You have probably seen tons of Wealthy Affiliate propaganda/scam reviews etc. If you are doing your due diligence, which you should be doing before you jump into any make money from home venture. Its pretty hard not to notice the abundance of Wealthy Affiliate scam reviews littering the internet,  don’t let the scam reviews alarm you or bias your opinion, these Scam reviews are simply titles created by bloggers to fool search engine ranking protocol rather than an assertion that Wealthy Affiliate or any other make money from home program is less than legit.

Now to my post “Wealthy Affiliate The Ugly Truth”, yes I am using a little SEO, Google trickery myself but there actually is a Wealthy Affiliate The Ugly Truth which I will explain in this article.

What’s Up With All The positive Wealthy Affiliate Reviews?

If you take the time to read all those Wealthy Affiliate Scam Reviews you will notice they all end up being pretty solid endorsements for Wealthy Affiliate as a work from home opportunity. Theres actually a good reason for all these glowing endorsements, Wealthy Affiliate is a solid work from home training platform that I myself have used to create an unbelievable income from promoting products online.

Before you get your check book out there are a few things I feel you need to know and will help ensure your success if you decide to go with Wealthy Affiliate.

Here we go,  enjoy my Wealthy Affiliate The Ugly Truth post,  and like always I welcome any questions or opinions you may have, I guarantee you will get an answer, look forward to hearing from you enjoy the read!

The Good!

  • Great step by step training
  • Work at your own pace
  • Offers a free starter membership, absolutely no credit info is taken, just walk away if it’s not your thing.
  • Large membership ( 1 million plus)  with a lot of diverse experience that you can tap into.
  • WA offers members incentives to help fellow members
  • Can get answers to questions in minutes from a variety of support mechanisms such as the community, live chat and private messaging.
  • The largest volume and extensive training resources in one place on the internet when it comes to making money from home.
  • Newly created websites are backed up daily
  • Offer WordPress website building platform
  • all inclusive,  one fee monthly membership, includes everything you need to operate a thriving online business for only $49 a month.
  • Many forms of training options, video, text, webinars, tutorials
  • All tools are included in your $49 a month fee as well as unlimited websites and hosting for your websites.
  • In house writing platform for those members that don’t feel comfortable writing their own content or who want to make some extra income writing for blogs.
  • Offer a hassle free learning environment, no up selling is allowed in Wealthy Affiliate, your monthly fee gets you everything WA has to offer
  • If you work and have limited time or time periods to work on your online business,  the program is very flexible and allows you to work your schedule around a full-time job
  • Great platform for the beginner, when I started with Wealthy Affiliate I couldn’t even send an email, now I make a great income promoting products online through WA’s training.
  • WA teaches a proven system to making money online,  all that is needed is a little effort and commitment from you.
  • Training can and has led to substantial income for members
  • Never physically hold or facilitate sales transactions. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to promote your on business or someone else product for commissions
  • your services as an affiliate marketer are in demand with no sign of this slowing down as merchants clammer to get their products online
  • Double digit growth for online merchant sales bodes well for affiliate marketers earning potential

The Ugly

  • Huge membership, over 1 million members which can lead to a lot of socializing and less time spent on building your online business.
  • Can easily get distracted with all the training options forgetting that time is money, your money!
  • Some members have difficulty finding a profitable niche which is a critical step in your journey to build a profitable online business. You need a good mentor in WA to help with this.
  • You are encouraged to ask lots of questions from the community, the problem with this lies in some of the answers you get back, they may not be the best answers.
  • Although the free membership is absolutely free and unlimited,  at some point you will need to go premium to get the maximum benefit fro WA’s training.
  • You could join under a crappy mentor which will hurt your chances of finding success online. I work with members every step of the way, Work with me today!
  • Some members are reluctant to ask questions,  this underutilizes your greatest tool,  and that’s the knowledgable membership. I know this may sound contrary to what I said earlier about not getting the best answers, but this happens very rarely from my experience. The collective knowledge of the community is unparalleled anywhere online and needs to be used to it’s fullest extent.
  • Members set too lofty of goals, you must be realistic when setting goals. As you achieve your gaols check them off and set new ones,  that way you have a sense of accomplishment not disappointment.
  • Some members read other members accomplishments, some good and some bad, but what you need to understand is you are in control of your success and you can’t gage your expectations based on what others do, stay focused on your goals, not what another member sees as success.
  • Members underestimate the commitment needed to find success which ultimately leads to failure.
  • Many members think more is better or flashy is better,  when the reality is,  more isn’t better and flashy websites don’t necessarily relate to profits. What does lead to improved sales is the connection you make with your visitors, be real, be honest and be genuine thats what connects with your audience and leads to visitors taking action
  • Like any offer there are affiliates that tend to understate the work or financial commitment and overstate the money making attributes of the program

There are many obstacles to navigate as you build your online business with Wealthy Affiliate, it’s not some slam dunk type of deal but it is the best deal I have seen after doing hundreds of program reviews. Build a profitable online business with me by your side every step of the way, Click Here To Work Directly With Me For Free!

My Parting Words Of Advice!

Wealthy Affiliate is a very credible make money from home training program that many have used to create an unbelievable lifestyle, myself included. I feel its at least worth taking the chance on a free membership.

I have personally helped many members go on to very lucrative careers promoting a variety of products and services online with the help of Wealthy Affiliates training platform, bottom line is it works! Yes, there are some downsides to WA’s program, like all work from home offers. The reality of learning how to make a living online or a nice passive income is there is no such thing as a perfect system they all have their challenges,  but Wealthy Affiliate is the closest I have come to finding that perfect system. Click Here To Read More On Wealthy Affiliate and what it has to offer. 

I welcome any questions or comments. If you are looking for any help or want to run any work from home programs by me please don’t hesitate, my help is FREE! Have a good one Mike