Work At Home University Scam- Another Wolf In Sheeps Clothing?

Work At Home University Scam- Another Wolf In Sheeps Clothing?

In my opinion Work At Home University scam, is a scam, did I just double up on scam? must have scam on my mind. Where was I? Oh yeah, In this short review I will give my reasons why I think Work At Home University is a scam and should be avoided, unless of course you have lots of money and like making donations to unscrupulous marketing scams.

Name: Work At Home University

Owner: Some wallet card person 

Cost: Discount price $97 bucks and as many upsells as you can afford


Rank: Scam







The Work At Home University is promoted like many other scams I have had the pleasure of writing about, a business in a box, no effort required, well they do say 60 minutes a day but that is just to get you thinking there is actually something there that you are going to learn. Pretty appealing to think you can make money online without actually earning it, even 60 minutes a day to make a living online is something fairy tales are made from. Hey,  if you are the type that wants something that takes no effort but makes money online, you will be a victim, this article will not save you! Hate to be the dealbreaker but there is no such animal on the Internet. Learning to sell stuff online takes some perseverance and  commitment but it’s very doable, thought spellcheck would pop up with “doable” wasn’t to sure if that was an actual word! Anyways, read on and I will tell you why Work At Home University is a Wolf in Sheeps clothing!

What Is The Work At Home University?

WAHU is a fake program not a school or a University, don’t think I really needed to tell you that but I did. This program is like all other scams, they have to offer something to keep their butts from getting roasted so they offer up some old decrepit marketing techniques that came in when computers took up two whole floors of a building. The techniques I am referring to are link posting and auction list supplier. These are the two marketing disciplines that you will get instruction on when you sign up. Link posting has been a practice that Google has blackballed sometime ago, so the thought of making money at it is quite laughable, auction list agent is an ineffective method of generating income online, but given you something useful I believe was never their intention.

Wish this type of school was around when I was going to school, take two short courses and Bamm! I am out of there. Let’s see what else? Oh you get a personal coach, don’t get excited, when you get your instructions to phone their hotline number and get your  personal coach you will get lots of personal attention alright, lots of phone calls trying to push you into buying extra items that you will need to make your millions online.

What’s The Work At Home Scam Going To Cost You?

WAHU will cost you $97 bucks right off the bat and once you get in touch with your personal coach, or should I say your personal sales person you could be on the hook for well over a thousand with nothing to show for your investment. They do state you will get something from them, the most secure payment site on the Internet, hmmmm, really? that’s bad! What a bullcrap statement! How can you quantify a statement like this, you can’t that’s why they say it!

wahu secure payment




What Are Some Telltale Signs That The Work At Home University Is Misleading?

mary2For starters they seem to use a person for endorsements that is becoming quite a Internet celebrity these days. This beautiful lady is popping up all over the place and appears to be the newest “business in a box” poster child,  in one case she is actually portrayed as the owner of  another less than desirable get rich quick scheme,  Online Riches University, Naah, not another university, go figure!

Bogus news releases are used to make it seem like they have been featured on national news broadcasts when in reality the only chance these guys will have of getting on TV will be when NBC does a documentary on Internet marketing scams.

Offer more than the industry standard of 30 days money back guarantee. Work at home university offers 60 days, good luck cashing in that chip.

wahuThey use a scam type of sales pitch where they slash the regular price and offer a limited time only discount which you know is the regular price.


Not going to waste your time with a bunch of filler just to get my word count up, that is an actual marketing technique you know, Google likes articles to be roughly 1500 words or better, Google will rank your posts higher!

Work At Home University is one big sales pitch, the whole program is designed to suck as much money out of you as possible, this is what they do and they are good at it so please be careful around this one.



10 Replies to “Work At Home University Scam- Another Wolf In Sheeps Clothing?”

  1. Thank you for the info I have seen the other programs that are similar that you have pointed out some of the glaring similarities. Looks like I won’t be biting on this one!

  2. Everywhere I turn I run into one of these scams, I have looked into at least ten programs now to learn how to make some cash online and still run into roadblocks, help!

    1. Hi Christine, Yes I know it is frustrating and you really start to think if making money online is a realistic goal, I can tell you it is, check out my #1 recommended program, it’s where I got my start and now I work online and make a great living, wish you all the best Mike.

  3. Hi Mike, I enjoyed reading through your review. I am lucky I read this before acting I feel I just dodged a bullet with this one, thank you J

    1. Hi Jack, yes you would have got yourself into a bit of a mess with this one I am afraid Jack. These work from home things keep popping up as one scam dies out, best of luck Mike.

  4. Thanks for any other fantastic post. I have read many of your articles and really find them entertaining and full of great info, thank you!

  5. Having read this I thought it was really enlightening.
    I appreciate you finding the time and energy to investigate this product and give your readers some advice.

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