internet marketing/affiliate marketing and I used WA to create a very successful online business promoting products for hire (commissions). Most people going into IM are in the same boat as you, really, the whole idea of actually getting paid to promote online merchants products is a head scratcher for most people, where do you ever get exposure to that sort of thing, not in school, not in the media, it’s really a silent wonder, yet it is what drives sales for online merchants. You would think it would be all over the news or somewhere in job postings.
      How did you stumble on it?
      Anyways, Honestly I don’t think there is a learning venue that offers anything close to what WA does. Try their free starter course, you will work directly with me, if I can do it I am sure I can teach you how to do it! If it’s not your thing then just chalk it up to trying a new language (greek) lol
      Here’s a link that will give you access to WA and me CLICK HERE KAREN! see at least yo will learn how to create a link lol, Hope I get a chance to work with you Karen, cheers Mike.

    2. Thanks Mike – have you heard any feedback on SFM at all? I know it’s quite expensive but I also don’t mine paying if the training is good. At this point, I’m pretty confused as to which is the best way to go.
      Also, I’m in BC as well, the beautiful Okanagan Valley!

    3. Hi Karen, yes it is beautiful in that area, I plan to head up there late august early september and do a little wine tasting, do the Naramata bench thing as well as hit some other areas. I have a few friends in Kelowna I want to visit as well. I was hoping to get there this fall but my wife and I decided to fly back to the east coast. We found this cool little community called “Saint Andrews” by the sea. We rented this little place that was on pilings on the bay of fundy. Pretty neat watching the tide rush in with a glass of wine in one hand and a lobster sandwich in the other. Too many places to see, too many things I want to do, oh well check one off at a time. The nice part about IM is I worked while overlooking some pretty nice scenery.
      Ok enough of the small talk! I used WA to learn how to make money online, I am bias towards WA. In saying that I am objective and yes I have heard of SFM, actually took a quick peek at them and talked to another IM guy I know personally who gave them a try.
      Six Figure Mentors is a credible program and you can learn a lot with their program, here it comes, “but” They are expensive as hell!
      Yes it only costs you roughly $30 a month but that doesn’t get you what you need to learn affiliate/internet marketing, it simply is an instructional course that tells you all about what IM entails. The course you will get the most benefit from at SFM has a one time fee of $197 and then $97 monthly, this is their basic course.
      Not sure why you would want to pay that much a month for IM training. I train many people and the biggest death blow for many newcomers is the financial strain they put themselves under, they do it to themselves which I just don’t understand! It’ not like a house or a vehicle, the more you spend the better it is, doesn’t work that way. IM basics are IM basics, it’s the support that means everything, the training is pretty well interchangeable. SFM training costs extend into the stratosphere, into the thousands, $20,000 to be exact! Couldn’t imagine what would cost that much in IM. WA just has a black friday deal that was $299 for a year all inclusive, somewhere around .80 cents a day.
      That’s just my perspective, you have money to burn fill your boots but I would personally use your extra money for autoresponders and a keyword tool which down the road you will need on top of your monthly fee at SFM, then you’re really going to be burning through the doe, this is where the pressure I talked about comes in.
      Here’s what I suggest, get a starter membership (free) ride that baby as long as you want, no expiry date. By this time you have created a website and picked a niche, built you affiliate relationships and are ready to start earning, only then do you go premium and that will cost you only $49 a month all inclusive, keyword tool and all.
      Anyways those are my thoughts, best of luck whichever way you choose, cheers Mike.

    4. Thanks Mike, I clicked on your link and signed up for the free training to check it out.
      Naramata is fantastic – I went 3 times this summer and spent way too much on wine (if there is such a thing)

    5. Great to hear you are giving it a try, look forward to working with you. No there is no such thing as spending too much on wine. I have 10ft ceilings with a built in wine rack in our kitchen and I need to keep that baby full, can be a tough task when I keep drinking it, lol. See you inside, cheers Mike.

    6. Thanks Mike – is your contact info somewhere on the site now that I have signed up through you? Just going through the start up process now and not sure where to look.

    7. Hi Karen, did you click on any link in this post? if you did I should have been notified that you were in WA. I haven’t seen you pop up yet. What are you called in WA and I will look you up, I am simply Mike Lambert which you can just punch in at the top of the WA home page and I will pop up, talk soon Mike.

  29. Hi, MIke. Does WA include done-for-you articles? Or would it make you a good writer after the training? I’m sure some people like me, having but can’t give up yet a full time corporate job, would find it difficult to squeeze their brains up and come up with articles needed in order to get readers’ attention. Is it okay to order articles form articlewingsdotcom aside from having an individual write it for you?

    Thanks for every advice you’re willing to give.


    1. Hi Lissie, no you won’t find pre made articles at WA for the simple reason this is probably the worst thing you could do. There are many outfits that you can go to and get pre written articles, problem with this and the reason Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t endorse this is for a few reasons.
      1) pre written articles make no connection at all with your readers, they are computer generated garbage that in many cases uses broken english, poor grammar, not that I have good grammar, and in 99.9% of the cases doesn’t actually give information in a way that people can relate. If your audience can’t get a feel for what you are talking about chances are there will be no connection made, hence no sales. The other bad thing about PLR material is in many cases it has been used over and over again which if Google discovers this will penalize your site for using duplicate content. Your site will never recover from this!
      I can teach anyone to write a post in no time flat. I have developed a process that gives you a generic out line which makes your post SEO friendly (makes it rank high) and at the same time answers what you readers want to know. Hope that answers your question, cheers Mike

    2. Thanks so much, Mike. You’re always there to help. I know I’ve been bothering you with my emails asking more questions. But that’s because you’re the best!!
      I just sent you a few questions in your mail. And you just answered one when I posted it here. Hope you’ll find the others in you email.

      Thanks so very much, Mike. Take care.


  30. Hi there! I just finished reading your Wealthy Affiliate article and really needed to drop you a comment.

    First of all its really nice to see a really honest piece of writing with regards to Wealthy Affiliate. I have seen lots of online reviews and they all simply concentrate on the good aspects of WA. I have been a member of the site for some time now and agree that it is the best place on the net to learn how to make a profitable business. However…

    There are also some negatives to Wealthy Affiliate as you have rightly pointed out here. Although WA certainly doesn’t encourage it, there are lots of people that have some crazy earning goals! Only the other day a referral of mine said that he wanted to earn $30,000 a month by working 10 hours per week! Well, I wouldn’t mind earning that as well! But you and I know that’s never going to happen!

    I started with the simple goal of making enough money in my first year to pay for my membership the second year. This was a great goal for me as I was able to exceed that goal by far. I was still quite a way off 30 grand though!

    Like yourself, I am living proof that the training works within WA. I recommend it totally, but people really need to take a realist approach!

    1. Thanks for dropping by and adding some feedback for my readers Andrew. Yes I point out some negative aspects of WA but like you I have found a considerable amount of success online, the only thing I will dispute in your comment is that $30000 a month will never happen, actually it does and I know many that are there plus. One young fellow that came in under me was a college student when he started under me and with in a year and a half he was hitting $15000 net a month in the fitness niche. I had him literally copy the structure of this website that you see here and I showed him how to structure his content so that it was engaging and thought provoking.

      Jesse kept things simple, worked after school and weekends, didn’t buy tools and services he didn’t need to keep the financial pressures low. I critiqued his first post and gave him a layout that he could use for every post that made sure that he would have an SEO rich article that ranked high every time. I critiqued his website structure and after that it was all about adding content, really it was that simple.

      The critical time I find is when members are new, you need to critique their work until they get to the adding content stage and then it is a simple repeat the process type of deal. Once you make your first sale more will come, you have found the recipe for success, now it’s time to work your but off producing content!

  31. Hi Mike, thanks for the article, which is extremely useful to someone like me, who joined WA exactly one month ago. I have my website up and running and our ‘guru’ Kyle himself confirmed I chose a good niche, so I’m confident I will reach some result with time. One suggestion to the newbies I would add to your article: don’t read any extra training inside WA until you finished all 5 certification courses. Since I receive a notification every time someone I follow posts a new training, I used to check all of them even though I was not able to fully understand yet what they were talking about. This only slowed down the speed of my basic training, and made me make some mistakes on google stuff, which I’m still paying the consequences of now 🙂

    1. Great comment Sergio, anyone I work with I make sure they know to stay the course and don’t get caught up in the community for their training, not all member created training is something I would recommend for many reasons such as, the training may be out of sequence to where the new member is in their training and some training may be in a different area of marketing all together, and lastly some member created training is just not that good.

      New members really do need to stick to the core training and use the membership to get their questions answered as quick as possible when they are just starting out. The membership is a huge WA asset if you use them properly and that is to gain from their experience and ask them lots of questions.

  32. Hello. I feel you have really expounded on the wealthy affiliate program in really positive manner, But based on your experience would you mind revealing how long can a person learn to build a website like you mentioned?

    A newbie probably would take a long time to learn those basics. Anyways thank you for your help

    1. Hi Bruno thanks for taking the time to stop by and ask some questions. I would say most people who join WA are what is referred to as newbies, people who have no or very little experience.

      Honestly everyone has their own training schedule so it’s really hard to pin down a time frame, for example many I work with have fulltime jobs and are looking at starting something that they can eventually quit their existing job and live a different lifestyle with the money to back it up, this was my case when I started out.

      I had zero experience when I started online, no computer exposure and no internet exposure and it took me roughly 4 months working on it after work and on my days off but I gave it my all when I could, IM came first because I really wanted to change my life and live it the way I felt I should. No boss, travel when I wanted and have the funds to do what I wanted and when I wanted which I am happy to say is my life now!

      There are a few factors that determine how fast you can expect results in the way of income online.

      1) Your knowledge and experience level going in

      2) The niche or interest you choose to work in

      3) The effort and time you have to put into your training.

      4) Ability to concentrate and follow step by step instructions, keep it simple stay on task and don’t get distracted.

      These are just a few factors that will dictate your rate of success, hope that helps Bruno let me know if there is anything else I can help with, cheers Mike.

  33. I have to say Mike I love this type of article, giving you a realistic expectation of WA. I can tell you are really experienced in the online world because of the way you talk about the program.

    Now I’m not going to lie and say this completely opened my eyes but some of the points you made will really stick with me. I had never eeven thought about having a mentor inside of WA even though every succes video I have ever seen talks about having a mentor.

    I just figured having the trainings would be enough. But now I’ll go out and try to find one.

    Thanks Mike this was a great article!

    1. Hi Lyle thanks for stopping by, I don’t want to mislead people and say it is a necessity for success to have a mentor in WA but it won’t hurt that’s for sure!

      What a mentor can help with are certain things that supplement the training like

      Give a website structure critique to make sure you have followed WA’s training and are set up properly.

      Critique your first piece of content to make sure you have a sound understanding of how to create content that will rank high with Google and get as much traffic to your site as possible.

      Show you how to find and build a good relationship with affiliate merchants.

      Help you through the niche finding process

      Make sure the niche you are selecting is going to be a profitable niche.

      These are just a few things a good mentor will add to an already good training platform, you have this you will find success online if you work hard at it.

  34. I definitely appreciate what you’ve said about realistic goals! I think when you start out you hear all of these success stories and it glorifies it so much! I thought it would be much easier than it is to make your first sale and to get ranked by google but it takes alot of work and people should know that getting into it! Glad to hear you’ve been successful, keep it up!

    1. Hi Rachel thank you for leaving a comment, yes I have found success online and I know many others that have found success also using Wealthy Affiliates training. You are right about breaking the formula for success down. When I started I did just that, I had a simple goal to make a truck payment and I quickly reached that goal and then I wanted to make my mortgage payment and I achieved that and next I just wanted to make enough to not have to worry about money and I achieved that. I broke my goals down into what I considered realistic goals and this spurred me on to keep achieving I was never disappointed and because of this approach I now live a life that most only can dream of.

      Anyone can do what I did they just need to stay focused, committed, follow through on the training and most of all keep it simple and they will know what I mean when they get fully embroiled in IM. Have a great day Rachel!

  35. I have managed to get my relatively new website indexed by google – every page as far as I can tell, the problem is I need a lot more SEO knowledge behind me so I will succeed in the long run.
    Do you feel the SEO education on offer here, for free, will be enough for me to turn around my online blogs fortunes?

    1. Hi Chris, people might throw darts at me for this comment but I really feel that the whole SEO thing is real but totally blown out of proportion for the simple purpose of making money teaching it. I have multiple 1rst page rankings with Google and I don’t do anything extraordinary. WA offers everything you need to know in their training to rank high with Google. People I work with I teach them very simple techniques I use, no more than 6 important factors to ranking your content high with Google, many that I work with have multiple 1rst page rankings just by implementing simple steps. Members in every type of niche, cigars, romance novels, pet supplies, language translation, travel, you name it they have topped the charts and it didn’t cost them anything extra.

      People online charge hundreds even thousands for SEO training and I see people buying into this all the time, why? Because they don’t know any better, well I a saying right here and right now don’t fall for it!

      Thanks Chris have a great day Mike.

  36. I have to say I agree with Andrew that you need to commit to your goals and work hard on your site!

    Searching for keywords and pictures, then creating content takes a few hours for me. But it should be fun the whole time. After I am done, I feel extremely satisfied with myself.

    The key really is to find something that you actually want to talk about and get detailed with.

    1. You are bang on Drew thank you! You have to enjoy IM it is all about what IM brings to the table, lifestyle, great income and a real interest in what you are doing. This isn’t a boring job or a 9-5 job, you have no boss and no creative boundaries. IM is truly a dream job if that is what you want to label it as, for me it is like a hobby that generates a great income, doesn’t feel like a job at all. I feel no pressure to work when I don’t want to because the income allows you to choose when and where you want to work.

  37. Love this article. It’s true. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns in Wealthy Affiliate. You are building a business here. It does take a whole lot of commitment. Most people don’t find success because they weren’t able to commit to it. It takes time, discipline and commitment. But the truth is, WA already made that very clear when you sign up. You can’t put the cart before the horse, you can’t count your money before it is made, you need to do the work to benefit from what WA teaches.

    1. Thanks for the comment Andrew. Building an online business is usually the message that gets lost when looking at WA as a way to make money online. It is essential that people looking at Wealthy Affiliate approach it as a business opportunity because that is what you are building at Wealthy Affiliate. WA teaches you how to make money by promoting products online for a living, what products you choose to promote, what affiliate relationships you choose to establish are totally up to you, you drive the ship, you’re in control of your online business, no one else. The business of promoting affiliate products has the ability to generate a significant amount of income. Have a great day Andrew, cheers Mike.

  38. Hi Mike,

    I recently joined the program myself about 3 weeks ago and I have to say that I haven’t come across anything quite like it elsewhere. The depth of training that is within the site is absolutely second to none. Add to that the websites, domain hosting and all the other benefits it was really a no brainer for me.

    The knowledge base of the community in the site is worth joining in it’s own right, I don’t think there has been a single question I haven’t been able to find the answer for there.

    I didn’t take me very long to make the easy decision to go premium again another no brainer.

    Well anyway thanks very much for sharing the article!

    1. I am glad you like what you see at WA Paul. The community is vibrant and very active and yes questions get answered very quickly do to Wealthy Affiliates credit system. Wealthy Affiliate offers WA credits for members who actively answer other members questions. WA has implemented a really successful concept with its “credits for help system” Members clammer over questions trying to improve their WA rank as well as earn valuable credits that they can use inside WA.

      Thanks for your input Paul, have a great day, Mike.

  39. My main problem right now is that my website (I have only one so far) has no Google index. None. And it’s been live about 2 months now, and still nothing. I can’t access the “premium” content to get any help from WA, since I’m not premium, and why would I want to go premium if my site isn’t even recognized by search engines? (Yes, I’ve done the steps that you’re supposed to do to get the search optimization and still nothing.)

    1. Hi Laurie, two months your site should be indexed if you have built a site and have content on that site. Sounds like you are on a free membership which means you are under a siterubix .com domain. This isn’t a bad thing but when you are premium for example you get to go under your own domain that you choose ( website name). com’s are what I teach members to select. Google places higher rankings on ,com’s over ,net, .org for example.
      Are you sure you’re not ranked? Did your sponsor show you how to put your website name in quotations? ” bla bla .com” What this does is it hones in on that specific search term and sifts out all the non relevant searches, your website may be ranked, but so low that it doesn’t show up unless you are willing to sift down to page 80 line by line. By doing the quotation marks it will narrow your search down.
      Did your sponsor show you how to use a keyword tool, they should have, you should use it for all your content creation, if you don’t, you could be wasting your time writing content that doesn’t have a chance of ranking.
      What is your website name? did your sponsor critique it before you chose it? they should have, maybe it is in a niche that is way to competitive and your website may struggle to get ranked.
      I am not sure what SEO steps you are referring to, there are many and many factors that control ranking of website content. Did your sponsor show you where to find info on setting up and submitting a sitemap for your site? This will help Google quickly and effectively navigate your website and rank your content.
      Site rubix sub domains rank but not as quickly as your own domain would.
      It usually takes from 10-15 posts on average for your website to start moving up the Google rankings depending on the niche you have chosen, competition makes a big difference in the time it takes your site or content to rank. I am working with a lady right now that was ranked after one post, so it does vary depending on the niche, together we picked her niche based on her chances of owning her niche quickly.
      There are many reasons why your site may not be indexed, not to come off sounding arrogant but, I could tell you within 5 minutes Laurie of looking at your site why your site isn’t indexed if that is the case, in 5 minutes I could map out what you need to do to fix that problem.
      If you like, let me know what your website name is and your niche, sometimes a website name isn’t relevant to a niche selection, that’s why I ask for your niche, if you were working with me I would want your website name to be relevant to your niche, some affiliates don’t believe that makes a difference, I personally do.
      I would also suggest following ‘affiliate bootcamp’ which you should have access to under a free membership, follow that setup procedure for your website structure, it is by far the best step by step instruction for website structure setup that I have found in WA, I recommend this for everyone I work with. This a very simple step by step process, I instruct people I work with to sub their niche for WA, that’s it. This will take you through implementing a sitemap for your website to installing social plugins, building static pages to creating posts, privacy policies and much more. You can pop back here and ask me any questions if you wish. Look forward to hearing from you Laurie, cheers Mike.
      P.S, I am glad you only have one site, I encourage members to put all their efforts into one site, that way they will become an authority and their content will rank higher. I see many people spread themselves out in more than one niche and because they are splitting their efforts they don’t get anywhere. Google looks for authority, that will come in the form of content, the more content the more exposure you get with Google, every site is it’s own entity in Google’s eyes, so 20 posts on one site has way more ranking power than two websites with 10 posts each, this is all part of knowing SEO.

  40. I have ideas of products to sell. My question is, are you able to target any product online? How does WA know that the product is being bought? Can it work on private business websites?

    1. Hi Kevin thanks for stopping by. Yes you can sell just about anything you can think of. You can sell your own product or more commonly sell a merchants product for an affiliate commission. If you ever want to know if there is an affiliate opportunity to sell a product just take that product and put “affiliate program” before it or after it and do a Google search. Say you are thinking of selling guinea pig cages for example and you are wondering if there is an affiliate opportunity ( someone who will pay you to send traffic to their site) all you do is type in “affiliate programs guinea pig cages” and a whole list of merchants will pop up, here’s just a small sample of what I found when I did just that






      Guinea pig cages is a pretty obscure product line but as you can see with this small sample that affiliate merchants such as petsmart, petco, walmart and even an outfits like the guineapigguide.com and banggood.com have affiliate programs. Do this with any product and you will quickly see if there is an affiliate opportunity. Click on these sites and read their terms for payment, you are in control, you choose who you want to promote, affiliates are in demand!
      Just a note obscure is good, you don’t need the latest and greatest niche what you need is a little piece of the pie that you can own, people get caught up in the big, popular, trending stuff.
      I personally like to teach people I work with to source out obscure products with average volumes of traffic, become the authority on that product and you own that traffic.
      You can either fight over crumbs left by affiliates vying for traffic related to hot and trending products, or you can choose an obscure “little golden nugget” with little to no competition and have the whole pie, I personally like pie!
      WA is simply a training platform they teach you everything you will need to know when it comes to affiliate marketing, everything from building a website in know time flat to promote your chosen affiliate products to achieving high rankings in Google so that you get the traffic to promote your products. As an affiliate all you do is direct traffic you actually don’t sell anything, if that traffic makes a purchase of from an affiliated merchant’s site you get a commission, it’s really that easy when you know what you are doing.
      Little tricks I just showed you and much more are things WA teaches it’s members, plus they set you up with as many websites as you want with your membership, plus hosting. I know you are probably wondering what hosting is and rankings and all that but you will learn all this within no time flat.
      Having affiliate marketing training will allow you to sell your own business online, it can give the smallest offline business unbelievable exposure. If you learn how to get traffic online using WA’s training it really doesn’t matter where you point that traffic, whether it be your own business or someone else’s business it’s all about getting traffic to the door and then it’s up to the business to convert that traffic to sales.
      The last point is a critical one, I personally teach members that I work with on choosing affiliate merchants based on their website sales pages and reputation, this is a big factor in whether that traffic will convert to sales.
      Lastly, when you engage in an affiliate relationship your affiliate merchant will give you your own personalized link that is called a cookie, when a customer comes through your site they click through to the merchants offer using your link, this is all tracked through your personalized link. The information you get from this link (analytics) is yours to view and analyze. I use analytics all the time to see what traffic is converting the best and focus my efforts either on that demographic or interest that converts best, analytics are your friend. Affiliate merchants will give you every piece of data they can, remember it is in their interest that you bring as much converting traffic to their site as possible.
      This data will tell you how many visitors came from your site to the merchant’s, right down to purchases they make, pages they visited and how long they stayed. It will tell you if they were female or male and how old they were, even if they are sports minded or not.
      If I wasn’t in the business I would think it’s kind of scary!
      For my websites I use Google analytics, tells me countries, cities, age, gender, interests, entrance points, you name it. All this you will learn in WA and having a good mentor will help you find little tricks. You can apply all this data quite easily to pinpoint who your traffic is and where they are coming from.
      I can take any post and see who that post appeals to and from there taylor a sales campaign that I know will appeal to that audience, I will even change my writing style to suit that audience, young, old, female, male, it’s all part of being a good affiliate marketer.
      Woof! sorry man got carried away with that answer, lol. This isn’t stuff you have to learn overnight or need to make money online, what happens is over the years you start to really understand this stuff and see where you can maximize your return on traffic. I know affiliates that get way more traffic than I could ever imagine but when we sit down over a beer they are blow away on how much sales I can do with so little traffic and that is the key. I work half as hard and make more money, I don’t know, what would you pick, lol.
      Anyways, lessons over for today. If you’re at all interested in learning more about affiliate marketing or would like to work with me at WA just click on the link at the bottom of the page. This will get you in under a free membership where you can pick my brain, or just come back here and ask away, i Have absolutely no problem answering as many questions as you have, have a great day Kevin, cheers Mike.

  41. Greetings Mike.

    Thanks for this informative post. The program sounds great and I’m very interested in trying it. My question is, would the WA Program help me market my own product(s)?

    My niche is a very unique iPhone/ accessory case that has that “WOW!” The phone case industry is big with Apple selling over 45 million iPhones in the last 3 months ending Sept. 24th. If I could capture 2% of that market, I’d be golden.

    Would WA work for me?

    1. Hi Patrick, yes Wealthy Affiliate would definitely work for your own product. Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that teaches you to market either your own product or products for online merchants, this is referred to as affiliate marketing. They set you up with websites, hosting, keyword tool, basically everything you need to promote products with success online. With WA you don’t have to go anywhere else looking for what you need, it is all part of your membership.
      What WA teaches is pretty straight forward, you will learn how to produce content that will lead customers to your product or an affiliated product, in your “case”, no pun intended, you get the full sale price for your own product whereas if you were an affiliate selling phone cases you would get a commission off that sale, really there is no difference other than that.
      There are many people that come to WA to learn how to promote their businesses, for example, there are many naturopaths, chiropractors, Dieticians and many more professionals use the services that WA offers to promote their services.
      Look me up if you decide to join WA, I would be happy to work with you. Have a great day Mike.

  42. Hey man, if I were to put in the time and effort, months of time and effort, and learn all I needed to learn, could I make a few extra hundred a month just using the free membership? Or do I need to upgrade to the premium to make a decent amount of side cash.

    1. Hey Joe it’s not a one shoe fits all type of answer unfortunately.
      If you are the type that can really digest stuff and work on your own then I would say “yes” you could get away with just the free membership.
      The starter membership has all you need to effectively promote products for merchants, which will lead to affiliate commission.
      The catch with the free starter course is, after 7 days your communication with the community is cut off and you are on your own, I mean, realistically who would ever go premium if you could just tap into the community for ever, I think it’s pretty good that you can have unlimited access to the websites that you create in the starter course and you continue to have access to all the training that is in the 10 step course and WA’s bootcamp I believe indefinitely. The amount of specific training you get in the free course is technically enough to make money, some actually do, but you really need to be focused and be resourceful. You could always come to my site and ask questions, I don’t have a problem with helping you out if you get stuck on something.
      For many though Joe the starter course is a really just a good way to see if internet marketing is your thing and the course gives you all the tools and lays out step by step what you need to do to make money as an affiliate marketer, it’s not rocket science, hell I did it, but it does take some commitment, not a thing to jump into if you are in desperate need of money right now, it’s more of a cumulative effort type of gig where you build your website to a point where it’s getting lots of targeted traffic, then you start flogging stuff for merchants. Affiliates are really in demand right now and the demand keeps growing as more merchants look to tap into online sales!
      I am kind of off topic here but I will give you a quick overview of what affiliate marketing is. All you do as an affiliate marketer is direct traffic to a merchant’s offer through your website, you actually don’t sell or handle any merchandise, your job is to get visitors to your site and then send them to the merchant’s site, if they make a purchase you get a commission. There’s no product liability, shipping, warranty or refunds to deal with, unlike drop shipping, it’s really that simple. So when I say find a profitable niche, what you are doing is finding products that you can talk about and draw traffic to your site, you then send that traffic off to your affiliate program.
      If you want to find affiliate products it is as simple as doing a Google search such, for example take watches, just put affiliate programs before any product you can think of “affiliate programs watches” you will find outfits looking for affiliate marketers. You can also just scroll down to the bottom of any merchant site and find a link that says “affiliates” click on that and it will give you their commission rates for affiliates, give it a try on your own, it’s pretty cool to see how hungry merchants are for affiliates. Long winded but I can’t stress enough how much opportunity there is for an affiliate marketer, have a great day Joe, cheers Mike.

  43. Is there a financial investment other than the monthly fee? Exactly how does one make money on a website that sells something? Where do the products or services come from? Who facilitates the customer receiving what they buy. I know I need to do the training but these questions come to mind. I would like to at least have my questions answered before I begin. Thanks

    1. Hi Kimberly, you will need a domain registry which runs $14 a year but that’s it. Way down the road you may want an autoresponder if you build an email campaign but that is way down the road and very inexpensive.
      What Wealthy Affiliate teaches is affiliate marketing in general. The internet is made up of thousands and thousands of merchants looking to get their products in front of as many internet users as possible, this is where affiliate marketers come in.
      As an affiliate marketer you build websites that highlight merchants products, directing your visitors to the merchants sites to view some of their products. If a person goes through your site on route to a merchant’s site and eventually makes a purchase on the merchant’s site you will make a commission off that sale.
      Merchants are continuing to move online in droves to reach the masses with their products, but they can’t reach the masses on their own, they need affiliates in the worst way and are willing to pay some pretty sweet commissions to get you to promote their products and build their presence online.
      Just look around the internet, home depot, wal-mart, Amazon, and thousands of more online retailers want you on board. Take any major or even minor retailer and scroll down their website until you see an icon called “affiliate” click on that link and this will tell what that merchant is willing to give you to promote their company or products.
      As an affiliate you actually don’t sell anything, all you do is direct traffic to a product or a company. I will use Home depot for example, say you write a quick blog post on “choosing the best tile for your bathroom” in your post you link to Home depot. The person who clicks on the link in your post is directed to home depot’s website, attached to that visitor is your “affiliate id”, this “id” entitles you for a commission from anything that this Home depot customer buys, usually this “cookie” lasts for 30 days. The nice thing which does happen more than not is that the customer once on a big site like Home Depot might make multiple purchases relating to a home renovation which you get credit for, collateral commissions.
      Anymore questions please feel free to ask, I would rather you know everything you can before you jump into affiliate marketing. It’s not a rocket science by any means but it does come with a little bit of an initial learning curve but once you get through the initial stage it really is a very simplistic income generation technique, have a great day Mike.

  44. Sir I am very interesting in Wealthy Affiliate is a legit program or a scam. Wealthy Affiliate is available here in the Philippines and I would like to join because I would like to earn money, I already have my own website.

    1. Hi Rose, no Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a scam it is a very credible outfit that I myself and many others have used to start affiliate marketing and blogging businesses, so it does work.
      WA offers cutting edge training and great support, but like many programs there are things you need to know going in to be successful, which is what this post is all about.
      To any of my visitors that are reading this comment, this comment is a classic example of an attempt at backlinking, which doesn’t work.
      Lots of internet marketing programs teach their students to leave comments and slip in their website name hoping to piggyback on the popularity of sites and take their traffic, although to a newbie this sounds like a realistic technique, it isn’t.
      Rose left two references to her site in link form thinking that I would just approve her comment, sorry Rose, the training you received is outdated and doesn’t work, as you are probably finding out!
      Guest blogging on the other hand does work but you are adding value to someones site in return for a link. Looking at the ineffective techniques you are using Rose I would say “guest blogging” isn’t something that your program would have training for, to current.
      If you are relying on commenting and dropping your link to get traffic you are not going to make it in affiliate marketing/internet marketing. I am sorry to say Rose your website, which I looked at, is a simple peel and stick generic jobby which unfortunately won’t make you money.

      Why am I wasting time with a comment like this?

      Rose unfortunately has lots of company when it comes to poor or outdated training, this is why Internet marketing success is so elusive!

      There are so many outfits that will sell people on ideas or systems that don’t have a hope in hell of working, trying to leave backlinks on sites is old school and doesn’t work, popular sites are created by people who know what they are doing and won’t fall for ametuer tactics, they just edit them out.
      Peel and stick generic websites are another idea that newcomers are sold on that lack the ability to get high rankings and therefore generate very little traffic. As an Affiliate marketer your goal is to simply redirect traffic to a merchant’s offer, no traffic, no sales.
      Myself and many others that I have trained over the years are very successful online because of WA’s industry leading training and great support, yes, there are just as many or more who have failed for varying reasons, but failure is not do to WA offering irrelevant training or manufactured misconceptions, that’s simply not the case.
      If there is any blame for failure using WA’s training platform it lands squarely on the shoulders of affiliates who don’t clearly communicate what a new affiliate marketer/blogger needs to do to find success using WA’s training platform.
      Sorry for the long winded reply but I am very passionate about blogging/affiliate marketing, it does have the ability to change lives, as it has mine, you just need the right guidance.
      If you decide to give Wealthy Affiliate a try it’s very easy to check if you have come in under a good affiliate or not. You should be able to determine this within your first 7 days, if you can’t check off the following I would say walk away, there’s a good chance you will get lost.

      Did the affiliate contact you and layout what you need to do?
      Do they offer critiques on websites and posts?
      Do they give you a clear roadmap and offer assistance at anytime?
      Are they active in helping you find a profitable niche?
      Do they get back to you with answers in a timely fashion with indepth answers?
      If you get a “yes” to these basic questions you probably have hit paydirt and have found yourself a good mentor.
      Have a great day Mike.

  45. Hi Mike,
    I just want to say thanks for all the information you’ve provided here. Your article was great. A fresh departure from most of the other “reviews” I’ve been reading about WA. However, it was the quality and quantity of advice you posted in your comment responses that moved me. As a person who writes a lot (albeit… not necessarily well), it’s clear that the amount of time and effort you’ve put into helping others goes beyond a simple desire to make money. I was ready to give WA a try anyway, but I’m glad to have found you here so I can join by following one of your links.
    You also mentioned in one of your comments that you were spending time on the West Coast in Canada. Having come from there, I followed the economy to Alberta about 10 years ago… getting back to the coast has been my primary motivation for starting an online business. I’m in no rush, but even a modest online income to supplement the higher cost of living and lower paying jobs (particularly on the Island where we’d like to be close to friends) would be a dream come true.
    I have one question though for clarity. You touched on it above. Last summer I had some time off and built my own WordPress site. I still maintain it, although I haven’t updated it in some time. It was just a fun learning project and although I created a decent amount of content, I’m still not certain the direction I want to take it. My intention wasn’t necessarily to monetize it. Having said that, creating content is time consuming. The amount of research, writing, re-writing, editing, searching for pictures, and even creating MS publisher graphics is extremely time consuming. It’s fun, and it’s rewarding, but it brings me to my question. Do I maintain the rights to the site and the content I produce for my WA site?
    Anyway, I appreciate all the help you’ve provided here.

    1. Hi Jay, I am glad you found my site, I know that feeling of wanting to get back to the coast, Vancouver island in particular is a beautiful part of the world. Alberta’s economy has taken a pretty good hit with the current oil prices in the toilet, I see lots of people moving back to BC now. I can totally appreciate your desire to get back to the Island, something about that feeling you get sitting at that ferry smelling the ocean, really indescribable.
      On the business side of things, having built your own website and obviously you’re no slouch at putting your thoughts down on virtual paper, you have a very good base to start from. What’s also nice is you have built a website using WordPress which in my opinion is the best and easiest website builder on the market to use.
      To your question, do you retain the rights to your site? absolutely! When you build a site or sites at WA they are yours to keep, content, everything associated with that site is yours.
      Are you interested in using your current site? It is wordpress and compatible I am sure!
      I could have a look at your site if you want, we might be able to find a way to transition to monetization, hate to see you shelve any work you have already done. This has to look seamless and not forced, but very doable. Use lots of internal links between posts trying to get one common theme going, leading to a related offer or offers.
      Have you managed to get any favourable rankings with your posts?
      That’s my specialty, I admittedly suck at the backend website stuff, thankfully WA has lots of techy members willing to help. My forte is optimizing a site, achieving good rankings, to be honest, if your posts don’t get seen, what’s the point with no targeted traffic!
      As you well know this isn’t an overnight deal but realistically you should start making money if your site is designed properly and the right building blocks are in place, which they will be as your reach grows so does your income, it’s all connected.
      I don’t think your goal is unrealistic at all, you sound like you know what you want and by your comment you are very realistic in your expectations which is crucial. If you have realistic expectations going in and you understand the process, which it sounds like you do being a website owner already, you are more apt to grind it out and see it through.
      Sales from your website develop over time as your content reaches the masses, it’s a cumulative type of process, pretty soon you start seeing the odd sale, then another, before long you start paying for things, like mortgages, vehicles, and you’re there living it. It is real, I live it, that’s how it happened for me and many more I have helped over the years.
      What’s important? Keep it really simple, Flashy doesn’t sell any better than functional, it just consumes more of your time which should be spent producing content, which leads to more exposure, more traffic. I just wish people going into IM would embrace that philosophy, there would be way more successful internet marketers out there.
      Look forward to working to working with you Jay if you so decide, have a great day Mike.

  46. Hi Mike..I really like the way you are responding to people’s questions, wish i had signed up under you. Now, have seen in a comment where you are saying that if the free starter membership is not available in your country, you can contact WA directly for individual consideration. I signed up two days ago ready to give WA a try only to see that free membership is not available in my country Kenya. I am a online freelance writer since 2011 and i want to try affiliate marketing and i am very serious about it. However, i wanted to learn something about it first through WA then pay for premium member after 3 months. Have tried contacting WA but my email is being rejected despite being the one I signed up with. I don’t know whether we have been blocked from contacing WA too. Please assist me on how else I can contact WA. Thanks

    1. Hi Lynn, I don’t think your email would be blocked, not sure what the issue there would be. In the past WA has done one on one exemptions for people from countries that are deemed a threat for spamming based on individual applications, I don’t believe this is the case anymore, I am truly sorry if this affects you Lynn. WA is what I would consider the best premier affiliate marketing training platform available, something to consider even if your only option is the paid membership. Have great day Lynn, cheers Mike.

  47. Hi Mike!
    I love your review and your responses to the questions. It’s really appreciated to see the answers in so much detail and comprehensive! I like it!
    I’ve been scouring through websites on WA and am still a bit undecided. It is vocalized on every sight that a product is not needed to be successful but that there be something that interests you. Two concerns: 1. How do I know that my interest/passion has a snowball chance of being successful? I love to read (mostly romance novels. My portable library a.ka. my kindle, is never far from me.). How in the heck am I supposed to be successful with that? I’m not an author by any means either.
    2. I can’t seem to find the ACTUAL success websites that people have become successful with, just the WA reviews and how I should give it a try. I guess I thought that there’d may be a link on at least one of the dozens of sites I looked at so I could see how they made their ‘niche’ successful.
    I’ve left questions on other boards and have had no responses back which I’ll be honest is a little disheartening. I’m so green to all of this so I’m guessing that my questions are too….uneducated(?) that they’re not worth a response? I don’t know, regardless, I’d truly appreciate your insight!
    Thank you?

    1. Hey Amanda your questions are by no means uneducated these are issues that many struggle with when they look into internet marketing or affiliate marketing to be specific.
      Just the way that you wrote this comment demonstrates to me that you know how to articulate what you want to say and it come across with feeling, that is what this is all about. I have had freelance writers work for me from time to time on sites that I own and most professional writers that I have worked with are dry and very technical and don’t connect well with my readers. I can tell you write with passion and that comes through in this comment. I am not blowing smoke up your you know what, I am sincere in saying this.
      The passion thing is important but think about this for a minute, if we all just followed our passions how would we ever grow as individuals? I have created sites on niche topics over the years that when I started I had zero knowledge of, to me the whole process of learning and growing, stepping out of your comfort zone is pretty rewarding, not to mention it is very fulfilling.
      The best advice I received early on in my internet marketing career was to write like I was talking to my buddies and it was only then that I started really connecting with my readers, it was just a natural thing, I didn’t have to work at it. When I first starting blogging I was very technical, I worried about punctuation and grammar which still sucks in my writing but I don’t try and hide it this is who I am.
      I am not trying to convince you to do anything, what I am saying is you can write, your writing is a hell of lot better than mine and some consider me somewhat successful at this, modest too lol.
      Most marketers don’t like to talk about their sites because they routinely get copied and that little golden niche gets nibbled away quite fast. I used to state my sites in WA but people go and look at your sites and the next thing you know they have created a very similar version of your website (domain name) and found the same theme and shortly after that they have the same content which magically appears every time you create new content. I don’t blame these people and I don’t deny anyone the opportunity to find success online I just avoid advertising it and most marketers are like minded for this reason.
      Affiliate marketing is the real deal, if you are looking for examples search any product online, just pick one! You will see if they don’t offer an affiliate program then there is a 99% chance it is an affiliate site making commissions off directing you to a merchant’s site. Any site you go to scroll down to the bottom if they have a link that says “affiliates” then they are looking for people like me to promote their products.
      I work with people that make thousands a month from affiliate sites including niches like fitness, cigars, jewelry, Vaporizers, you name it and I work with people who have made very little to nothing for various reasons.
      Making money as an affiliate marketer involves zero luck and 100% skill right down to the niche you select, that’s why the “follow your passion” thing doesn’t always sit well with me, what if your passion involves a totally saturated niche? Not going to have a happy ending!
      People always ask the question, how can I promote something I know nothing about? My answer comes in the form of questions, how did you learn to drive? How did you learn math?, how did you learn english? How did you learn a sport?
      Early on in my online career I got into the weight loss niche, I worked out and played sports but I really had no idea what it took to lose weight and I definitely wasn’t an authority in the field but I researched every post, Lose weight by drinking water, low carb, HCG diet, Hoodia Gornia, the list goes on and on.
      I signed up to of university newsletters that dealt with studies on weight loss, I subscribed to newsletters for any think tank that I could find that studied weight loss and over time I became an “authority” on weight loss, it didn’t happen overnight but neither does your success online. There’s a gradual build up with an online business to the point where you go, hey! I can make a good living doing this.
      Anyone who tells you making money online is guaranteed or quick, turn and run the other way, it’s not, but it’s a pretty cool thing when I can talk to people like yourself and have a passionate conversation on any topic and in some cases possibly make money doing it.
      Here’s a keyword search I did for you just to show you that romance novels isn’t that far fetched as a niche. Monthly searches are good, the QSR score is good, QSR is the competition you would face, the lower the number the better, under 200 is great!

      Keyword Avg Traffic QSR KQI SEO Domains
      romance novels 4839 823 347 3 Find More
      romance novels ebooks 24 5 77 96 .com .net .org
      new romance novels 206 36 217 79 .net .org
      writing romance novels 93 16 302 16 .net .org
      lesbian romance novels 114 20 174 85 .net .org
      vampire romance novels 181 31 224 80 .net .org
      online romance novels 355 61 93 92 .net .org
      free romance novels 534 91 123 90 Find More
      read romance novels online 178 31 60 97 .com .net .org
      historical romance novels 608 104 231 77 .com .net
      erotic romance novels 303 52 197 83 .net .org
      best romance novels 3561 606 221 74 Find More
      harlequin romance novels 290 50 218 79 .com .net .org
      erotic historical romance novels 72 13 40 99 .com .net .org
      romance novels marriage convenience 24 5 1 100 .com .net .org
      regency romance novels 118 21 160 85 .net .org
      medieval romance novels 144 25 122 93 .net .org
      free historical romance novels 86 15 49 99 .com .net .org
      erotica romance novels 64 11 148 94 .com .net .org
      publishers romance novels 80 14 14

      This is just one keyword phrase I punched in there will be literally hundreds and hundreds that will spin off this one phrase. This is the kind of stuff you will need to learn. I can take this info and find a small and obscure niche that could make me thousands a month in revenue, it’s not hocus pocus stuff it’s real data that you base your decision on.
      Man I could go on and on but my two fingers are getting tired!
      Anyways I hope I answered your questions and gave you some insight surrounding the internet marketing thing and by no means is this a selling spiel I just get carried away lol.

      Have a good one Amanda nice talking to you, Mike

    2. Good Morning Mike!
      I can’t thank you enough for your words of wisdom, insight, and (probably) most of all honesty-the comment about ‘following your passion doesn’t always work’. I wondered and had the same thoughts but hell, I’m no marketer so what the deuce do I know to actually make that conclusion? I have two quick questions (I promise): 1. When you say my “QSR score is good”, is that a good for me low numbers type thing or is that a good thing for others and my niche is possibly one that has a…..less than desirable outcome (for lack of better wording but that does sound kind of awful and all negative nelly)? 2. Just so I understand correctly, if I click on the ‘get started’ link on your page I will be able to seek out your guidance easier or work under you (that again sounds awful but, forgive me, I’m a little off my game this morning) so to speak?
      I feel comfortable asking you questions and you picked up on my passion through a pretty simple post. And you are 100% correct about this being a passion of mine. I was fortunate enough to convince my two sisters to start reading again, purchase a kindle (my other sister was the iPad/iBooks) AND try a different genre (that last one is like concurring a mini Mount Everest). There love for reading has come back with a vengeance and we’re now able to share our excitement in the books that are “OMG! Just WOW!” awesome , to “what the ever loving hell is this?!” at the cliffhangers, or just straight up books that leave the you with a “huh, well….that was definitely something….”.

      I look forward to hearing your words of wisdom and honesty, look forward to working with you (hopefully) and bid you a great long weekend!


    3. Good morning Amanda, I am glad we can carry on our conversation. Regarding the QSR score, the lower that number is the better, when I did that quick search with the keyword tool I use it showed me there was some decent traffic and very low competition which is indicated by a low QSR score. Usually when you start out with a new website you want to choose keywords that have 150 QSR or less, as your site gains authority with Google you can go after keywords with a higher QSR score. What this means in “English” not alien is, you want your articles/posts to get ranked as high as they can in Google, only 7% of all internet traffic makes it past the first two pages when they search for something, for instance when I created this site I wrote on no topic that had a QSR score greater than 100 because this niche is pretty competitive. Now that this site has a very good reputation with Google I can write about almost anything in this niche and expect to achieve at worst a second page ranking.
      People talk about SEO for high rankings and pay big bucks for SEO (search engine optimization) training and as far as I am concerned it is a huge waste of your money all wordpress websites have all the SEO you need built right into their theme’s code. I have taken SEO training and I use very little of it to get top rankings in Google.
      I know what you are thinking right now, probably no different than what I thought when I started, SEO, Keywords, what the hell! These are the basics of internet marketing and you will learn them right out of the gate if you take the leap. I tell everyone I work with the best results come from keeping it simple and just adding content to your website and in time that always comes out on top! People get caught up in “plugin mania” where they want all these plugins that are really just code that can make your website do some pretty neat things but what they fail to realize is code can also really complicate things and code is where viruses and some pretty nasty stuff can lay dormant until it is activated. What your readers really want is engaging content, not pop ups and all that cool stuff.
      Getting way off topic here but I am on a roll so stay with me!
      In your case for example say you are selling a romance novel and maybe a kindle to go with it, I feel the best way to do this is with a review, why? when people are looking at reviews they are at the right stage in the buying cycle, they are ready to make a purchase they just want that piece of info that will confirm their thoughts. Your job would be to write a review on that book, just write your own thoughts, don’t overthink it, let your thoughts flow, it’s really not hard if you follow that advice.
      People will want to sell you tools, plugins, capture tools and all types of internet marketing software and really all you need is a website and some motivation to keep adding content, that’s it, that’s all I have ever done! Have I used all that other crapola, yes, but it was a huge waste of time and money.
      Your last question was if you click the get started button will you work under me? yes you will. I am not there for you every minute of the day, honestly you don’t and won’t need that, but I am there everyday at some point sometimes multiple times a day checking for questions. I do work on my own sites so I am back and forth. I work with many people but I know them all on a one on one basis and that’s how I like it.
      I expect you to do the training step by step no racing, ask me questions whenever you want, I encourage that. I ask that you keep it simple and don’t stray off, many inside WA get caught up in the “next big thing deal” There is only one constant that will help you find success online and that is working on your site, adding content.
      This is not rocket science, many will lead you to believe it is!
      I will be honest I have many people that I work with that keep straying off and trying to get the edge by using the latest SEO techniques or spending their time investigating ways to cheat Google and it’s all a pipe dream, in the end they give up because their site has no traffic or it doesn’t rank.
      If you follow my instructions your site will rank and you will have traffic and in the end you will have sales. There are hundreds of thousands of members in WA and it’s easy to get caught up in the social end of things which isn’t a bad thing you will meet some great people but remember why you are there and you will be just fine.
      That’s my first day of school spiel, lol. Anyways I just like to have that out there so that you have every opportunity to succeed.
      If your interested I recommend doing the free course WA offers which allows you to build a website, 2 actually which I advise against, one is all you need and should take on to start. Investigate your niche, get all the topics you want to explore using their free keyword tool that comes with the free membership, I think you get 30 free searches. Try it on for size and see if it’s even something you want to do, you literally just walk away if you don’t feel it’s something you want to do, no credit card stuff or anything like that.
      Don’t jump into anything just kick it around or come back and ask me more questions, I am happy to answer any questions you may have, as long as you have half a day to read my answers, lol, sorry get carried away, I guess now it’s have a great afternoon Amanda, cheers Mike.

    4. Good evening Mike!

      I did not need the afternoon to read your response (lol) and at the moment I’m grateful for the “spiels” as they’ve actually answered some questions I didn’t even know I had. You had me laughing many times so that was a nice treat on a Friday! I had a thought on my drive home today and it gave me a mini freak out. Hypothetical here, let’s say I do become successful (I’m pretty darn confident that I will be) and things are just motoring along like an old person tearing around on a scooter and circumstances change in my life where I either have to take an extended break from work…..or my website/s(?) or quit. What exactly happens? What happens with the membership? Am I penalized in anyway? What happens to the website? Do I have to pay any money back? Do I lose any rights to the work I’ve done? Do I get in trouble? Once again I feel like a Debbie downer but I do think others have these exact questions. And, well, life throws you a joker sometimes and it’s a bit harder and takes a bit longer to swing back around-I only speak from experience on this one.

      I’m looking forward to your response! Enjoy your evening Mike!

    5. Hi Amanda nice to hear from you, was of the grid fishing in a remote place on the west coast of Canada so I took a little break I see you have a few questions.
      what happens if I quit or take a break? When you build a website is is yours to keep you own the domain name and the actual site itself so you don’t lose your hard work. You can transfer your site anytime to another hosting platform of your choice, hosting is all inclusive in a WA membership. If you do decide to leave WA for whatever reason I suggest transferring your site first then cancelling your membership much easier that way.
      That should answer your questions you are always in control of your website and you own whats on it, your site goes with you when you leave, there is cheap hosting out there what you get with WA is access to wordpress website builder which is the best in my opinion and hosting and all your training so there is good value in that. This is their premium package the only paid membership level they have, no levels, no upsells.
      You would go in under a free membership, that’s what I would suggest and just try it out you get two free websites and hosting, these sites aren’t as customizable as that you get under the paid membership option but quite functional. You don’t have your own domain under this membership you go under the siterubix domain.
      The free membership offers you a chance to learn all about affiliate marketing and build your site, explore your niche which you will always have access to, you don’t lose your site and there are no fees period. If you choose to go premium at any time the site you have been building under the free membership can be transferred to more customizable wordpress theme that you have access to as a premium member. The nice thing about the free membership is you get to actually start building your online business without putting out a dime, if you don’t think the whole internet marketing/blogging thing is for you just chalk it up to a new experience nothing lost. I hope that helps clarify things for you, any more questions feel free to ask, cheers Mike.

    6. Hi Mike!
      Hope you had a great fishing trip! Best get it in now before the snow flys and it too gets cold-unless you’re into ice fishing.
      I think you answered my questions? lol. There were quite a few….tech (for lack of better wording) words used so I was thrown a bit by them. None the less, I’m going to take your advice and give it a go and see where it takes me. I finally have the time to dedicate to something like this and make a strong go of it. I don’t have anything to lose and if my ‘niche’ can actually be successful then I’ll be doing something I love and you just can’t ask for much more than that!
      I can’t thank you enough for all your patience, taking the time to answer all of my questions and not making me feel like a total tool with my lack of knowledge of all things related to…..well, everything to the Internet, blogging, niches and marketing. Hope to see you on the inside Mike! Once again thank you for all your help?

  48. Hi Mike,

    Still on the fence about WA. Looking into a passion of mine which fitness, but specifically SUP(stand up paddleboarding), but I’m just not sure if I can build an online business around it at this point? It seems to be saturated and was curious as to what you thought?

    I appreciate your honest article here. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Kristy, the stand up paddleboarding niche does have a lot of competition when you do a broad search. I did a quick keyword search to see what competition there was and under the keyword term paddleboarding or stand up paddleboarding which I did find had a considerable amount of competition which you predicted. Now this is where internet marketing training kicks in, like many big niches you need to “drill down” look into all the little sub niches that surround the broad niche and focus your attention on the smaller sub niches such as paddleboard accessories for example, traffic was very good and competition was very low, all good signs when finding a profitable niche.
      What I noticed when I was digging was that searches for actual styles and brands of paddle boards were very favourable also, here’s an actual sample of what I found: hobie paddleboards 352 60 90 86 .net .org
      I know what is this mumbo jumbo? Well it is actually good mumbo jumbo. What this shows is on average there is 352 monthly related searches for this product and there was a competition score of 90 which is insanely low, this means there’s not many sites promoting this product. On paper if you were to focus on hobie paddleboards and build a site that promotes this type of paddle board you possibly could see some pretty good sales.
      I saw the same trend when I looked into inflatable paddle boards. There are multiple paddle board accessories that can be promoted with success also.
      This is just a small sample of how you can drill down on what looks like a “saturated” niche and find very lucrative sub niches that are directly linked to a broader niche.
      Choosing to broad of a niche is probably one of the biggest stumbling blocks that new affiliate marketers face and it is all avoidable with the right guidance.
      I always tell people who I work with to run their niche idea by me first and I do a quick check and off they go, that ‘quick check” can save them a lot of time and a few bucks down the road, this literally takes 10 minutes of my time which I am happy to do.
      Affiliate marketing can provide a crazy lifestyle that once you taste it you will never want to quit.
      It’s not expensive at all to become an affiliate marketer but why throw your time and money away if you’re not quite ready to go in with both feet, wait a bit, look at websites that sell paddle boards and accessories, lessons, clothing and such and see if that is something you feel you want to take on. Building the actual structure of the website takes no time at all ( the pretty stuff), building out the content and getting a following is what takes the time.
      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you but I have been playing a little too much this summer, ahhh! the life of an affiliate marketer! Have a great day Mike.

  49. Hi, Mike. I like how you answer each question. I would like to try WA. I’ve signed up already but through another website. I haven’t upgraded yet since my country is not allowed to access free. If I decide to become premium, may I do it through your website? Thanks.

    1. Good morning Lissie, yes you can go through this site and sign up if you like I would be more than happy to work with you. I just want to say though that being a referral of mine isn’t a prerequisite for getting my help in WA. I always try and help everyone that is in need of assistance, I do help my referrals first because I feel that they have put their trust in me and I owe them my undivided attention but I will never turn anyone away. I just helped a member this morning that wasn’t a referral of mine and this was her question which took about 20 minutes of research.

      TasleemS Premium about 4 hours ago
      Hi I was reading about u and would like to ask a question. Would like to do a website on smocked dress for girls. Do u think it is a good niche?
      Reply Like 0
      MikeLambert Premium about 2 hours ago
      Hi Tasleem nice to meet you, yes the smocked dresses for girls looks pretty good I dug into it a little bit and from the surface all looks very good. I attached a Jaaxy search and there is quite a bit of traffic and not much competition which I added here for you to see. In case you are not familiar with the keyword tool the monthly traffic looks very good anything over 100 isn’t bad and the qsr score is the competition and anything under 200 is fine when you are just starting out you want to stay with competition no higher than 150 hard to rank against that comp when your site is new.
      You always want to look at the top search results when you check into a niche and from what I see you will only have a couple that might be hard to beat out to get onto the first page which is your ultimate goal.
      There are quite a few affiliate programs that you could join such as this one I found http://www.shrimpandgritskids.com/girls they would also be your competion because they have a site on the first page but that’s not an issue wallmart and oldnavy also have affiliate programs and have paid adds on the first page which you could affiliate with.
      I am not sure what stage you are at in your training and I hope what I said makes some sense to you I kind of do it without thinking after all these years but trust me give yourself some time and it will become second nature to you as well.
      Bottom line “yes” it looks great now comes the decision is it to specific and will you have enough material to review and post on?
      That will be your homework, you could have a very specific small site and use your domain name as a ranking tool for example smockeddressesforgirls.com is available as you can see from the Jaaxy search I did on the right of the image which is very specific to your niche which would give you a big advantage over everyone else but also kind of pigeon hole you in that category but you could do just a small site and see how it ranks.
      The other option is find a broader name because as you can see there are “party dresses for girls”, “polka dot dresses for girls” the list goes on and on all have good traffic not to say you can’t incorporate them into a smocked dress site you absolutely can.
      Lots of decisions but all good ones, sorry for the book but there is no short answer for niche selection. I wrote an article on niche selection check it out it may give you more ideas and please leave me a comment if you found it useful, let me know how you make out or need any help, cheers Mike.http://avoidonlinemarketingscams.com/niche-market-finder-niche-selection-made-easy
      smocked dress keywords view image
      Reply Like 0
      Tasleems didn’t sign up under me but she asked for help that’s why WA is so successful there are many members that offer their help. Look forward to meeting you Lizzie if you decide to join, gave a great day Mike.

    2. Thanks, Mike. I’ve read a post here where you replied that he/she can get free membership by sending WA an email as the country listed is not allowed. Can you help me with that? I need to assess if I can do WA.

    3. Hi Lissie, yes you can get in on the free membership offer just contact WA directly and they do consider everyone’s application for a free membership on a individual basis.
      Go to their main site and click on the contact icon and send them an email, let me know how you make out and if you get in look me up for any help you may need, cheers Mike.

  50. Hi,

    I’m interested to earn money from home as a business consultant. I have background knowledge for trademarks in my country and it does apply every country due is the same international law and there are some minor differences between them. I do not want to represent anyone due I am not a US lawyer, but I am able to assist someone to submit their own trademarks. I would like to work as a business consultant who does searching, assistance and monitoring services in US trademarks. I think my niche is Spanish entrepreneurs who want to protect their product or service in US. I paid each year my domain but I do not have a webpage yet. I also opened a Florida company. Do you think WA can help me to promote my services?

    1. Hi Irismar, Wealthy Affiliate is all about teaching people to sell products or services online. You can sell someone else’s products or services for commissions or learn to effectively sell your own in your case. WA will teach you how to build a website for your consulting business and teach you how to promote it so that your business and website get maximum exposure and traffic on the Internet this is their area of expertise. WA offers a long term approach to making money online great for business applications. Your membership in WA is all inclusive everything you need to run a high profile website with all the training you will need. You will get access to a keyword tool, free hosting and they also offer free access to a wordpress website builder which in my opinion is the most versatile, user friendly website builder on the market, you never have to worry about WordPress becoming obsolete and your business suffering because of it.
      WA offers great support and they are always increasing their offering to their members so I feel Wealthy Affiliate is a great fit for what you are looking for.
      Look me up inside I would be happy to lend you a hand, cheers Mike.

  51. Hi Mike,
    I just graduated from graduate school with my MFA and ideally I want to teach art at the college level in the future, but right now I can’t find a job doing so as I am constrained geographically by my fiance’s job. I am looking for an online job that would allow me to make an income at home so I can bounce between working, making art, and starting my own freelancing business. Our wedding is coming up in a little over a year so I need to save for that too, and I also need at least some income to help support us. I have been spending all of my time since I finished school (about 2 weeks) applying to office jobs that I am not even really interested in, writing cover letters for over 8 hours a day and it is just exhausting me. I am a hard worker, self starter, creative and I really need a job. I have built many websites in the past and have a few ideas for niche markets. I guess my only hesitation with WA is that I am nervous about putting my time and energy into something that is not a guaranteed income if it means I am sacrificing time applying for other jobs that could guarantee income. I know that nothing worth having comes easily, and I am whiling to work, just wondering if it will be worth my time and if I could make a sustainable living within a few months?

    1. Hi Kris, There are a few paths that you can take if you want to do the niche website thing through WA, yes there are no guarantees when it comes to making money in any business online or offline but there are some different approaches to niche website creation as an income generation tool. I am a long term authority site type of guy but I also have started building sites that have only a couple of pages and are targeted towards a specific product. This type of niche marketing technique can show some good results quite quickly, not sure what you need to support a sustainable lifestyle but one 3 page website if targeted correctly can produce some good results in a relatively short period of time.
      The success of this type of niche marketing technique really boils down to picking the right product in the right niche which WA offers training on via a live case study that you can follow put on by WA’s webinar guy Jay.
      Jay’s a great Internet marketer had the pleasure of having a few beers with him in Vegas this year and picked his brain on this particular marketing technique. There’s no secret to it it’s actually quite simple.
      I hate to give numbers because results vary, jay’s case study created a $1,000 monthly income in less than a month with only one site and one specific product so if you can clone that result with other products it could add up to a nice monthly income within a relatively short period of time. I think it is worth having a look at anyways, you do have some experience so you are not starting from the ground floor, look me up inside I will get you started if you like Find me here at WA, cheers Mike.

  52. Thank you , for all the great info. Because of you and WA, I have been busy working on my online business. The support and continued education I get from WA has been the reason for my success.
    The world of Internet marketing is a fast growing venue for selling , without the overhead of a store front. The problem with on line marketing is that it changes so fast. But with WA I don’t have to worry about that , Kyle and Carson are doing an amazing job at keeping us all moving forward. Joining WA is the best investment I have ever made.
    Thank you !

    1. Nice to hear from you Edith I am happy that you are enjoying WA. I look forward to seeing what you are creating at WA, let me know if you need me to have a look at your website I would be happy to give you some ideas, talk soon Mike.

  53. Hello Mike,

    I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself, and I can say that it really requires work to become successful. It’s definitely not a scam, but you have to work every day to achieve financial freedom. New members need to understand that online business is no different from a job – you have to work every day!

    1. Hi Julius, it’s nice to hear from a fellow WA member and it is refreshing to hear you spread realism not some trumped up propaganda. No Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal a real learning platform that does have many success stories that I feel will be a post for later down the road. Wealthy Affiliate members are always posting their success in the forum everything from a simple Amazon sale that day or like today I read a post by a member who said she woke up to a 30 sale Amazon start to the day. This member was blown away by the products people bought through her website that weren’t even related to her niche.

      Thanks for the comment and your honesty, cheers Mike.

    2. Hey Julius,

      I appreciate your honesty. My question is, how much time per day should I realistically expect to spend using WA to see consistent profit? As I assume is the case for mostly everyone, I’m looking at this as a part time job/business. Thanks!

    3. Hi Daniel, I think I can answer that one for you. It really is a individual type of progression thing, everyone excels at different rates, they absorb information better than others and obviously different work ethics and family lives play an important role, all very real considerations that can’t be understated.
      When I started with WA my kids had all left home so it was just my wife and myself so I had a bit more time to work on the training that WA offered. I worked full time, had no interest in quitting just wanted to pad my retirement and really enjoy life. I had my evenings and 2 days off a week to work on my training at WA.
      I was pretty disciplined to start, working a good part of a day off and about 2 hours an evening for the first 3 months, by my 4 month I was making a decent part time income and by 6 months things had really started to roll and making a really good second income. Roughly a year went by and my part time aspirations were looking like full time.
      As I got better and better at IM my work load actually decreased, I became way more productive/ efficient with my time and started to realize that I could do this full time and really enjoy the lifestyle IM offered, work when I want and no boss!
      For me to say this is a stereotypical affiliate rise of an affiliate marketer and this is what you will experience would be a lie.
      Julius will have a different time frame and so would a thousand other people.
      Internet marketing is real, it’s a real job! It’s not fiction like many of the money making offers online, it takes real work, it is a learned craft with real life “varying” results. I know many WA members that picked it up way faster than I did and many who struggled, go in with one expectation, that is to give it your full attention when you sit down to work on it and you won’t be disappointed with the results, cheers Mike.

  54. Yeah, you pretty much nailed it with all the main reasons why people fail at WA.

    But I could add some critical ones as well that I see and I personally sometimes experience (though I keep going).

    Too much distractions, lack of patience and effort, lack of passion of the niche. These are all very important.

    1. Hi Julius, I make some pretty nice money online all from the training I received at WA, good enough that my wife just started in WA as well and is looking at using the income she is hoping to make to replace her current job. I helped her find some great niche ideas and she just recently finished the getting started course and is now building sites. She has a great teacher at her beckoning call lol.

      You know what is funny? I have already had to have a talk with her about staying focused on the tasks at hand and staying on point.

      WA’s members are coming up with new training on various topics everyday that even I find hard to pass on. Newly created training is cutting edge, valuable and interesting but I know I need to stay on my business plan to achieve continued success. The training isn’t going anywhere and I know that I can go back to it when it is relevant to any of my marketing campaigns, it took me a while to figure this out. I did fall into the trap of trying new training techniques out before I was actually ready for them, it’s like getting into email marketing before you have actually built up a decent traffic stream.

      Yes you need patience, passion for a niche not so much in my opinion. What I feel is the most important aspect to finding success with Wealthy Affiliate is receiving guidance from your recruiter that will keep you on point, if you have this there is no doubt in my mind that you will find some success with what WA teaches.

      Thank you for your perspective Julius, cheers Mike.

  55. Hi Mike,

    Again its me Benazir.thanx for your reply.i wanna ask some more questions.
    1. Can I build 2 websites at WA.one of my own business and 2nd being an affiliate for someone else business.
    2. According to u,which one is more successful.introducing something new in market or promoting already successful product.
    3. Can u please suggest me a niche which is more suitable to start with.

    Thank you once again.
    Stay blessed,


    1. Hi Benazir, I feel it is always a good thing to choose a product that will sell itself, what I mean by this is as an affiliate marketer you are just a traffic medium you guide the traffic to the product and the product or the product creator does the rest.
      Having an established merchant with a good track record will always be my #1 choice for an affiliate product that I want to get involved in. If you want to sell products for a start up company or a fairly new organization you should look at how they conduct business first, are they credible, not a fly by night outfit, do they offer products that there is a demand for and are they an established business just looking for an online presence. Lastly do they have a good support platform for their product or products. You will see their support in the form of banners, links, tracking and so on. You can learn more on finding a niche and an affiliate merchant by reading a free guide I created on this topic. View guide here! Hope that helps Benazir, I think this guide will also answer your niche question at the same time, have a great day Mike.

  56. Wow, Mike.

    Wow wow wow

    You are just the real thing. Yes! I did make most of those mistakes. But now, I am in my second month, I Am more convinced now that I need like 3-4 months of consistency in hardworking, learning and application to hit it right.

    That’s why I have started building my businesses the right way.

    I bet anyone who follows your advice will hardly fail

    Great work you have here

    1. Hi Martin I am glad that you found my info on WA useful. Yes I do believe Wealthy Affiliate is a great opportunity to make an unbelievable income online if you really know the expectations going in. Building an online business like you are in 3-4 months is nothing at all if you really think about it, building a long term income in 3-4 months is insane if you put it all into perspective. An offline business for example can take up to 5 years before you actually have your business established enough that it starts making a profit, think of the huge risk and investment involved in starting an offline business, now look at an online business where you might be into it for say $200 max and have the potential to make that back on your first sale.

      What I like about building an online business is you have the potential to earn as you build and your sales go up as your traffic builds to your website, it’s a great deal and if you know what to expect it makes it that much enjoyable, thanks for taking the time to comment, best of luck in your online business, cheers Mike.

  57. Hi Mike,

    I am Benazir from Pakistan.Currently iam doing a business of handmade products like jewelery, shirts, cushions etc in my city. Can u please guide me how wealthy affiliate can help me in promoting my own business OR should i start working as an affiliate for another business at Wealthy Affiliate.
    And as you have such an experience of online marketing, can you please suggest me some very safe and beneficial way in which i can promote my own business Or go for any other program.

    Stay Blessed,

    1. Hi Benazir, if you are selling your own products WA will teach you how to sell them online. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to sell as an affiliate for merchants online for some pretty nice commissions they also help online merchants create their own websites to sell their products from. I am currently working with a lady who is selling her own brand of healthcare products so if you have products and want to sell them online WA is the place to build your website and learn how to reach your intended buyers.
      If for some reason you want to sell something else by all means WA will afford you the knowledge and the tools to do so, hope that answered your questions, look forward to working with you Benazir if you decide to enter WA, cheers Mike.

  58. Hi, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and can understand well what you say about members who just want to have companionship for chat here.

    In my view you are too optimistic in saying that 4 months would be enough to generate a steady income. Perhaps you managed in such a short period and if so you are in the group of those who are more successful. I would say one year, but this is from my own perspective.

    1. Hi Jovo thanks for reading my article on Wealthy Affiliate. I appreciate your perspective but there many layers to your comment that I think I can address and maybe clarify.

      I was actually making money sooner than the 4 month mark and I know of many that do. I was paying for my membership as well as putting a few bucks in my pocket well before the 4 month period.

      Some factors that attributed to my quick income earnings…

      I had great support, I make sure I offer that same support to people who enter WA through me so I would hope that their income earnings as long as they have a good work ethic would emulate mine.

      The niche you choose and the competitiveness that your niche is in is a determining factor. What type of niche you choose has a direct impact on how fast you can establish a presence in your chosen niche that’s why I created helpful guides for referrals that enter through me.

      How much time you have to put into your online business has a huge impact on how fast your business will produce profits. Many members have limited time, work at home moms, people working full time but want to get into an opportunity that will give them the lifestyle their current job can’t.

      I am not sure what your circumstances are, how much time you allocate, what niche you have chosen, how many websites you have on the go,( I advise only 1 website at a time to ensure the best chance at building a successful and profitable online business).

      These are just a few controllable factors that will determine how fast a member will make an income from their website. The nice ending to this story is you can make a great living online if you know what to expect going into WA and while you are there stay focused on your task, and most of all keep it simple.

      I can’t say it will be 4 months to a windfall of online income no more than you can say it will be a year, both statement are based on individual circumstances. Thank you again for your perspective, cheers Mike.

  59. Hi Mike,

    I really do appreciate your honesty because honesty is really difficult to find in this market. I have come across many different affiliate programs that promise unrealistic income. I do know from experience that building traffic to website so that you can sell products does take a little time which you have stated quite honestly to your credit.

    Making money using techniques like Wealthy Affiliate promotes do work I have been using these techniques for years now. I think this post will help many prepare themselves for what is instore and what to anticipate which I feel will help to ensure their future success online.

    1. Hi Xander, I am glad you found my post credible and thank you for your compliment. My philosophy on life is karma can be a shitty deal and come back on you in a big way so I like to approach my posts in a way that I adhere to my own code of ethics which is do unto others what you would have them do unto you. Many marketers feel the draw of the big dollars and get drawn off path which happens easy enough. One of the reasons I got out of the weight loss niche was I started straying outside the ethical lines that I had drawn up for myself, it was getting too easy to promote a weight loss program or even weight loss pills fully aware that they most likely didn’t work. This in the end played on me and the great income I made in this niche wasn’t enough to suppress my conscience.

      I endorse Wealthy Affiliate because it has worked for me and many that I have helped over the years but like anything one tries in life there are no guarantees and there are many factors that all individuals that participate in WA face on a individual basis.

      Everyone is unique and faces different challenges that will either inhibit their success or enhance it, this is a fact. Finding success at WA isn’t a black and white type of deal, not a yes or no answer, but what is black and white is their training, it works if you apply it.

      There are many success stories that come out of WA and many not so successful stories but even the people who don’t find success in WA know it wasn’t from the lack of support or training offered but more of an individual work ethic issue. You have to want to be successful online only then will what you learn at WA make the positive changes in your life that you are seeking.

      I know starting to preach again! Have to say I am pretty passionate about making money online and I am pretty dialed into the fact that I get to live it everyday, hard not to preach it to others. Have a great day Mike.

  60. Hi Mike,

    Your article on WA is one of the more complete ones that I have read. I have been researching WA for a couple weeks now to see if it is worth it. I am a mother of an 11 month old with another one on the way and I work full time. I would like to make money online so I can stay home with my babies. I have seen a lot of articles stating that WA is not a scam but not outlining exactly what to do to be successful. Your article was very informative and gave me hope. My second child is due on December 11th and I am hoping that is enough time to become successful. Currently I make a decent income and I won’t be quitting my job until I am making as much as I am making now. I just have a couple of questions:

    1. How many hours a day are needed to become successful?
    2. How many months of training to become successful?
    3. How long will it take to replace my current income?



    1. Hi Abigail, Let me start by saying congratulations on the new addition to your family in December, very exciting!
      No Wealthy Affiliate is far from a scam it is a very credible program that delivers varying results. I have worked with many members over the years that now make some really great incomes online, some I thought never would!.Then there were the ones I thought would knock it out of the park, had previous techy jobs, built websites in the past and to my dismay just kind of fizzled out over time, no drive.
      I thought I would start with this because it has everything to do with making money using techniques that WA teaches and your questions.
      Everyone is an individual with varying motivating factors, you are in a great spot because you have a good job and you aren’t desperate but still have a goal of being at home with your children.
      When I started I had a full time job, not desperate, but had limited time to work at IM and my computer skills really sucked, still do actually, lol, for me it took about 6 months and I was making enough that I saw the opportunity in the online game which motivated me to start working at it everyday off and every evening and from there it went upwards quite fast.
      You have a little one which is time consuming, that’s a reality, but on the flip side you may have more computer savvy and to be honest may absorb information better than I did so you see it really does boil down to time and ability and that is all subjective, you may do it faster than I did, you may do it slower. I have had many members that I have coached over the years do it much faster than I did and many who didn’t, it’s not a black and white answer for any of your questions.
      I can throw out some rough ideas, I know of one member who became a project of mine lol who is making thousands a month consistently in a fitness niche after 1 year, his future income earnings look very bright. This member is just one example of many that I personally know of, but for every member I can sing success for I probably could sing a few “where did they go wrong” stories.
      There are many success stories at WA me being one of them, will you be one, only you can answer that question.
      If you can spare a couple hours a day you will see some good progress by December, like I said I worked a few hours here and there and some days I put in a full day on my days off when I started, grew to full days when I was full into it, now I have a pretty good balance, like to play a lot and I still pull in a good income online now that I have everything dialed in.
      To be honest December may be a little tight to make enough to quite a job but at that point if you haven’t replaced your income you should have a pretty good secondary income and really see what your future potential is in the niche that you have chosen to promote.
      I hope that helps I am not one for filling people with falsehoods it is what it is, results vary, but one thing I can say WA does work it has created some amazing lifestyles for many members, past and present, how long , how much, it really depends on your commitment and drive and personal circumstances.
      I look forward to working with you if you do join and if you don’t I wish you all the best with baby #2, have a great day Mike.

    2. Hi Mike,

      Thank you for your response. I am pretty computer savvy and that is a result of being born in the 90s. I had many mandatory computer classes in high school. I can probably put in an hour a day on weekdays and possibly more in the evenings on the weekend. I am motivated and willing to put in the work. I will be signing up for Wealthy Affiliate this evening when I get home. Looking forward to working with you and thank you for your honest review.


    3. Hi Abigail you’re very welcome. Look me up inside WA I will be more than happy to lend a hand and keep you heading in the right direction, talk soon Mike.

  61. Hello Mike, it is great to see a bit of truth. I am actually researching for an article about Wealthy Affiliate.

    I have been into online marketing for several years now, and I am a trained P.I. Don’t worry, I am not goping to claim it is a scam, but I have seen one constant. I have seen numberous scam reviews done by Wealthy Affiliate associates claiming product x is a scam, when in fact it is not.

    I am seeing this done as a way to get people to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate. This in itself is a scam technique because they are stealing by deception from the promoters of other products.

    I am wondering, is this something Wealthy Affiliate teaches? Also, I write content, and I have been hired by 2 different people from Wealthy Affiliate to write for them. Both of them still owe me money.

    They claimed that the article was not what they wanted. One of them wanted me to do an investigation, but when the article concluded that product x was not a scam, he did not like it.

    The other one just gave me the run-around, and wasted my time. Are these also techniques WA teaches?

    1. Hi Brian, well where do I start?
      I don’t allow back linking on this site, sorry man had to edit your attempt to “steal” traffic and divert it to your website, you really should try and stand on your own writing abilities and SEO techniques to get traffic.
      I also had a quick peek at your website to see what angle this comment was coming from, I have learned over the years things are not always what they appear on the internet. I find there is always an angle when people leave comments with backlinks to their own website. That takes me to your “make $100 a day on autopilot” widget in your side menu on your website, not cool man! Don’t know of anything online that can generate income on autopilot, smells pretty fishy you might want to investigate that one before promoting it!
      Now to your comment
      I really hope you do a review on WA I would love to see what you uncover. From my experiences with Wealthy Affiliate I know it to be nothing less than one of the most credible internet marketing programs out there, is there the odd bad apple promoting it?, some poor results? hell yes!
      What does stand out to me is it has hundreds of thousands of members and you would think with all those members not all have had positive experiences and shout it from the rooftops, but do you know what I think? I think it’s relative to going to university, not all are successful at learning new things but for the most part the ones that work hard, keep the partying down and keep their nose to the grindstone come away with something to show for their efforts, the ones that aren’t disciplined usually drop out, who’s at fault there, the university?
      How can you complain about getting to try something absolutely free for as long as you like, you don’t buy into their premium package until you know or feel it is a good fit for your abilities, it’s really that simple.
      Wealthy Affiliates home website doesn’t promote their offer as an effortless process, they don’t say you can make millions with no effort, they don’t say it is an overnight get rich deal, you’re building an online business with them.
      Wealthy Affiliate unlike many internet marketing training platforms doesn’t put the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate first it actually encourages you to pick a niche topic that you have an interest in or teaches you how to find a niche to promote which might be your own offline or online business, they don’t push the promotion of WA.
      I wrote ” Wealthy Affiliate The Ugly Truth” because there are some elements that even a great learning platform like WA has to deal with which I feel obligated to tell my readers. WA’s program content, the support, the tools, the no upsell policy hasn’t been matched by any other Internet program that I have come across to date. I wrote this post on WA because there is the odd bad apple, not many, that I feel give unrealistic expectations to their readers and I feel I have an obligation to WA to tell my readers the real facts. WA is a great platform that does produce some great success stories if you know what to expect going in.
      Wealthy Affiliate is the reason I have had a successful career online as an affiliate marketer, they offer the training that is needed to find longevity online as an affiliate marketer and offer the support which is also critical to success online.
      Online marketing isn’t a scam or you wouldn’t have been in it for years so I really don’t know why you said that!
      Scam, legitimate, review are all keywords as you should know as a content writer for the internet. These words are commonly used solely for SEO purposes which you would learn through any credible internet marketing training program.
      Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t instruct you to write using scam or any other words, what it does teach you to do is write articles using a keyword tool which will help your articles rank on the top 2 pages with Google, which I might add is a tool they supply for free with your membership, remember no upsells, they don’t charge for these tools or any additional levels of training!
      If your content doesn’t get on the top 2 pages you get virtually no traffic from that article. WA teaches you how to write content step by step that will rank high in all major search engines.
      What they don’t condone or teach is stealing traffic from other websites, what they do teach is how to write content that will outrank competing content from other websites and still be ethical, engaging and informative!
      If you are writing a post on a topic and one of the most searched words with very little competition is “scam” or any other word you would be foolish not to incorporate this word in your title and utilize its SEO ranking power.
      It isn’t ethical to call a product a scam unless it is. what individuals consider a scam is highly subjective.
      Is a scam a product that milks it’s members at every level of training? Some would say yes!
      Is a scam a product that promotes “on autopilot” success? does autopilot suggest that there is no effort or training required to make money online, if it does then I would personally say it is a scam.
      When a training program forecasts insane income results with no experience required is it a scam? many would say it is.
      When programs knowingly leave out critical information on what you will need to use their program training like tools, which I might add they offer for sale later on is that a scam, some would say yes! The list goes on so what one person thinks is a scam another may not or visa versa.
      I have been more than a little liberal in my scam designation for the simple fact there is a lesson in everything including hiring writers.
      I don’t have the time to give you a rundown on marketing techniques but if you don’t already know this which I think you do by looking at your article titles using “scam review” multiple times which makes me question if this comment was just a backlinking endeavour or an actual fact finding mission. You can find all this out and more with a free membership and then do your review which I look forward to reading, make sure you choose your keywords wisely or it will end up in Google’s basement where it will never get seen.
      My two fingers are getting tired so I will end with your comment on people hiring your writing skills.
      Does WA teach people to shaft writers? really, what kind of question is that?
      A training platform like Wealthy Affiliate wouldn’t jeopardize their credibility condoning or endorsing any unethical practices, this is quite a laughable question! If these people used your work and didn’t pay they should have, did they use your work?
      The first mistake these people made is they didn’t do their homework on you, they didn’t go and look at your writing abilities, I did and to be honest I wouldn’t hire you. I am not saying this to be mean, I am saying it because what I look for in a writer’s work has to fit a certain criteria. If you were to write for me I would ask for an article that is keyword rich, minimum 1,000 words in length that makes concise points and had the ability to answer key questions I think my audience would want answered, not something I saw prevalent in your articles on your website.
      If it were me I would have paid you and chalked it up to a lesson learned, going forward these people need to ask for samples of a writer’s work and set out clear expectations right from the start of what they want in an article.
      I think with the scam verdict deal I touched on this topic possibly with my earlier comments on what constitutes a scam verdict. I can’t really make a judgment on something I personally haven’t investigated myself, not a trained private eye but I do know what it does and doesn’t take to make money online as an affiliate marketer, thanks for the comment sorry for the long winded reply but I could go on and on if my fingers didn’t hurt, cheers Mike.

  62. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your honest review. Reading your post makes me realized that I can’t just make money overnight without some effort on my part, I have to earn it. I have searched the Internet looking for ways to make money online and everything sounds so easy a few I got into were complete rip offs and all had the same traits that you mention, poor support from people telling me they had my back and once I purchased were nowhere to be found. You make some very good points about commitment and avoiding distractions Thanks for your advice.


    1. Hi Hadri, there are some great mentors at Wealthy Affiliate and they are more than willing to take you by the hand myself included. Many don’t know that when they enter WA ( how would you) if they have an unresponsive referrer ( a dud) this means they are on their own but in reality there are many that are eager to help that’s why Wealthy Affiliate has an ambassadorship program where people get credits to help other members.

      The nice thing about Wealthy Affiliate is it has many experienced marketers many with different areas of expertise, for example I suck at the behind the scenes website tech stuff but at WA all I need to know is who to follow and you have the best people with the most knowledge at your fingertips.

      I am still a member at WA even though I run a profitable online business already, why? I stay because I know tech stuff isn’t my area of expertise and IM is always evolving and various members are always on top of the curve so to speak. It really goes back to a proven theory that to create a successful business model you need to surround yourself with capable people, well WA has many capable members in various disciplines that I tap into on a daily basis.

      If I have any issues with behind the scenes stuff on any of my websites I can simply go to a member that I know posts a lot of techy stuff and I literally have an answer in seconds no different with people sourcing me out and asking how to monetize a website or write engaging content that ranks.

      I guess where I am going with this is you won’t find yourself alone when you join Wealthy Affiliate, matter of fact you will be surrounded by experts, you just need to know how to seek them out, look me up inside WA and I will show you how to get the most out of Wealthy Affiliate.

  63. Hi Mike i am a premium member in wa. I just read your post the ugly truth. Your insights on what people do wrong in wa is the ugly truth. I am guilty of some it. I Was wondering if you would blog about this in WA. I would also like to follow you in WA. Have a great day and thanks for giving me a different way to think about what i am not doing or better yet what I can do better.

    1. Hi Bill by all means follow me inside WA and if I can help at all please just ask. I will blog about this inside WA for sure. Please don’t hesitate to ask me for direction and if you are struggling then reach out to me, just remember to “keep it simple” work on what you are there for which is to build a profitable website, WA’s training works I am proof of that.
      Don’t get caught up in all the tech talk and flash, setting up a site takes about an hour and after that you start putting your content in place and just keep adding content, it really is that simple if you keep the distractions to a minimum. I have helped countless members find success online and the main point I hammer home right from the start is WA will work, just stay the course. Look forward to talking to you inside WA Bill, have a great day Mike.

  64. Thanks Mike. I am with WA also but have not made any money. I have written several blogs that have ended up on Google page one, but am having a rough time and have been considering cancelling my premium to save money. I am on a fixed income. I have been a member since Oct 2015. I do not want to give up and have PM’d Kyle and Carson and waiting for advice.

    I joined because I am struggling and wanted to build an online business. I have four websites. Should I scrap everything I have done and start over?

    1. Hi Vivian, sorry for the late reply. I will start by saying Kyle is awesome at getting back to you and I actually have had Kyle as a personal mentor when I started. He is the real deal and knows everything there is to know about making profitable websites.
      After reading your comment I can tell what I see right away, you started in october 2015 and have 4 websites? If you were training under me I would never let you build 4 websites, why? you are splitting your efforts in 4, think if you put all that effort into 1 website, Google looks at websites on an individual basis so if you had content on one website from the time you started you would have an authority website in Googles eyes and have a ton of high ranking content driving traffic to one site. From there you need to convert that traffic to sales which can be easily done because you are looking at analytics for one site.
      When you spread your efforts over 4 websites you need to do 4 times the work and get much less results. Who ever referred you should have stayed in touch with you checked on you regularly to see where you are in your development.
      To put this in perspective Vivian many of the top marketers in WA including myself build one website out to the point where they can live off it and hire writers to keep it growing with content, only then do we look at building another website in another niche, that’s how many of us build online incomes that keep working for us so we don’t have to, that’s the allure and lifestyle that comes with affiliate marketing, income flowing in as we play. You can look me up inside WA I will be happy to look at your websites and see which one to focus your efforts on, you don’t need to scrap the other sites just put them on hold until you get the main website profitable, talk soon Mike.

  65. this is so far the best article i have ever read , feel lucky to bump with your site because it reveals the truth behind every online marketing
    however as i am a total newbie in this domain i want to inquire about WA community
    i dont even know how to creat a website to promote my niche !! therefore my query is if WA provides courses for beginners from ZERO such as creating a website and so forth
    thank you in adva,ce

    1. Hi Amin, thanks for the comment makes me feel good when someone sees the value of one of my posts. Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter course so the best way is to try it out and find out for yourself. I started with the exact course and I now make a very good living online. I started with zero experience to the point I am now where I can offer help to people like yourself. You can learn how to build a website and promote products from your site it’s not a hard process but it does take some time to build up your traffic to your site but once that happens the sales happen over and over again. Here’s a link to their free starter course ” free starter course” when you are there look me up under “mike lambert” and I would be more than happy to lend you a hand, see you inside, Mike.

  66. Hi Mike, I have been searching for a company that frankly, I might be able to trust. I am a complete newbie at internet marketing, many years experience using computers but as business tools, I was a senior manager in a couple of transport companies. I appreciate that you are affiliated with WA. but is it able to teach a complete Newbie, older than most it seems , but I will apply the time and am committed not to fail. So I suppose what I am asking, because I felt you assessment of WA was honest, can a newbie be guided through to success through WA or do you need to be savvy in the industry, Cheers.

    1. Hi Paul, learning affiliate marketing does have a bit of a learning curve no doubt but in saying that when I started I had no experience whatsoever with computers or the internet, age has no bearing on your ability to follow the appropriate steps the only thing that actually hinders many is their lack of patience. Building an online presence and converting that popularity into sales takes some time, the actual process of setting up a site is quite easy and done fairly quickly, what takes time is building traffic and that is just a rinse and repeat process.
      WA offers pretty clear step by step instruction with their free starter course which I recommend starting with that way you will know if this could be for you, affiliate marketing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and you shouldn’t have to pay to find that out, give it a try you really have nothing to lose, if you have grey hair already you won’t have to worry about more of those coming in, lol. Look me up inside WA I will be more than happy to lend a hand, my username at WA is Mike Lambert, talk soon, Mike.

  67. Great review Mike. I experienced some of the comments you made here but not with Wealthy Affiliate, I wasted a lot of time and money looking at programs that said I could make money fast and without any effort, was I ever scammed, there is no such thing, the only thing that is effortless is their withdrawing money from my credit card

    If I would have read your article earlier, it would have made a ton of difference. Nevertheless, I learned the hard way by squandering my time and money.

    This is a post for any body contemplating setting up an online business is a great resource, stay focused, be realistic with your goals to start and stay committed. Do to your post I think I will try WA and I will remember what you have said, thank you.

    1. Hi Chuka thank you for the comment. By all means give WA a try it is free to start and please just keep what I have said in mind and you will do fine, look me up inside and I will be happy to keep you on task, cheers Mike.

  68. Mike,
    You certainly did not hold anything back in fully explaining to your readers exactly what would be at stake should they join the Wealthy Affiliate community.

    To be honest it was great that you wrote this article in the manner that you did. Too many people believe that earning steady income online through any opportunity is something that could be done quickly and easily!

    Wrong!! They then believe that joining WA would be something different – they’d rake in money quickly. Again wrong.

    They should listen and take the time to focus on the training. As you point out, Kyle and Carson make it crystal clear that WA – just like any other legit online business opportunity is not some get-rich-quick scheme. I have been with WA for about 13 months now. My mentor made it clear to me that it’s a long journey as you build towards success.

    What you said in the fact that upon joining WA, it requires a total commitment out of that person is also 100% correct. Doing the training, committing to writing content for his/her website(s) is mandatory. Those people who end up quitting do so because even in realizing what would be at stake, still they are unable to truly dedicate themselves to the task at hand. They simply don’t want to metaphorically get their hands dirty!

    Great article Mike! Sometimes it’s good not to hold back on the punches – which you did not. You spelled it out crystal clear as to what WA truly is about. If a person still doesn’t “get it” after reading this content than perhaps they’ll never ever catch onto this great opportunity being offered at this site.


    1. Hi Jeff thanks for the comment I am glad that members of WA agree with what I have said in this post and feel it is helpful to my readers, I thought it was important that people know that making money online isn’t a cakewalk but it is real if you find the right opportunity such as WA. Wealthy Affiliate offers real training with great support and if you go into it knowing that it will take some commitment at first until you get traffic rolling you will better prepared to find success, thanks Jeff for your perspective, cheers Mike.

  69. Hi Mike,

    Interesting and exceptionally unique post! I totally agree with you on everything you have said. Any worthwhile career needs work, time, effort, patience, falling and standing up. Just like any businesses offline or online.

    I had the same problem, problems in the past with many programs. I wasted months not knowing which niche to choose, I ran 5 sites and it meant one thing; I didn’t really run any of them well. No focus, No trust in my niches. But it all got better when I decided to throw them all and start just ONE new. More results and stronger sense of achievement.

    I think in the beginning most of us don’t realize how much commitment it demands. And hopefully at the moment we need to witness our commitment we are far enough to not giving it all up.

    It is definitely worth it but you have to work your axxes off; and that’s totally right. Engaging our minds is what we are supposes to do I believe.

    Thanks again!


    1. Thank you for leaving your thoughts Adam, my readers will benefit from your experiences, cheers Mike.

  70. Hey Awesome post here. I didn’t know what to really expect after reading the title, but everything you have said in the article is on point. The reasons that people fail at WA is because of the expectations they have at the beginning, in wanting to replace their full-time income that they had, but the reality is that it takes work, planning, building up trust, and just a lot of time. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence JP appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment, cheers aMike.

  71. Hey Mike, great article indeed, very well structured,honest and informative. After reading it I feel confident in giving WA a shot. With a bit of patience and hard work, I see no reason why one can’t succeed online. Unfortunately, as you have stated, some are looking for a quick buck, which is far from reality.

    1. Hi Sazi thank you for leaving a comment, yes you having nothing to lose by trying WA it is free to get started and you can really get a feel for what is expected before you dive in head first, see you inside, cheers Mike.

  72. Personally I’ve got nothing by positive things to say about Wealthy Affiliate. I really can’t fault it!

    Very easy to follow and realistic lessons and goals, friendly community, awesome tools and loads more cool stuff!

    I am currently wokring on two sites, which have come a long way in a short period of time.

    Awesome site – would recommend!

    1. Hi Hannah I am glad to hear your are doing well with WA they have some great training and by the sounds of it you are benefiting from it, have a great day Mike.

  73. I just gotta say. Wow! I have read a lot of good articles but yours has got such an interesting twist to it. And so true. Many times people join programs just because they look at the “get-rich” part and forget about the hard work of building an online business. Thank you so much for writing this article. It’s the other side of the coin few like to talk about.

    1. Thank you Eddy for the comment, I like to think if what I write helps someone find success online then I have done my job. I found success online and with it a lifestyle that I never thought possible and I can only hope that many of my readers get to experience it! I won’t lie it was a bit of a learning curve for me when I started but like any new career or job once you learn it then it’s just a matter of repeating it over and over again, it becomes second nature, thanks again Mike.

  74. I totally agree with you Mike. People who make the wrong judgement with WA are often the people who are expecting a golden ticket to wealth.

    They expect that by just a few clicks of a button their financial problems will be solved. I also have been noticing that people who are failing in WA are people who are desperately in need of cash.

    I would conclude that if you are desperately in need of money, don’t start trying to make money online because for sure it’ll end up the other way around.

    1. Hi Norsatd, the comment you left for my readers is probably the most single important aspect of anyone looking to make money online. Desperation leads to mistakes and mistakes online lead to losing money, happens time and time again. If you need to make money quick looking online is the worst place to be you are far better going out and finding a second job or something offline where you can get that immediate paycheck.

      Internet marketing takes some time to learn but as you learn you can definitely make money but it still takes a few months to get a website generating traffic to the point where you have a good audience to sell to. Once you have your traffic coming in it’s just a simple process of rinse and repeat and your business just keeps growing.

      Internet marketing or content marketing which you will learn at WA is a very lucrative online business that will grow with time it’s a compounding system that really does generate more and more income over time so it’s not your answer for income today, there actually is no answer for income shortfalls on the Internet that’s what I try and explain to my readers through this site. You can make a ton of money online but it takes time, Thanks for the comment Mike.

  75. Mike, this post is a wonderful and truthful introduction to smart internet marketing. I am really not a sceptic but how anyone can believe in overnight solutions to making money is beyond me.

    I am retired and the reason I was attracted to your website was the fat that you write on scams and also I see yu have quite a few approved programs which is nice to see you don’t just think WA is the only avenue for learning online. I did notice it is your only recommended program and after checking it out I do see why.

    I am prepared to work hard and build up slowly and therefor I feel I will be a good fit for what WA embodies. I am a bit slower than most as I am also building a house at this time! However being able to work at home and at my own pace is another great bonus for me.

    I will certainly revisit your site to learn from you and look forward to doing so. Thanks, Helen

    1. Hi Helen, yes you will be a good fit for WA it sounds like you have a clear and realistic goal and WA’s platform will be a great opportunity to find that balance in life that you are looking for, look me up inside WA I am more than happy to lend a hand where I can, cheers Mike.

  76. Hi Mike,

    Wealthy Affiliate the Ugly Truth is one of the best posts I have read in a long time and it is very gripping to the reader. I support your thoughts completely.

    Unrealistic expectations must never cross the mind of any aspiring entrepreneur. Wealthy Affiliate gives people the workable platform to succeed online but it still takes some effort from the member to make it all happen.

    1. Thank you for the comment Boniface and the reaffirmation of what I am saying, Wealthy Affiliate does work, it has created thousands and thousands of successful Internet marketers but like any realistic opportunity it doesn’t come without it’s sacrifices, cheers Mike.

  77. Hi Mike, I couldn’t agree with you more about people getting pre-conceived unrealistic expectations about make money online programs in general not just Wealthy Affiliate which you have chosen to write on. Many people these days are not willing to put in the work to see the rewards and when they have been told about the income that can be made in wealthy affiliate and other programs they have the mentality that it’s going to happen over night. This is a very well written and straight to the point post that I have enjoyed reading

  78. This is a great post about Wealthy Affiliate!

    The truth is out there, but you have talked about some great KEY points. I too have been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for a number of months! For all those who are skeptical out there, I HAVE MADE CASH! Although I’m no millionaire…

    After only a couple months of diligent work on my website and being in the field, I started making profit. To me, Wealthy Affiliate offers far more than a course. It’s an education. I’ve enjoyed it greatly and urge your readers to know that it’s NOT A SCAM! It’s about the work you put in!

    1. Hi Paul thanks for the comment and yes Wealthy Affiliate does work. The purpose of this post was to just inform readers that it does take some dedication and follow through but if you know that going in then you are better prepared to make the most of your membership at WA. Thanks for letting my readers know that you are finding success and what it takes, cheers Mike.

  79. Hey Mike this article here is very well written and contains loads of great information. I think the whole idea of unrealistic expectations is so true. Many people think if they just pay the $47 a month they won’t have to do much and they will just make a great amount of money. Nothing in life is easy and affiliate marketing takes patience and hard work. I’m still new to affiliate marketing, but willing to learn as much as possible. I am still not done with the courses given at Wealthy Affiliate, but I have made some money already. I will of course finish it and hopefully make even more money. Again, this is a great article and greatly enjoyed reading it. Have a good one!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment Michael, I am glad you have started making money with WA . Once you make your first sale it really does start to roll as I am sure you are well aware of. Learning what connects with your audience is key to making sales which WA does teach you, I wish success and by all means look me up in WA, cheers Mike.

  80. Hello! You have some really good information here, regarding Wealthy Affiliate. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate too and I think you are quite right about people having unrealistic exceptions. There are lots of people that I have seen within the members area that are asking why they haven’t made any money but then when you look at their websites, they haven’t put the time or effort into building a real business. I think that a lot of the problem is also that a lot of people are programmed into believing that internet marketing is easy, when in actual fact it isn’t. Wealthy Affiliate can give you all the information that you need to succeed, but you need to put in the effort to get results. It doesn’t just happen!

    1. Hi Andrew your comment is very helpful to my readers that have been around the Internet and have been looking at all these push button, no effort required programs that will make you a boatload of income online when in reality there is nothing easy about making income online it’s a learned skill set but once you learn it your income online has no boundaries!

      I write so many reviews on programs and most have some good components but most don’t truly prepare prospective members for what is required to make money online, they lack the reality factor! Making an income online is by no means brain draining work you just need to be dedicated, follow instructions and be patient and you will find some success online, thanks for your comment, Mike.

  81. You make some great points in your post. It’s unfortunate, but some members do fail due to unrealistic expectations. It takes time to build up an authoritative, income-generating website, but it is certainly possible by following the methods taught by the owners,Kyle & Carson. All of the tools and community support is there, but it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.

    1. Hi Matthew, great comment you are dead on with what you are saying. The training at WA has produced some big names in Internet Marketing and it is really an awesome platform one that I have benefited from greatly, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, cheers Mike.

  82. Is 4 month an average? I heard many different things from different people. That it’s almost impossible to measure how much you would earn income and how fast it will be. And it depends on the niche and how much work you put in. For some it may take longer.

    1. Hi Joon, It’s hard to say how long it will take to generate income through WA. The niche you choose, how competitive it is influences how fast you start achieving high rankings. Members put in varying amounts of time which is also a factor, some just dive right in and can spend considerable amounts of time building their sites so they see results faster. When I started I was working full time so it took me a little longer but in the end WA made me into a career Internet Marketer pulling in a nice income online.

      There are many success stories inside WA, I just received a private message from a member yesterday that I helped create a website a few months ago and he could hardly contain himself, he told me he just had his best month and is now looking at hiring a writer, he’s now making thousands a month in income from one website and planning on building another one. Once you make your first sale it’s really all about repeating that winning formula.

      What WA teaches really does work. The more content you put on your site the more reader engagement you get in the form of comments, Google views comments as content it doesn’t distinguish between comments and content you produce in the form of posts or pages, what it sees is your site growing and in turn gives your site more ranking power which once again generates more traffic, it becomes a self feeding system with comments now being the fuel for your websites rise in the rankings which in turn leads to more opportunity to make sales, it’s really quite cool how it all works, and trust me it does work! This isn’t an overnight get rich thing it is a real money making opportunity if you understand the process going into it. Thanks for the comment Joon, cheers Mike.

  83. Someone recommended Wealthy Affiliate on Facebook, every review I’ve read has been positive, something wrong there?

    1. Hi Misty, actually Misty there are negative aspects of the WA program like to much socializing do to the fact that WA has such an active community they are always chatting and engaging which in the end could be a drawback for people whose purpose is to make IM their career but that’s not a bad thing if you keep that in mind.
      Wa has the largest platform, community, and offering of IM training anywhere on the Internet. They have well over 400,000 members at any given time. I think the question I would be asking is where is the negative press which you would think would be everywhere with so many members but the honest fact is there are many that don’t get the results they wanted but I think most realize it wasn’t do to WA’s program but more to the fact that Internet Marketing wasn’t their thing which they get to find out for free with WA’s free starter membership. I think the majority don’t feel ripped off because they haven’t forked out money to find out Internet Marketing wasn’t their thing, unlike what many programs do!
      You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it? Why would you take someone’s word when it comes to Internet Marketing when you have the option to test drive it, I wouldn’t and don’t advise it either. I checked out your website Misty you would greatly benefit from WA’s training there are many issues with your site and I honestly don’t see you making money from it if that is your objective, thanks for the comment Misty.

  84. hi Mike please put the best review about wealthy affiliate jaxy tool in simple english, how is it better than google keyword tool?

    1. Hi Asghar, I haven’t done a comparison review for Jaaxy, WA’s keyword tool yet but I will, thanks for asking Mike.

  85. First of I would like to say thanks as you shared the best reviews even you mentioned so many things wrong with wealthy affiliate in short and proper manner. One year back my American friend introduced me to wealthy affiliate, I was very surprised to find lots of knowledgeable content and some of the best instructional videos.
    In the past I have watched so many videos from various programs and even bought a course to learn internet marketing but could not get desirable result. Simply put when I joined wealthy affiliate I found success, thanks for an honest review.

    1. Thank you Asghar, no program is perfect and people that promote programs aren’t perfect but when it comes to me endorsing Wealthy Affiliate I like to tell people straight up what it is all about. WA isn’t a program that you will go to and find 3 steps your rich crap it’s actually a true learning platform that teaches affiliate marketing and that consists of building a website and generating traffic to that site. Building a website takes no longer than an hour to get the main structure set up and after that you just rinse and repeat the same steps over and over again, ad content, publish, it’s really that simple and very inexpensive. Many will tell you that it costs thousands to make money online when realistically it won’t cost you in most cases more than $50-$60 a month all in, that’s website, hosting, keyword tool and domain registry so don’t let anyone tell you different, thanks for the comment Asghar, cheers Mike.

  86. Hey mike it was a great article. Mike im a father of 2 and I lost my job so I started driving a cab. Anyways my question is since im driving a cab in NYC I work 6 days a week but I can dedicate around 4 hours to 6 hours a day to WA will it be enough to make a little extra income a week little maybe like 200 to 500 a week

    1. Hi Zohair I am truly sorry to hear you lost your job, driving a cab in NY must be interesting I can only imagine, hopefully it’s helping to pay the bills.
      If you are in the middle of a financial crisis I wouldn’t recommend WA to anyone, it’s just not an overnight thing. If you have a few months to work at it then with the time you have mentioned you have available then I would “absolutely” you could make at least that amount a month to start.
      I started working at WA on my days off and after work and Internet Marketing grew into a full time job.
      My advice to you would be to try the FREE membership, you will get a really good feel for what it will take to make money and how long it might take which varies for everyone, talk to members and get their feedback on how long it took them. Do WA’s starter course and you will see how it all works, how you make money as an affiliate marketer. This is the real thing Zohair, it changed my life and many others but it doesn’t happen overnight it’s training that works very well and will provide a lifestyle that you could only imagine so it’s worth a look.
      Obviously you are looking for ways to make money online Zohair so I will tell you this, I haven’t found one money making deal out there that has delivered except affiliate marketing, NONE! The reason affiliate marketing is legit is that companies need affiliates to promote their products online to be successful and drive sales, it’s a real job per say but you work your own hours when you want the only driving force is the harder you work at it, the more material you get on the Internet, the more exposure you get, the more money you make! It’s really that simple. I go days sometimes and I don’t touch my laptop, the money still rolls in because my website doesn’t take days off.
      If you would like look me up inside WA I will give you a hand, but you will be doing the work and we will see if it works for you, talk soon Mike.

  87. I enjoyed your column a lot, Mike. The way you began to so to speak degrade WA makes the reader want to read more, to find out the truth of the matter. Thank you very much for sharing your pointers with us and making us feel optimistic.
    By the way, is your link to WA also affiliated to get a percentage?
    Love your font!

    1. Hi Brad, I will start by answering your question on the percentage thing, yes I am a affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate I don’t hide that fact as well as many other programs that I write about whether I endorse them or not based on their merits, some programs are better than others that’s just a simple fact just like any other product, in many cases people go off and join programs that I don’t recommend at all so as an experienced Internet marketer I join all programs as an affiliate and collect the commission off their, well let’s just say an “unadvisable decision”, Screw95, Zukul, Affilorama, Clickbank University, lynda.com. Udemy are all programs that I am an affiliate and make commissions off, good or bad. This is the same strategy used by Internet marketers that promote a cheap book on Amazon and when their reader gets to Amazon and decides to look at a new fridge or TV and buy it, they you would get that commission off the fridge or TV even though that wasn’t their intention, that’s the essence of Internet Marketing.
      I am a product of Wealthy Affiliate and I make a very good income online. I am a living case study for their program. I had limited computer skills when I joined WA new absolutely nothing about Internet Marketing and now this is my life thanks to WA’s training and unbelievable help from a community of members second to none. Some of the most experienced and successful Internet marketers come from the ranks of Wealthy Affiliate that’s nothing to hide. Thanks for your comment and the chance to respond Brad, cheers Mike.

  88. You’re right that no online program is a cakewalk and that it does take commitment and perseverance to be successful, I guess that goes for anything. Thank you for spelling it out for your readers.

    1. Hi Zach thanks for the comment, Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal I have benefited from their training and support but like anything it still boils down to the effort I put in, cheers Mike.

  89. Thanks for sharing your honest wealthy affiliate review , I just joined and happy because of free trail , soon I will make a website and from there create my online business.

    1. I am glad you are taking action and starting to build an online business Asghar many just think about it because they don’t know where to start, best of luck, talk to you inside WA, cheers Mike.

  90. Thank you for your honest view of Wealthy Affiliate and how people can get roped into something by un ethical practices. I have read many reviews on Wealthy Affiliate and they do appear to be a credible business it’s just sad that people can promote unrealistic expectations.

    1. Hi Loren, The motivation for affiliates to make money can really distort their values which has no bearing on any given program or product that they promote. In the case of Wealthy Affiliate I endorse their program 100% do to the fact that I used their program to build my online business.
      Building an online business takes time and effort, it’s not a push button deal but is a real opportunity to make money online with persistence and commitment. Affiliates want to downplay the effort that is needed to become a successful affiliate marketer and that is a mistake. Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative career with a lifestyle that is unmatched, finding success online is very attainable and rewarding but it does take some work.

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