What Is A PLR Article- PLR Articles To Build An Online Presence

What Is A PLR Article- PLR Articles To Build An Online Presence

I have to come clean and say upfront that I am not  a fan of using PLR articles but for some they may be the only way that they can play in the Internet marketing game.  I will endeavour to answers questions regarding the purchase and  use of PLR articles as a tool to build an online presence.

article packWhat Is A PLR Article?

Private label rights content commonly known as PLR comes in many different forms. Articles, ebooks, autoresponder pre programmed content fall under the umbrella of private label rights or PLR. Simply put, written or scripted material which you haven’t produced yourself but would like to purchase the rights to use is PLR content. Once you purchase PLR content you can claim authorship of that material.

What Rights Do You Have When You Purchase A PLR Article?

Basically when you purchase any PLR article you can strip it down and reconfigure it any way you would like, it’s yours, you own it and therefor you can do with it what you may. Many Internet marketers purchase PLR articles and make subtle changes and put their name on it as if it were their idea and content, for some marketers this is a very attractive option to producing an original article.

Where Can You Purchase An PLR Article?

→ Fiver.com

→ PLRpro.com

→ Bigproductstore.com

These are just a few places where you can buy PLR articles at reasonable prices, obviously Fiver for $5 bucks is one. There are multiple places where you can purchase PLR content you just need to do a search and you will see it’s a big marketplace with tons of competition. My advice if you are thinking of making a PLR purchase stick to the big players in the PLR game for reliability and quality reasons and by all means, shop around.

How Do I Purchase A PLR Article?

Typically you don’t have many options for making single PLR article purchases, PLR articles and content are usually offered in packages or bundles. Take for example “dog training”, what you would typically find would be a series of articles related to the training of dogs bundled in one specific niche package. You will be looking for articles that preferably has a minimum of 500 words which you might find is a daunting task.

Problems With Using PLR Articles

It’s really hard to find PLR articles that are consistently of good quality. When suppliers sell Bundles of articles the bundles can be very inconsistent in their standards of composition, here are a few problems that I found with PLR articles that I viewed…

– Quality is never consistent within a package deal you may find a few good articles lumped in with many substandard ones.

– Length of articles can be too short, typically an article needs to be 1000-1500 words to achieve a high ranking in Google, finding an PLR article over 1000 words  is like winning the lottery in most cases.

– Grammar at times is terrible

– Although the provider states that a PLR article is of English origin in many cases the article appears to have broken English spread throughout the article.

– Aukward wording and phrases accompanied with numerous spelling errors are prevalent.

google-penalizes-duplicate-contentPLR Articles And Their Duplicate Content Issues

When you purchase PLR articles with the intent on using them to help your websites Search Engine Optimization you run the risk of breaching Google’s duplicate content regulations. Many PLR articles are purchased many times over and their content will be used extensively throughout Google’s search results. The problem lies in the fact that people that buy PLR material are usually buying this form of material because they struggle writing articles of their own, either lack the imagination to write an article or have a hard time with the language that they are building their website or online business around. PLR articles are taken in their original form and  posted  causing a big problem when someone else does the same thing, bingo, you now have duplicate content.

Google has strict guidelines in regards to duplicate content and if you are found to be in violation of their duplicate content rules you will be penalized. When Google deems your article to be to similar to another relevant search your article could face a blacklisting which would see your article stripped of any ranking power,  in other words, no one will ever see your article in the Google dungeon.

How Can You Make A PLR Article Your Own And Not Break Google’s Rules

First I would recommend that you rewrite at least 40-50% of you PLR article in your own words, that’s not saying rewrite the first half and leave the second half untouched! You must essentially interject throughout the entire article changing the arrangement and some phrasing. What I have just described is when you intend to use this content on your website or hope to have this content ranked. There are some great Internet Marketing programs that can show you how to effectively restructure PLR articles so that your new articles are keyword rich and rank high in Google. The trick to using PLR articles is to mold the article to relate to your intended audience, only then can a PLR article can be a useful tool.

What Do PLR Providers Offer Besides PLR Content?

PLR providers offer varying services and selling platforms. Membership sites are popular models used by PLR providers. Membership sites usually provide the purchaser with the best option to make a purchase, pay a monthly membership fee and gain access to a variety of article packages. An example of a membership site is PLRPro.com where they offer 440 articles for one set monthly fee of $97, do the math and you will find you pay roughly 22 cents per article. Usually these packs have a relevant theme and are keyword specific.

Some membership sites offer marketing tools, training tools and forum style communities. I find that most of the sideline tools and training are just to entice you to buy PLR content packages and are not the best options for training or offer the best quality tools. If you want to really utilize and get the most benefit out of your newly purchased PLR material I would suggest outsourcing your training to an Internet Training provider such as Wealthy Affiliate,  an industry leader when it comes to crafting website content that achieves high Google rankings on a consistent basis, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate and what they have to offer.

The Downside To PLR Article Content

One of the obvious drawbacks is the variety of content inside the PLR article packages. In most cases the amount of work it takes to rewrite a PLR article makes me question their functionality and usability. Key factors to keep in mind when purchasing your PLR article content are what is the volume of distribution of your intended purchase? Is the market saturated with the articles that you are intending to buy, this will make it extremely hard for your purchased PLR article material to get top page rankings. If you are set on posting your article as is you could face the wrath of Google’s duplicate content penalties.

On the membership site topic, PLR content can and is dictated by the majority of members voting on what types of PLR article material they want to see offered so it is possible that you may have trouble finding the PLR content on your membership site that you want.


Although I stated earlier that I am not a fan of private label rights content I do admit it has some allure for a certain segment of Internet marketing practitioners. Marketers that are working in an environment where English is the dominant language,  yet English isn’t their first language of choice may benefit from private label rights material. People wanting to bombard a specific niche with a barrage of material in the hopes that it might give their website a search engine optimizing advantage could very well take advantage of PLR material.

I feel the best quality private label rights content alone will do nothing for you, but having the proper Internet marketing training in conjunction with great PLR material in my opinion is the winning ticket for those who want a career in the Internet marketing game but lack the literacy skills to make it happen. The cons definitely outnumber the pros when it comes to using PLR material to build an online business, a focus on acquiring the proper Internet marketing  training before you purchase your PLR products will help you tip the scales in your favour.


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  1. Thank you, I have just been looking for information about this topic for a while and yours is the clearest description of PLR articles and their use.

  2. Hi, great stuff :D. I basically would read the PLR article to get an idea and then I’ll put it down to write my own article. If I’m stuck, I’ll rewrite at least one paragraph from the PLR article or take a sentence or two of each paragraph and rewrite them. I’ll would even research to see if certain stuff in the articles is accurate. I have a great imagination, but I need real facts for certain stuff.

    1. Hi Holly it sounds like you have it figured out. Like I stated in my PLR article, made for you content does have it’s uses and it appears you have found your use for it so my hats off to you. I appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts for our readers, keep up the great work and much success to you in your online endeavours, cheers Mike.

  3. Thank you for the post I am not very good with writing so I have really been looking at PLR articles as a solution for my website but now you have me thinking I might be able to do a better job on my own.

    1. Reading your post Marilyn I would say you wouldn’t have any problem creating your own content, give it a try I cold always take a minute and critique your content for you, good luck Mike.

  4. Very informative, my English is not good and I was thinking of using plr articles to put as content on my website, what do you think?

    1. Hi Jim, If you do buy a set of PLR articles start with the smallest amount you can purchase and see what the quality is like. I think you will find a big difference in content from various providers. If it was me I would look at going to places like Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama and looking for people who will write for you for a price, you will get better content and you get the topic you want, hope that helps, cheers Mike.

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