ZNZ Big Cash – An Honest ZNZ Big Cash Review!

ZNZ Big Cash – An Honest ZNZ Big Cash Review!

I will start by giving a brief overview of  ZNZ big cash. Basically ZNZ big cash is a referral program. Referral programs operate under the premiss that you bring people through their door and you get paid for their participation in the companies offers, sounds pretty simple, well it’s not quite that simplistic and I will endeavour to explain the reasons why. Here is what I liked and disliked about the ZNZ big cash referral program and how you could potentially make or even lose money with this venture.

How Does ZNZ Big Cash Work?

I am going to keep this as short as I can. ZNZ is promoted as a free way to earn money online, the ideal way to make money from the comforts of your own home. You are asked to complete multiple offers designated by ZNZ big cash to have the right to refer people to their site and various products and therefor making a commission. ZNZ big cash offers a free website which I feel is kind of useless and won’t get traffic to your offer the way it is set up but none the less you do get a venue to promote ZNZ big cash to any prospective referrals that happen upon it. Basically  referrals are where your revenue is going to come from.

That’s it!

Not rocket science by any means, the hard part will be to get people to the ZNZ Big Cash offer. What does ZNZ big cash get out of your participation ? They get their cut from the companies that are putting on the offerings, ZNZ big cash is essentially a facilitator, an affiliate marketer on a much larger scale.

What Did I Like About ZNZ Big Cash?

Here are a few highlights…

You could make some money with this program, but that said you could make money with any referral program. When I say you could make money don’t get too excited and rush to sign up, this is a referral program and your success is based on your ability to recruit.

Do you have the skill to promote ZNZ Big Cash Online?

You need some basic marketing skills to pull this gig off and make money at it, marketing skills are something you won’t get with the ZNZ Big Cash program.

Check out the program that helped me make thousands a month online.

There are two ways to get something out of the ZNZ big cash program, you can either make a few bucks trying to refer people to their site and make a commission or complete offers and earn rewards for yourself which won’t add up to much.

You are given a FREE website to promote their product which is a nice touch albeit this site I feel won’t adequately serve your needs.

The ZNZ big cash program offers a generous amount of products to choose from when you are completing the necessary  offers to qualify for their referral program. Having access to a variety of programs is definitely a nice bonus when you are trying to persuade someone to join, ZNZ does a good job providing a variety of services and products.

The ZNZ big cash program is FREE to navigate and participate in. This gives the participant the opportunity to look around and check offers out to see if they are the right offers to sign up for and if there is value in what they offer which is a great way for people to see what ZNZ Big Cash is all about.


What I Didn’t Like About ZNZ big cash?

The downside to a program like ZNZ big cash is very stereotypical of any referral program. The name ZNZ big cash is in my opinion misleading. Can you make big cash with this program, I would say Zip, Nada, Zilch is closer to what you will make from this program the way it is set up unless you really know how to market this program online to the masses, the people who make good money with this program are the ones you see promoting it online.

When I was going through the signup process I quickly realized that the free offering was not going to be free. I was promptly informed after I had filled out all my personal info that I needed 1 credit to finish the signup process and gain access so I looked for a free offering where I could get 1 full credit, couldn’t find Nada one! Had to pay for an offer with Godaddy to get my 1 credit who I don’t use anymore because of their relentless sales emails.  The screenshot above shows my options in regards to getting the 1 full credit I needed. It would have taken 4 sign ups to get my 1 full credit, I can’t imagine what that would have cost me. Choosing Godaddy locked me into a contact that if I were to break would result in the forfeiture of my 1 credit.

Is ZNZ big cash really free? Nada!  Other than getting your free website which is a clone website template and offers no ranking power whatsoever.

What does this mean?

A website that is a clone site, like every other members site, has almost zero chance of being seen by the internet public. These sites have very limited capabilities and are not customizable so they will look like your competitors sites.

Truth be known you can’t make money unless you sign up for offers, you will have a very hard time finding enough offers that are free so you can complete the signup process.  Nada going to happen, so the whole ZiP, Nada, Zilch theme as far as I am concerned is a nice concept but only a concept in my opinion!

I found that training for the promotion of ZNZ Big Cash was non existent in their program. I don’t see how a program like ZNZ big cash could survive without arming it’s promoters (you) with the best training possible, this only makes good business sense.

Another aspect of the ZNZ big cash referral program was the apparent low grade marketing tools they themselves used to promote their program. ZNZ’s promotional video at the time that I viewed it was of very poor quality.

No set up fees, no monthly fees, no annual fees, no fees of any kind, wait a minute back up for a second! No fees of any kind? This is a little misleading do to the fact that you can’t make referrals if you don’t sign up for offers and I personally found it difficult to find enough free offers to qualify.

My Opinion Based On What I Saw In ZNZ

If you have some internet marketing background and know how to build a decent website like this website, then ZNZ Big Cash offers some good income opportunities but don’t think you can go into an offer like this without knowledge on how to promote ZNZ Big Cash online, I feel you will be disappointed in the outcome.





18 Replies to “ZNZ Big Cash – An Honest ZNZ Big Cash Review!”

  1. So pretty much who ever started znz site has came up with a clever and shady way to get people to complete a paid offer in which the owner of znz gets the payout from the named company of the offer(the payout can big huge $$ for completing sometimes to) then pretty much does not have any obligation to pay the person who signed up and completed the offer anything so the owner can just sit back and make the $$$ lol thats pretty sneaky and smart at the same time.
    Who is to say that the owner has actually paid anyone a penny lol after they do the offer the persons account could be mysteriously banned or made unusable lol.
    Anyone could just go sign up at a regular GPT website and and do the same offers and get paid instantly on a few of those sites lol..The ways that some people try to persuade others who actually need the money is horrible.
    Thanks mike for posting this review any helping others not be jipped

    1. Hi Brian, yeh there’s really no need to go through ZNZ Big Cash to try any of the products in their program you definitely could just source and try them on your own. People have probably made some money with ZNZ Big Cash but if I were a betting man I would say a lot of the high referral people are the ones making the money. It’s not easy to become one of those top earners, you really need to know how to do affiliate marketing, which you wont learn inside ZNZ Big Cash! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, have a great day Mike.

  2. hi mike,

    I would like to emphasize more on the “uselessness” of this program, i joined months ago and i have not made anything yet for some reason people just don’t trust them i have tried everything to get affiliates but it just does not work, i also have not sold anything on my website i do not want to say its their fault maybe my marketing skills are poor but so from my part i urge people to stay away.

    1. Hi Dave, unfortunately you are not the exception with this program when it comes to the “not making money category”. 

      You really need to have some idea of how to market online before you have any hope of making money with programs like Znz big cash. Knowing how to promote online will allow you to take a program like ZNZ Big Cash and drive people to their offer, but you need your own website that has the capability to rank with search engines and get traffic to your offer. Thanks for stopping by cheers mike.

  3. HI Mike, Thank you for sharing information about this website. I have not heard of them before. I like your honest appraisal that “Free sign ups” are not free at all. And they are only partially free so you can sign up / get locked into other offers. In my country we call that “false and misleading advertising” and 3rd party forcing (where you are forced to engage with a 3rd entity to get your freebie from the 2nd entity). I am glad that you highlight this important issue for me. Thank you.

    1. Your welcome Glenys and thank you for stopping by. Yes ZNZ affiliates really push the free thing but when you try and go through the process free you will find that you are signing up with your credit card for offers that you had better write down or take note of the trial period, if not you could see a hefty charge on your next credit card bill. Have good one Mike.

  4. To be brutally honest, the offers that this ZNZ site are promoting look exactly like the offers you find on regular GPT (Get Paid To) sites or survey sites. I’m a bit confused as to how you’re going to make any money promoting these? Have I missed something? Is that really there main product offering?

    1. Yep it is Chris, your chances of making any significant income with ZNZ Big Cash is very slim to none. Thanks for stopping by, cheers Mike.

  5. Mike!
    Great review about ZNZ Big cash. I do not understand why these guys are launching such filthy schemes? They will make some money and quickly vanish from the scene.The ultimate result is innocent people are fooled. The review like yours will help the people to understand where to invest their money and their time.
    Thanks for great information

  6. You bash this opportunity for the express purpose of pushing your own, so in truth, the only one who is “sleazy” is you. There’s nothing more underhanded than tarnishing a competitor to make a buck for yourself. So you spend $5-$10 completing the 1 credit. If $5-$10 is going to break you, then you shouldn’t be involved with Internet marketing to begin with!

    And tell the folks that once the 1 credit is completed, they never have to spend another dime or deal with another offer. The purpose of this system is to provide people who are looking for such, an almost no-cost system to make startup money to leverage into other more involved systems. So in that regard, no, it is not a SCAM. A SCAM is something that solicits from you under the guise of being a self-contained income stream without tell you that you will also need the components comprising a sales funnel, things like an autoresponder, lead tracking software and various other “necessary” bells & whistles. That’s a SCAM.

    Being negative and filling others with negativity doesn’t make someone a winner. If this system was legitimately a SCAM, I’d respect what you’re doing with this blog, but you’re not being honest and by being dishonest, you’re trying to put money into your pockets. Shame on you and the rest of these people who don’t know any better.

    If you want to review a SCAM, check out some of the binary options auto softwares floating around.

    1. To all my readers I get comments like this on a daily basis most are from affiliates that are in deep with the programs or products that I review and don’t take kindly to my opinion on their offering, my opinion in some cases hurts their chances of selling their product and that hurts their pocket book!
      This comment fits that mold by trying to deflect from the real point of the post and that is to inform readers of the product. Blackrobb who doesn’t want to use his real name which is the first sign something stinks is distorting the facts, nowhere do I call ZNZ Big Cash a “SCAM” I do say in my opinion that ZNZ Big Cash is not a realistic opportunity to make a significant income online unless you already have Internet marketing experience. ZNZ Big Cash says it’s free to start making money with their program but it actually isn’t! Blackrobbb says that you will only pay $5-$10 one time only for your one credit which is not the case, Blackrobbb also states that I solicit a self-contained income stream without telling you that there are components needed which is total garbage.
      On this website I do give recommendations for good products and programs because there are actually good programs/products out there, what help would I be to my readers if I only wrote about the crappy programs and sent them on their way just to them run into another scam or poor quality product with no options?
      Obviously Blackrobb you don’t know how to make money online if you have been caught up in the ” you need more tools scam” I actually tell readers here on this site that you don’t need Autoresponders, you don’t need lead tracking software and all those pricy bells and whistles. These so called essential tools are just money grabbing extras that are not needed to make money online, I don’t use any of these tools to make my living online.
      Blackrobbb instead of trying to deflect from the pitfalls of your program by discrediting my efforts you should read the material on my website which you obviously haven’t, you are a clear example of why I run this website to inform people of what they need to avoid online.

  7. Good review,don’t know much about this program other than what you have described but from what you say here I will take a closer look before I make a decision to join, thank you Mona.

    1. Good call Mona, I would suggest really looking at what I have described and check it for accuracy, I think you will find that what I have said is accurate and this program is not a money maker, cheers Mike.

  8. Hi Mike; I have been studying the ZNZ for almost 4 hours and I was going to give it a try but after I read all your comments I would not; I have been digging online trying to find a real home work opportunity but so far without success. I have been scammed a couple times too; but I am still looking most that I searched so far they want money in front and I am trying to avoid that. If you know a very legit work home opportunity let me know please.

    1. Hi Jose, I have reviewed close to 150 programs and products and I think you will have a hard time finding a work from home opportunity that gives you a free start that is legit. Wealthy Affiliate which I have been a member with since 2010 is the only online money making program that offers an unlimited time frame to build an online affiliate business. Wealthy affiliate offers all you need to start making money online for free, no strings attached, down the road if you feel you want everything WA offers then they offer a premium package for $47 bucks a month but you are under no pressure at anytime to upgrade and you work at your own pace through a step by step course.
      I feel this is your best bet because you can learn and earn at the same time free. I am a member at WA and would gladly help you get started if it’s not your thing you just disappear no credit card info or anything like that is asked for, hope to see you inside, cheers Mike.

  9. I was actually referred to ZNZ by a family member and I thought I would check it out, reading your review I can see where you are coming from when you say it is a referral program. This family member that tried to sign me up has been part of many schemes like this in the past so I thought I would look into it before I signed up, looks like it is just another make money scheme like the ones he has duped other family members into in the past!

    1. Yes Tod, referral programs always put the recruitment focus on family and friends because they don’t give you the necessary training or tools to reach the masses of Internet users where your real chance to make income online exists. You will eventually run out of family and friends and at that point so does your revenue stream, cheers Mike.

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