What Is Now Lifestyle – MLM scam Or A Money Maker?

What Is Now Lifestyle – MLM scam Or A Money Maker?

Are you look looking to make some money in the MLM Industry, Now lifestyle may be the opportunity for you or it maybe just another MLM scam, but you are going to find out for certain by reading my Now Lifestyle review. I joined Now lifestyle today to get an inside look at what this new MLM opportunity looks like and has to offer in the way of income opportunity.

In my Now lifestyle review I will determine whether this is a real opportunity as well as touch on the  Now lifestyle compensation package and the products that they offer.

Enjoy my Now Lifestyle review and like all my reviews please leave your thoughts, your opinions, and any questions you may have and I will get back to you as soon as possible, have a great day Mike.

What Is Now Lifestyle?

Like I mentioned in my introduction, now lifestyle takes on a MLM structure. What I mean by MLM structure is that it is a referral based Business opportunity, in other words you will make money not just off the products but off your referrals sales and membership fees.

Now lifestyle offers a limited selection of products,  it really is just a referral based program. From what I could see Now lifestyle only actually has 3 supplements as their product line and a fitness program called the 7 minute workout. Their platform does offer some informational videos with regard to bodybuilding and weight loss which I might add you really can find anywhere for free on the internet these days.

From what I could see Now lifestyle is actually in the business of selling Internet marketing tools to their members, I will tell you in the next paragraph why this is an interesting component.

The Man Behind Now Lifestyle

Now Lifestyle was created by a guy named Joel Therien, Joel is not new to the MLM game. Joel has experience launching a MLM called Pure Leverage, which I reviewed sometime ago, you can read my review on pure leverage here. I am actually still on Joel’s email list from joining his previous MLM offer.

When I look at Now lifestyle and Pure Leverage side-by-side the similarities are starling. The compensation packages are almost identical, the emphasis on Internet marketing tools is obvious in both offers, right down to the methods used to promote these perspective MLM offers.

More On The Products Now Lifestyle Offers

Here’s a list of products that now lifestyle offers….

  • Weight protein
  • Eliminate natural fibre
  • Elevate energy booster

Okay were you waiting for more, sorry to disappoint you but that’s really it in a nutshell. Now lifestyle hangs its hat on three products and a 7-minute workout, the rest of the program is all about recruiting and getting people to buy Internet marketing tools such as lead capture pages and auto responders.

Here’s the screen shot of the products offered through Now lifestyle…


To compliment the supplements Now Lifestyle offers what they call the 7-minute workout. You can buy the 7-minute workout for $47 by going to 7minuteworkout.com, if you sign up to be a re-seller you will get 50% commissions off the exercise program and also benefit from your referral sales as well. The 7-minute workout is in my opinion a bust, it offers a few little features like a recipe builder, food tracker, and a library of fitness videos. Not sure why you would buy the 7-minute workout when you can get it for free when you sign up as a free member and fill out your fitness profile as I did with Now Lifestyle…

What’s The Cost to Join Now Lifestyle?

It’s absolutely free to join Now lifestyle, with a free membership you get access to the 7-minute workout and you can buy supplements for a discount, other than a few videos that’s about it. You aren’t eligible for any commissions with the free membership. If you want to make money with Now lifestyle then you need to buy into Now Lifestyle’s re-sellers membership which has various buy in levels with the usual 100% commissions teaser. Here is a list of possible buy-ins below…

Now Lifestyle Digital Services Pro Re seller

  • Auto responder – 10,000 subscribers
  • Lead capture system – 10,000 subscribers
  • Full nutrition and workouts for 6 people
  • Elegibilty for 50% – 90% commissions

Cost: $50 monthly membership

Now Lifestyle Professional Education Re seller Package

  • Email Marketing Mastery
  • Nowbody Full Certification Course
  • Facebook Marketing Mastery
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Earn up to 1,000 in commissions

Cost: $1997 one time fee

As you can see Now Lifestyle is more about recruiting and selling your recruits on these two packages than really selling supplements. It’s hard to find any info on selling the actual products, most of the videos and info I read revolved around promoting these packages, getting your recruits to step up to a re-sellers membership. I literally had 6 emails in less than 2 hours on upgrading to a re-sellers package, little over the top in my opinion.

The Meat Of The Offer – The compensation Plan!

If you’re thinking of joining Now lifestyle the only reason that could possibly make any sense would be to recruit people and benefit from the compensation plan. There is no limit to your earnings or levels that you can benefit from as long as you are willing to pay your fees and advertising costs, which you should count on.

The products themselves are not going to have people rushing through the doors. there are so many weight lifting supplements and Weight loss supplements on the market these days that these products won’t look appealing at all. I work out daily and take supplements and Now Lifestyle supplements wouldn’t get a second look from me. Almost identical weight training programs are littered all over the internet for free,  so that definitely isn’t going to be a draw.

Here’s a look at the compensation structure….

As you can see the compensation plan is based solely on members who are paying a monthly fee so that just shows that Now Lifestyle is primarily focused on recruitment. Commissions off the sale of the actual Now Lifestyle products run around the 25% threshold, don’t imagine you will make a living selling these products!

Just a note, to qualify for commissions you need to be an active monthly paying member or you lose all right to your referral commissions, plus you need to meet the following requirements or you don’t qualify for commissions.

Few Things I Like About Now Lifestyle

  • One of the first MLM offers that really focuses on selling online, using legitimate marketing techniques
  • If you are good at recruiting you could make some decent money with this MLM offer
  • Joel Therien is a good internet marketer and he brings a lot of knowledge to the table
  • Has a proven marketing system in place for people with internet marketing experience to utilize

What I Didn’t Like About Now Lifestyle

  • Now Lifestyle product line offers no real value or appeal, hard sell!
  • Recruitment orientated offer
  • Membership fee is high for what you get
  • You need to pay a monthly fee to make any money
  • Really get pushed to upgrade to re-seller

My Final Thoughts On Joining Now Lifestyle

Personally I feel if you don’t have experience as an internet marketer you will see that $50 membership start piling up with very little to show for it. It’s my opinion that this offer has no real product that is going to bring people through the door. The focus will be on recruitment and selling Now Lifestyle as a business opportunity, not on the products themselves. Just look at other MLM’s like Melaleuca for example that offers hundreds of products. What I find ironic is that Joel actually mentions Melaleuca in his introduction video, this offer doesn’t even come close to programs like Melaleuca.

The only bright side to the Now Lifestyle offer in my opinion is it does have an internet marketing component to it which I feel an MLM needs as well as a really good product line. You need to know how to promote any MLM online to find true success in the MLM field.


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