Zrii Review – Is It A Legitimate Business?

Zrii Review – Is It A Legitimate Business?

Website: Zrii.com
Owner: William Farley
Type Of Business: MLM Program
Product Line: Health & Wellness

 Zrii At A Glance

I am assessing  Zrii strictly as a business opportunity I am not evaluating or authenticating the effectiveness of Zriis products. Zrii does have a solid reputation for their product quality and Zrii offers products that do have some consumer appeal. Zrii offers a product line that fits into the Health and Wellness niche and offers what appears to be a pretty competitive commission structure.
Zrii had a pre launch of their offering in 2007, their company headquarters are located in Draper Utah but since their launch they have expanded their business to serve roughly 20 different markets worldwide.

The Product Line

Zrii offers products that are processed keeping with an age old tradition. Marketing material suggests the process Zrii adheres to originated roughly 5000 years ago. Zrii products have had the support of well known speakers such as DR Deepak Chopra known for his involvement in the Health and Wellness field.


The foundation or main ingredient that makes Zrii products unique is the use of Amalaki or otherwise referred to as the Indian Gooseberry. Zrii products claims include but are not limited to the regulation of blood pressure levels, immune system boosting qualities and inflammation reduction. My research of the Zrii product line didn’t turn up any scientific basis for their product attribute claims.

zrii products


How Does Zrii The Business Opportunity Work?zrii-presentation-25-728

MLM’s (multi level marketing) in general are broken down into two different categories, physical product vendors such as Zrii and Vemma and non physical product vendors that deal in the business of delivering services, for example MLM opportunities dealing in non physical products are platforms like  Zukul or the Power Lead System which deal in Internet marketing tools as their main MLM product, these usually come in the form of digitally downloadable products.
 If I had to pick I would personally lean towards MLM opportunities that offer non physical products that only require you to make a one time purchase or pay a monthly fee to qualify for commissions that way you can just wash your hands of them if they don’t pan out,  unlike physical product MLM offers like Zrii that tie you up with costly products or partial reimbursements for products after you have left.

 What Kind Of Training Will I Receive At Zrii?

I didn’t see much in the way of training that would get someone past the selling to your family and friends phase, when you run out of these two groups of clients how do you reach your global audience? I did see a small sales and marketing section but once again I didn’t see how this would be of much use unless your focus was on family and friends which is exactly what was promoted inside this sales and marketing package.
This is a common problem with MLM programs not just Zrii.  MLM opportunities lack relevant training in regards to reaching out to the world via the Internet. This in my opinion is why there is such a high failure rate in MLM money making ventures.  Once again I don’t want to single out Zrii but in general people entering an MLM opportunity should already have a very solid affiliate marketing foundation before you enter any MLM program,  this will help you promote the product to a global market not just your immediate family and friends. I offer a FREE 7 day Internet Marketing course  that would greatly increase your odds of making money with products such as Zrii! This course teaches you how to build a website and promote products online for a living.

Positive aspects Of The Zrii Platform 

Marketable and appealing Product

Has some high profile supporters

Proven business at the helm

Demonstrated ability to expand their market presence

Competitive commission structure

Good Better Business Bureau rating

Has some longevity as an MLM opportunity which is a good sign.

Negative aspects of the Zrii Platform

insufficient training for new recruits to reach a global market, no training platform in place that can equip members with the necessary training on the development of an online marketing campaign.

product procurement is a must in this program putting a lot of pressure on new recruits.

 Product lacks FDA approval

Discovered many negative comments from past Zrii participants

Your success is directly linked to your sponsor’s ability to train you in the art of selling Zrii.

My Final Take On Zrii As A Business Opportunity

Zrii in my opinion offers some decent products that consumers will buy but unfortunately I don’t like their training platform for participants or the fact that you are required to buy product to sell.  I feel your chances of success are increased greatly if you could have an online presence.

As Zrii stands now with the focus solidly planted on marketing to friends and family I feel this limits Zrii potential and will be contributing factor to a member’s failure in this program.



4 Replies to “Zrii Review – Is It A Legitimate Business?”

  1. I’m sorry Mike but Zrii is a total scam. You are guaranteed to fail from the start for exactly the reasons you describe. They don’t train you so it’s very hard to make any substantial sales. Once you’ve purchased the cheapest, $500 package or kit it doesn’t matter to the corporation if you succeed or fail because they’ve already made $500 off you! Failing is the business model but that doesn’t matter because they’ve already taken your money and made unrealistic promises of a “limitless market.” There is no such thing as limitless market and I truly feel bad for anyone considering this as a means of making money and income. It makes me wonder if you are somehow involved in pyramid schemes, I mean multi-level marketing because I find it very irresponsible to condone any of this.

    1. Hi Adam I am not sure how the conclusion is made that I maybe somehow involved in the promotion of pyramid schemes or multi level marketing, this couldn’t be further from the truth!
      I am not a proponent of MLM offers, I have never endorsed a single MLM offer on this site to date.
      There are MLM’s that offer a decent product line such a Zrii that are desirable to the buying public only if one had the basic internet marketing training to support the promotion of these said products.
      In saying that the key here is, you must have internet marketing experience to reach the masses, I will not compromise on this stand point and this point is repeatedly made throughout my Zrii review!
      I clearly state in all reviews I do on MLM offers that, even though a certain MLM may offer some decent products, failure is almost a foregone conclusion do to the fact that MLMs in general don’t invest their money into properly training their participants to sell to the masses, this is a systemic fault that I found in all of the MLM’s opportunities that I have reviewed to date.
      I cannot say to my readers that you can’t make money selling Zrii using word of mouth because that would be irresponsible and untrue, but what I do say is
      Here is just one excerpt amongst many references that you may have missed in my Zrii review….
      “As Zrii stands now with the focus solidly planted on marketing to friends and family and little emphasis on marketing to a broad audience, I feel this limits Zrii potential and will be a contributing factor in a member’s failure in this program”. This also covers off your refernce to “limitless market”
      On the flip side I do believe in a “limitless markets”
      I am a professional affiliate marketer with internet marketing training, I view all markets as limitless for the simple reason the potential is limitless on the Internet, I sell products to all regions of the world and in many cases I have only begun to tap the potential of the internet’s reach, but once again that comes back to having the internet marketing training to reach this audience.

      Just a note,

      An MLM offers a product or products to the public, recruitment isn’t needed to earn income as a participant, on the other hand, a pyramid scheme, which is illegal, is driven solely by recruitment, if a pyramid scheme has a product it is sold internally usually sold as part of a membership, this artificially drives revenues for the program, once referrals drop off so does the program leaving participants holding worthless products not intended for sale to the public.
      I do feel we have the same goal of protecting people from making a costly mistake and I thank you for the time you took to voice your concerns. I will look at my Zrii review for any misconceptions that may exist, Once again thank you Adam I appreciate your input, have a great day Mike.

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