Make Great Money Online Affiliate Marketing

Make Great Money Online Affiliate Marketing

I do a lot of make money online program and product reviews, 100’s to be exact. In some, actually many cases the products or programs don’t produce favourable results for participants. There are so many work from home opportunities that simply don’t have everything you need to actually make money online. There are many reasons why this is the case. Old technology still being flogged as the way to make money online when in fact the only one making money with this program is the creator.

Done for you systems in many cases get created solely for the benefit of the creators bank account. These systems or programs are developed with some truth, some useful elements, but mostly these elements are added to make the product or program appear legitimate.

You will see link posting for example pushed all over the internet as a way to make income from home, “no experience required”.  The fact is that link posting is as relevant as a money generating technique on today’s internet as the flip phone is in today’s smartphone market.

You have probably noticed that paid surveys are also the latest money making opportunity online. I gave the paid survey thing a try just so I could inform my readers on it’s merits.  Once again paid surveys take you down that path of partial reality. The people who are really making the money from doing surveys are affiliates that lead you into these paid survey offers, affiliates like myself, no I don’t recommend paid surveys, not unless you want to spend a whole pile of your time doing surveys for literally cents per hour.

This leads me to what I consider to be the most legitimate and highest paying gig online, affiliate marketing!

The people that are steering you into these money making systems and paid survey offers,  not to mention millions of other products online are called affiliate marketers. Don’t get caught up in the handle, affiliate marketers are only traffic directors, nothing more. You don’t need to be an unethical affiliate marketer steering people towards suspect offers,  you can choose to promote any product using your own code of ethics, I personally believe in karma and won’t deviate from my code of ethics just to make a quick buck, there are many that do, it is very tempting when you see the kind of money that can be made by just moving people towards a certain offer.

Affiliate marketing is how I make my living working from home online. You need very little computer knowledge and you shouldn’t think because training has a high price tag it’s better, that simply isn’t true. I started with a free offer where I received atwo free websites, hosting and a 10 unit step by step free course. I now make a great living online due to this free offer.

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Affiliate-Marketing-how-toWhat is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the backbone of the internet, it’s the fuel that drives the  internet search engines.

Unfortunately like most things online,  there are many people looking to make money off your lack of knowledge,  affiliate marketing training is no exception.

As I mentioned earlier all you need to participate in affiliate marketing is a website and internet access, that’s it! No costly tools or costly training.  Free websites can be created in less than an hour in most cases and from there you just build your website out with content and affiliate offers.

When I started in affiliate marketing,  roughly some 7 years ago,  It took a couple of tries before I found the program that I now endorse.  The program I started with included my website/hosting and all the training I needed to get started making money online as an affiliate marketer. This program is still going strong today, yes it has gone through many updates allowing it to stay current and effective as the internet has gone through many changes over the years. If affiliate marketing interests you at all I highly recommend checking this program out and saving yourself a ton of money money in the process. I have provided a link that will take to the program  and will allow you to get started free. You can see for yourself how affiliate marketing really works with zero risk,  CLICK HERE if you’re interested in checking this program out.

What Does An affiliate marketer Actually Do?

Affiliate marketing is essentially an online middleman, simply put,  you are a promoter of merchant products or services online. You enter into an agreement with an online retailer to promote their product/service and in return they agree to pay you a commission for anything that gets sold through your personalized ID that they assign traffic that originates from your website. Don’t freak out when you hear the word “agreement,” as the middleman you have absolutely no obligation to the merchant other than to follow their rules when you promote their products/services, the agreement is mostly in place for your benefit, this agreement makes sure you get your commission from any referred merchant sale. Some merchants pay weekly, some pay monthly.

how-affiliate-marketing-works1How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

There are many different techniques used in affiliate marketing but the most basic and consistent method is blogging. Blogging is when you set up a website and write about products and services or just general interest stuff. Through your blog you can sell many items, as your blog’s popularity grows so does your earning potential and merchants will start to seek you out and that’s when the really serious bucks start to roll in. I get many merchants wanting to advertise or have me promote their products through this website, not really the intention of this site but you see how it all works. This website was created through a free platform and the training I received to get going was also free

Blogging is just one form of affiliate marketing, you can set up individual sales pages and write quick reviews on certain products that you are promoting. Here’s a quick example how reviews equate to money in the bank!

Say you’re promoting water filters, this is how I would go about it. First I would sign up as an affiliate to all merchants that sell water filters.  Next I would set up a quick review highlighting all the pro’s and con’s of various water filters.  When a person makes their decision based on your information on that product they click through o a link you provide which has your own personal affiliate ID for this product.

Once the customer leaves your sight they bring with them an affiliate ID or cookie that behind the scenes identifies them as one of your clients and when a purchase is made you will get a commission. Remember you are actually an affiliate to all the items that are being reviewed so you are always in a win, win situation,  doesn’t matter what product your visitor chooses you will get a commission. I have personally done this with water filters, chicken supplies, board games. It’s not unethical to do product reviews if you are stating the actual attributes of these various products.  You don’t want to mislead anyone into buying any particular product. Your job is just to inform your visitors, you are actually performing a service, nothing more.

Does Affiliate Marketing Come With Any Risk?

Affiliate marketing is a very simple concept with zero risk , yes , you heard me right! You don’t hold inventory, you don’t have to buy anything, you don’t have to commit to selling anything,  if you don’t like an arrangement ( commission)  you simply move on to another online merchant!  When you’re deciding  on what’s the best way to make money online you have to consider your cost to earnings ratio, where can you make money with zero risk and very little overhead, which leads me into my next section.

How Much Will It Cost To Be An Affiliate Marketer?

This is the sweet part of participating as an affiliate marketer, your cost to be an affiliate marketer is next to nothing. What can you do that has the potential to make thousands a month in income with an all in overhead of less than $50 a month to operate an online business,  none come to my mind!  All you will need as an affiliate marketer is a free website and a registered domain name ( website name) which can be bought for less than $14 a year, that’s all.

So there you have it!

Affiliate marketing isn’t rocket science

what is affiliate marketing?

It’s the internet’s best kept make money from home secret!

If you need me to answer any questions or help in any way with you desire to be make money from  home as an affiliate marketer please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or contact me personally through this website, I am here to help, cheers Mike.

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  1. Hi I’m looking a work from home job but i have no experience. I can use the computer to help myself a little but after two surgery on my right shoulder I’m not looking forward to go back into the working world so i would like to work from home. Affiliate Marketing sound like something i would be interested in but i need your help. I’m living in MA

    1. Hi Alice, you can definitely do affiliate marketing from home and it can provide a very nice living. You don’t need any experience to get going in affiliate marketing just a little training and you are on your way. Alice you can try out this FREE course that will allow you to work with me, build a website and start promoting products online for a pretty nice living. This does take a little time it’s not an overnight deal but over time you build an online business that will provide income for you for years to come.
      The FREE course I mentioned is absolutely free no “oh but this will cost you” type of stuff if you feel affiliate marketing isn’t for you simply walk away there is no credit info taken. Here’s the link below click on that and you will work directly with me, cheers Mike.
      Click here Alice!

  2. If you need some quick money either sell something or offer a service. There are many different websites where you can advertise your services for free. I think the best way is to invest in your own website and then advertise your services on your website.

  3. Thanks for the advice mike. I have used your blog many times and i am greatful. I am looking for an “at home job” for my wife who homeschools our 11 year old son. I make decent money but not enough to survive. I, one day, wish to become a full time writer and your website has given me the motivation i need to a start a website.

    1. Hi Robert I appreciate your feed back and I hope you follow your path to becoming a full time writer. Having the opportunity to converse with people like your self makes for a really enjoyable day.
      When I first started out blogging Robert I never thought for a second I would be doing this for a living. I couldn’t write on a bathroom wall never mind write blogs but I developed a format that anyone can follow that culminates in what many tell me are pretty informative posts. When I started nonword of a lie it took me all day to write a 1000 word post and know I can bang one off in roughly an hour, still use two fingers mind you but it works, lol.
      I own a few websites and every one of them you can build the main structure in less than a few hours and that’s being generous.
      If your wife has any spare time get her to try out the free course I sponsor she will work one on one with me and it is truly free no payment info is required, she doesn’t like it, just walk away. You can peek over her shoulder and ask me all about the writing thing and I will give you my secret format, well not that secret I teach it to everyone I work with.
      Here’s a link where your wife can get free access if she likes “click here for access” Thanks for stopping by Robert and if you need any questions answered or you are looking into something online for your wife please don’t hesitate to run it by me first, cheers Mike.

    1. No Cordova, affiliate marketing is probably the only real way to make considerable income online, nothing fake about merchants needing affiliates to promote their products! Have a look it’s free to learn all about affiliate marketing, cheers Mike.

  4. Be positive! It’s always important that your affiliate campaign uses positive language when promoting a product. You cannot speak in any negative context whatsoever, and that includes speaking badly of the competition! People need to hear that your product is the best on the market, but they don’t want to hear you attack the other product.

    1. Hey Marcus thanks for the comment. You are absolutely right that a person should be positive and as affiliate case studies demonstrate that being positive makes people feel positive which puts them in a spending mood, good for affiliates. On a review site on the other hand such as this that’s not always possible when reviewing certain products. There are many scams on the market and they deserve to be raked over the coals so to speak and called out for what they are and at times this can come off quite negative but it is what it is!
      I actually have 10 times as many approved programs on this site as there are poor or scammy products. I only have one product at this moment that I fully endorse because it has the most check marks by the requirements I feel will benefit my readers. What separates this site from many review sites is that this site is very impartial and objective. There are many good programs and products which I approve ( incentive free) and some that I am on the fence over because they lack certain components that may hurt your chances depending on your skill level, then there are the scams that I bash, rightfully so, cheers Mike.

  5. Hi Mike Sir, I like to appreciate your well written article and it will very helpful for me because i want to start online marketing. thanks for sharing with us .

    1. Hi Akshma, Affiliate Marketing is the only real opportunity online to make a significant amount of income, it’s real and online merchants can’t find enough affiliates to promote their products therefore commissions paid out by online vendors are extremely high.

  6. Thanks for a informative post! I actually enjoyed reading it, you
    are a great author. Keep up the good work, have a nice evening!

  7. I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and set up on
    my own. Do you need any html coding expertise to make
    your own blog? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Vicky, I think it is admirable that you are trying to start a blog on your own but to be honest why don’t you start at Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn how to blog for free and also get hosting and two free websites thrown in. You will have access to the best training and not only create a professional looking blog but learn how to have it rank where people will see it. Look me up inside WA and I will gladly give you a hand, cheers Mike.

  8. Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts
    and I am waiting for your next write ups thank you once again. I have applied some of the info you have provided in your articles with great success, thank you Blake.

  9. Affiliate marketing sounds good but I have very little computer skills is it still an option for me?

    1. Hi Euginia, when I first started I had almost very little exposure to computers but the program I found after a few failed attempts basically took me by the hand and walked me through it. I started making money online with their help and I am still a member because I benefit from their support and updated training. Check out my #1 program for affiliate marketing training, they offer a free starter course no strings attached, good luck Mike.

  10. I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!! I definitely loved every bit of it.

    I’ve got you book-marked to look at new things you post…

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