Zukul Review – Does Zukul Deliver?

Zukul Review – Does Zukul Deliver?

Website: www.zukul.com

Owners: Jeremy Rush

Type Of Business: MLM/ Online Marketing Training Tools Provider

Established: 2014

Cost:  $50/month, $250/month

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Zukul Review, Does Zukul Deliver?

I will be honest and say right out of the gate to be fair to Zukul it still may be a little early to give a definitive answer to the question “does Zukul deliver” but I will outline for you what some of the highlights and downsides of being a Zukul member are.

My hesitation on singing the praises or tearing down Zukul’s offer is it’s obvious status as a “work in progress”. One quick example is one of Zukul’s membership information venues known in Zukul land as “hangouts”.  These hangouts are put on roughly 1-2 times a week which contain some interesting subject matter but came off as very unorganized affairs, members do routinely use Skype chat rooms to help fellow members but from what I saw this is like the blind leading the blind.

Something I did like about Zukul was the owner’s friendliness,  Jeremy who I frequently watched putting on various hangouts came across as a very likable fellow who really did appear to take a genuine interest helping members, he made an honest effort to engage and inform his audience, more than I can say for many of the programs that I have reviewed in the past.

Yes, Zukul does deliver a variety of tools that do appear to offer some value.  Here’s a breakdown of what you will get in each membership option….

zukul tools

Intermediate Package – Cost/ $ 50 month

Facebook Ninja Pro
Autoresponder Lite
Capture Pages
Landing Page Creator
Banner Creator
Solo Ad Creator
Jukebox Training
Blogging Platform

Advanced Package – Cost/ $250 month

Capture Pages
Banner Creator
Video Submission Tool
Social Submission Tool
Link Shortener & Tracker
Jukebox Training
Solo Ad Tool
Blogging Platform
Youtube Buddy
Videoscribe Suite
Banner Creator

Is There Value In A Zukul Membership?

If you’re interested in learning how to build a high quality website then Zukul’s blogging platform won’t meet your needs.   If you are looking at marketing training that doesn’t revolve around the world of social networks and you have your sights set on learning all aspects of Internet marketing such as SEO optimization,  keyword research, drilling down on a profitable niche or analyzing market data to best optimize your chances of reaching your targeted audience then you won’t find this level of training with Zukul. If you would like to learn how to write quality engaging content and have that content rank on the first page of Google then once again Zukul won’t meet your needs.

What’s The Deal With Guaranteed Signups

Zukul has had a shift in their delivery model since conception and are now guaranteeing new members who sign up 3 referrals on the house that will help start your own 10x matrix, this isn’t free,  it will cost you a one time fee of $49.95 to pay for the traffic and the cost of hiring people to market Zukul. With this offer you must purchase one of Zukuls tool suite options starting at $50 a month, Zukul just says $50 they actually don’t mention this is a recurring monthly bill that I could see in their promotional video!

Looking at the guaranteed offer  I have to say I am very skeptical, pitch in extra money and get more signups under you. Where are these extra signups coming from? How can Zukul keep up to the demand for signups?  If you take the hype out of the equation there are many questions that at this point don’t have answers.

 The potential Downside to Zukul

 Zukuls blogging platform has very limited capabilities basically all it is good for is to promote a 1 page Zukul promotion, nothing like a WordPress website builder.

 Zukul puts a lot of emphasis on it’s new Guaranteed sign up offer which is highly dependant on the hired marketers effectiveness to reach their intended audience. What if they are not successful? Who are these marketers and do you actually know they have hired any with your money?

Is the training inside Zukul adequate for new members to recruit more members on their own? From what I saw it isn’t! Will their training actually give you the skill set to use Zukuls tool suite to sell products other than Zukul?

There are 3 recruits promised for every new member that’s a lot of referrals that need to be recruited to keep things rolling,  will the marketing campaign be able to keep up to that demand? If not where will the 3 new recruits come from? Many recruitment based programs can’t deliver recruits which leads to their demise, what makes Zukul any different?

 My Final Thoughts

Posting hypothetical numbers is one thing,  actually delivering on those numbers is another. I feel Zukul is up against some stiff competition in the online marketing tool category if that is their true mission,  I think this component of their business will be a bit of a grind. I haven’t seen anything in Zukul that hasn’t been offered before just in a slightly different delivery model, some make you pay for e books, some various products all with the opportunity to buy referrals to add to your matrix.  I have witnessed too many referral based platforms fail over the years because they lacked the ability to recruit fast enough to keep up with their referral income promise.

Zukul has switched directions midstream and is putting all their eggs into a recruitment based model and that can be a scary proposition for it’s members. Zukuls survival is now dependant on recruitment and the effectiveness of Zukul members to recruit using their “one link” with the training they are provided. Ultimately you will have to be the judge, will a one link marketing campaign cut it in the competitive MLM market?  I have watched MLM’s such as Wake Up Now fold that offered its members a superior marketing campaign.

I hope you found this article helpful I welcome any feedback, Cheers Mike.






50 Replies to “Zukul Review – Does Zukul Deliver?”

  1. Members are starting to as and some are very angry ! Here are some posts from members 🙂

    when will the $50 Adspots paying again, Sounds like someone (Jeremy) has some explaining to do but alas, he wont because he is not very good at talking about issues at hand. He wont lie to you, He just wont talk about it.
    Jeremy Rush, give back my money which i invested in Gsu’s in Zukul… I asked for a refund and got banned !!
    Removed my comments along with others. This is a joke, I have tried to be diplomatic about it. The worst online business I have ever been involved with, never have I lost so much money. Careful guys, this is all talk, like their webinars, usually 6-7 guys all sugarcoating each other on the same thing. I want out, simply to stop receiving emails, and they cant even remove my email address from their system that one pays for and does not work. I´ll give it to Jeremy, he had me fooled, not easy if you have been online for years. He managed it , didnt manage to blow my socks off, just blew holes in my pocket. Well done to you and your team mate. You may now remove this comment as well, cause the truth will come out. Stop taking peoples money.

    1. Hi Einar, sorry to hear of your troubles with Zukul. When I initially reviewed Zukul they were quite new to the money making game so I gave them the benefit of being a new start up, I did say I saw issues and had concerns in the area of the Guaranteed signups and the sustainability of an offer like Zukul was putting forward, I now see that my suspicions appear to be coming full circle.
      Over the last year in particular I received tons of hate mail from Zukul members over my “not so glowing” review of Zukul. I am glad I never bent to their pressures, but I do feel for all the people who are experiencing payment issues with Zukul now.

      Zukul members are more than welcome to use this site as their forum to exchange Zukul experiences. I encourage members who to leave your thoughts for others, this is by far the best way to bring scrutiny to issues that Zukul may be having and also expose common issues, you won’t be banned here!
      Cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Pamela, you really have no recourse I am sorry to say, you will just have to keep hounding them to see if you can get your money back. If Zukul dealt with Paypal you could contact them but I don’t think they do. Paypal is pretty picky on who they do business with that’s why you always want to pick a program that has paypal or credit card so that you have a third party to appeal to. Let me know how you make out, your info may be very useful to help others that are looking for some help, thanks Mike.

  2. Hi mike quick update review on zukul ad network, it has become an outright ponzi scheme, all the promises on the hangouts about them getting outside revenue never happened, earnings are shocking to non existent and he has managed to brainwash the members into thinking even though the funds are low just stick with it and don’t quite, he likes to pull the law of attraction card to blind them.

    The lower ad packs are moving so slow that some levels will take over a year to fully mature and in some cases multiple years. The admin is completely useless, all they can tell you is generic messages or tell you to watch previous hangouts which is the answer you get 99% of the time.

    Zuykul ad network has been stuck for months, it’s a absolute joke. Jeremy rush believes he has delivered by hiding behind the fact that he has helped about 2% of it’s members, that’s his proof that he’s doing what he promised lol.

    All the top earners happen to be all the same people in all the programs from zukul to zukul add network. when i joined zukul I was told we would get 3 GSU’s but nothing, some people have been waiting since November 2015. they delete all the Facebook comments of members that mention their lack of earnings in order to blind the public of their failure.

    If anyone is thinking about joining zukul or zukul ad network i strongly advise you to think twice because you will earn nothing just like the rest of us, there’s members that have been in only 2 weeks and regret that they joined. Don’t base your judgement on their Facebook page as all comments of unhappy members are deleted.

    1. Hi Richard thank you for giving my readers your thoughts. I have voiced my concerns in regards to the guaranteed sign up deal that Zukul offers and how I felt it was very questionable. Relying on hired help to drive the success of their program and keep up to the demand of filling their promise to put 3 recruits under every member seemed very unrealistic to me, from what you are describing it sounds like this is coming to light now in Zukuls case.
      Programs have the right to censor out vulgar or misleading information from their forums, but to censor out peoples disappointment with their results is a tell tale sign that things may not be going as planned at Zukul.
      Thank you for taking the time to pass on this info, cheers Mike.

    2. Richard you are SO RIGHT!!!
      I was banned from the OLF Facebook group because I told the truth there!
      I have been owed commissions since August and they ADMIT it’s owed
      but I’m given “stalling messages” from support. They keep saying
      “we will talk to the programmers” (SLOW-GRAMMERS), OR….We are
      hoping to have commissions paid up by next month.

      ALL B.S.!!

      SAVE your money!
      I am going to do everything I can to DEMAND
      my money refunded.

      I DID use a credit card……is there a way to
      complain to them???????

  3. Zukul has been a disaster for many. The GSU (Guaranteed Sign Up System) simply does not work. Period.
    All one has to do is do the math. For EVERY person that signs up for Zukul and buys ONE GSU….there has to be another 3 people sign up for Zukul. Those numbers are bad enough.

    But then consider that many Zukul members were allowed to buy into the HUNDREDS of GSU’s! So for example, let’s say a person just bought 10 GSU’s. Now that ONE person gets 30 people into their funnel! Does anyone really think this type of thing can be sustained? If they have any intelligence they don’t!

    Zukul is GREAT at hype. Very very poor at actually delivering results. Their Hangouts are almost sorta scary as the cult like attitude is alarming. Their FACEBOOK page is really comical. It is not hard to understand how people get brainwashed and lose all common sense.

    When I first signed up for Zukul the GSU’s were being delivered in about three months. Now that has doubled to six months or longer! Ridiculous. In the meantime every month people are paying $50 for a suite of tools that really are not that great. I would be really surprised to see people that have signed up in 2016 make much profit, or any, during 2016. And even 2017 looks iffy.

    The whole system is simply not sustainable, and I think they know it. But they have hyped Zukul so hard they don’t know how to get out of it.

    1. Hi David, well it starts! The amount of hate mail I got when I originally wrote this review was insane, it actually came off as “cult like” and all I did was ask the questions that most future participants should be asking when they look at joining any program. If the turn around time for GSU in some cases is hitting the 6 month mark this is a red flag for sure. Shelling out $300 before you even see your referrals under you is scary because now those referrals will be waiting for their GSU under them as promised not to mention if people get greedy and think that buying more GSU is going to make them even more money which is what is promoted in Zukuls sales video. The GSU delivery will get progressively worse unless some miracle recruitment plan pays off. This leads to the next question, how is Zukul going to get more referrals coming through the door to honor their commitments? Members should be asking that question in hangouts and on Zukuls Facebook page before it’s too late.

  4. I just want to comment here since I am a member of Zukul. I paid for my guaranteed sign ups through my paypal last Oct. 29 And I didn’t receive my 3 referrals until January. In November I decided to buy another $500 worth of referrals, I’m still waiting as of June 2016. So now I am paying all this time $50 every month with no income. They say I will be out of the funnel and they cannot deliver my referrals on time which I didn’t expect. I looked at the tools so that I can use it in my other programs but I cannot.
    The other problem I have is the payment processor Zukul uses is paytoo which they don’t accept in the Country I live in. I feel so disappointed, remember my guaranteed sign ups I pay through PayPal and my monthly $50 through my credit card which is accepted but their processor is paytoo to pay for the income generated.
    I don’t have yet and my 3 referrals have already quit and didn’t pay for their monthly subscription.
    I have now stopped promoting Zukul. At first I was so excited but now I am just hoping to get my referrals that were promised, let’s see.

    1. Hi Shen really sorry to hear of your situation within Zukul I am afraid if the Guaranteed sign up deal is faltering things look bleak for Zukul. A pretty good indication whether a program is valid is if Paypal will process their payments to their members, Paypal is very selective in who they provide services to because credibility is what their business revolves around, someone defaults it can have implications on Paypals credibility by association.
      You actually touched on a very good point in your comment, Zukul talks about guaranteed signups as if they are going to be long standing members but what if these referrals quit soon after joining, does the referral pyramid stop there. Now Zukul needs to not only recruit for their future members requirements but once again for members that have already paid for referrals that have dropped off.
      I always thought that paying $50 a month for tools that you don’t use was a little suspect. Hope you get your money back Shen, let me know how you make out, cheers Mike.

    2. Shen, I feel your pain. I also fell for the Zukul Hype Machine but now I realize Zukul is probably a dead end for many. Again, if a person does the math you will see that it will be really difficult to sustain Zukul. One reason they went to the GSU system in the first place was that Zukul itself was struggling. No one really wanted to buy and use the tools month after month. Members of Zukul had a hard time selling the service to other members, so they were not making any money.

      Then they decided they would make it easy to recruit by offering GSU’s. Well, that was probably a solid decision except for two main things. 1. they allowed members do buy as many as they wanted to buy. They actually had Friday Buying Frenzies. Oh my! LOL. This has led to taking a long time to get people their 3 recruits for every GSU they bought. 2. The second issue is that not many are that impressed with the Zukul suite of tools and don’t use them. So when people take a long time to get their GSU’s and they really don’t care about the product, they end up dropping out.

      Let’s use you as an example. From your post it looks like you bought 11 GSU’s. That means that 33 people will have to sign up for Zukul, and pay $50 a month for mediocre tools, just for YOU to get YOUR GSU’s! Think about that, how the heck can this business sustain itself when it needs 3 people to sign up and stay for EVERY ONE PERSON THAT SIGNS UP. If someone wants to comment on how this can be sustained then please do so.

      One of the things that alarmed me a bit (and should have been a strong warning sign) was the totally cult like attitude of people on the Facebook page. I am a very positive person but what I see there is not being positive – it is like being brainwashed. It is actually amazing to see.

      So to fix Zukul (which is going to be hard to fix) they then created ZAN Ad Spots and there were to be a lot more delivered. Initially, as far as I know, they did deliver a decent amount to SOME people but that seems to have stopped or really slowed down as far as I can tell.

      Now they are talking about warehouse spots! LOL. Again, all this to get people into Zukul because Zukul by itself just doesn’t work.

      Won’t even talk about the hair brained Zukul Gold.

      Jeremy Rush, the main guy behind Zukul, seems like a good guy. I actually really like him. He has absolutely GUARANTEED that anyone that bought a GSU will get their directs. Well, I wish him luck. I think his intentions are good but he has a LOT of work to do.

      Watching a Zukul Hangout is hilarious. The totally over the top hype is amazing, especially for a business that has NOT delivered much.

      Zukul Ad Network might be the saving grace of Zukul itself, but who knows. Think about this, they have said that ZAN will help Zukul grow. I have always been really skeptical of that for this reason: If you have something like ZAN, that is supposed to be so good, why would anyone take $50 a month and put it into Zukul and wait over half a year to see a penny of income come in? They could just take that $50 a month and put it into ZAN and be making money immediately!!!

      And one more final point. There was an original member of the “Zukul Panel” and he is a pretty successful, well respected, and well liked person. About four months ago he stopped appearing on the Zukul Hangouts, which was surprising to me as he initially seemed like one of their strongest supporters and members. I will not mention his name but many people know who I am talking about.

      At the time he left I got a bit worried. I am not sure why he decided to leave Zukul but the fact he went from a BIG supporter and promoter of Zukul to not having his name associated with Zukul is interesting.

      Well I have said enough about Zukul. I will absolutely NOT promote Zukul at all. I am not a Kool Aid drinker and I have to see things greatly improve for me to promote Zukul or stay with Zukul much longer. I am now at the point that if someone asked me what they should do…I would say ask for a refund of your GSU’s and put that money into ZAN. I think that is ok to do.

  5. I have asked if this program is anything like Banners Broker was. I emailed Jermey 5 times – no answer.

    I was in banners broker from the early days. Made a few grand then one day it was all gone.

    They usually all fold up in the end. Either legally or they run out of funds….

    Signed up for free account. Keep getting spammed until I buy in I guess….

    1. Thanks for the comment John hopefully you will get an answer to your question and I sympathize with the spamming problem same happened to me, cheers Mike.

  6. The intentions by the owner may be pure but selling people 3rd party marketing tools for the prices they are being sold for is not ethical.

    These tools will not yield the same results organically or authentically.

    1. Thank you Jerrod for your comment, I agree with your statement that Zukul’s tool suite packages do seem overpriced and that is just one reason Zukul is a hard sell.

  7. Hi my name is Eddie I found a biz. that I like is there someone out there with marketing skills who can promote it for me. Am a blue collar kind of guy just want to pay someone to do the job.

  8. I personally think there is opportunities out there that offers a lot more value and much higher commissions. I still don’t understand why people still play around with small commissions. If you earn $20 per sale and you want to earn $10 000 per month, then you need to have 500 sales to earn that amount. If you however sell high backend products with $1000 commissions per sale, then you only need 10 sales. It is a no brainer to me. Focus on affiliate programs that offer at least $1000 or more commission per sale.

    1. Hi Jaco thanks for the comment, I can’t say I agree totally with your $1000 commission thing. This may work if the product is good and you have a really good background in marketing and know how to set up an effective sales funnel but like I said this takes some experience and know how and in most cases when you are looking at a $1000 commission you are looking at some type of licensing fee that will cost you some pretty big coin, could cost somewhere in the range of up to $5,000 out of pocket for the right to sell.
      If you know how to market and have a good sales funnel and the right product it’s not hard to make 500 sales a month especially when it’s affordable to the majority, a $50 product could fetch you close to $25 in commission definitely not that difficult to make $10,000 a month and you don’t have to pay anything to sell a product in the $50-$500 range. Thanks for your insight appreciate you taking the time to comment, cheers Mike.

  9. Zukul’s Guaranteed Signups has got to be the biggest scam going. Jeremy Rush explains in his video that everyone that pays $49 gets 3 new members assigned to him/her. Then those 3 get 3 and then those 9 get 3 and then those 27 get 3, etc until on level 10 you magically have 59,049 members. What he doesn’t mention is that now those 59,049 are guaranteed 3 members. That means they will have to bring in 177,147 new members for those people and then 531,441 for those members and then 1,594,323 for those members. Carry that out for a few more levels and you’ll see that they will need to enroll every man, woman and child in the world. This is not sustainable and anyone that says it is is a liar.

    1. Good comment Jim you have done some math which people should do when joining a referral based program. With most referral based programs, which Zukul is, there does come a time when it can’t sustain itself, it can’t keep feeding the system, there are not enough recruits to grow and therefore they starve. Like it has been in the past for many MLM’s it’s not a matter of if this will happen but more of when it will happen that’s why I point out in my review, will Zukul be able to recruit fast enough to keep up with demand? Nothing so far shows me that they will be able to do this at all never mind long term! Thanks for the comment Jim.

    2. Yeah, it seem far reaching and very unrealistic . Looks like only the people on top are making all the money anyways.

    1. Hi Anton you would get the social sniper not the Facebook ninja in the beginners package. I really don’t know why you would purchase a beginners package I see it’s still listed but if you watch Zukuls guaranteed signup video it only mentions a $50 fee for the tool suite it doesn’t mention from what I saw that this was a recurring fee which I believe to be the case. The $99 offer gets you all in with the guaranteed referral offer for the first month after that you will have a monthly fee of whatever tool suite you buy into, wish you all best let me know how make out, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Anton I believe they now use paypal for payment transactions, if you look at their site and scroll to affiliates this will usually tell you what your payment options are, cheers Mike.

    2. Hi Michelle sorry I had to take out your Zukul one link. I think I mentioned in my review that there are going to be very few places that will allow you to drop a link that’s why you will get no recruits unless you know how to do Internet marketing that’s the hang up with Zukul. I have had many Zukul members try and drop a link on this site and divert traffic but websites and forums other than one that I know of won’t allow link dropping so the only way that you will get traffic is by boning up on your SEO and I don’t see you learning that at Zukul anytime soon. I hope you’re not telling me that Zukul doesn’t pay through Paypal, at one time I thought they did which would add some credibility to their program. If they don’t use paypal I would consider this to be not a very positive sign. I always look at companies that use Paypal as less of a risk because, Paypal has guarantees in place for it’s users and will only deal with companies they feel pose less of a risk after an assessment of their business model, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Anton once again just go to Zukuls main website scroll to the bottom where it says affiliates and the compensation plan is explained usually programs pay out at the end of every month. What you make is based on what package you buy into which is explained there, whether it is the intermediate or advanced your commission is paid out accordingly. So you will either buy a tool suite that is $50 a month or $250 a month and if you sell any you will make your commission of that package, not sure if they have a minimum payout threshold some outfits do, hope that helps, Mike.

  10. I really don’t think that as of now we have any program that has the answer to what many of us like. I was a member of WA, for five months and I paid monthly dues to be a member, the only easy course with WA, affiliate was building website and sharing information with members other than that you are on your own.

    1. Hi Dozie, thanks for the comment. It is unfortunate that what you got from WA didn’t do anything for you but that’s not the experience many have and there are well over 400,000 + members and rarely do you read negative comments about WA which is surprising given there are so many members who are free to voice their opinions. I created a great living online from the training offered at WA and I found the support from experienced marketers to be invaluable. I still have relationships with top marketers online that are WA members and still benefit from their knowledge.
      Wa hangs their hat on helping you build niche websites and promote products on these websites from multiple revenue streams. When you say the only easy course was website building then I would consider that a success considering that is their expertise, they promote blogging platforms as the most reliable, profitable and longterm means to build an online presence and in the process a great living online. You also state you shared information with members which is also encouraged, the problem arises when people spend more time socializing than working on their online business which I see way to often. Thanks again for taking the time to leave a comment, cheers Mike.

  11. Hello Mike,
    Your review is out of date and very misleading. Even after this has been pointed out to you months ago, nothing has changed on your page.
    I don’t see anything in your review about GUARANTEED SIGNUPS …how about the compensation plan ? Once you received GUARANTEED signups.. the Zukul bill is paid for, not only that you start having a monthly residual income but all those tools you have in the back office are free to use at that point.

    1. Hi John Yes I know I needed to have another look at Zukul and I did it, just takes time, I have many posts on various products and programs and many make changes, I put these programs and products on my update list and it really just boils down to where they are on the list.
      I try and look at programs objectively and therefor can’t agree totally with your comment, why? Yes it’s true that your first payment is a one time payment which gets you 3 referrals this covers Zukuls marketing campaign to get recruits for you but their is no guarantee that your matrix will grow past the 3 you get that is all up to how well the people that are recruiting for Zukul are at their job and capabilities of members to recruit which is questionable do to the fact the guaranteed signup deal was implemented based on the need for recruits.You also state that members bills will be paid for and they will have a residual income and imply that they will have no payments which is hypothetical depending on what tool suite they purchase.

  12. MIke, your review of Zukul seems to be your honest opinion and no-one can argue with that. Since this review and the above comments the Zukul Business Opp has been transformed by the addition of Guaranteed Signups. Where Zukul is concerned, the above review is out of date and as all businesses evolve over time it is misleading to leave a review on the table when the company has made dramatic changes to its business model. Can you please update your review for the information of your readers. Perhaps we can even have a chat on Skype about this if you wish.

    1. Hi Graeme thank you for letting me know Zukul has made some dramatic changes to its platform. I will definitely have another look at Zukul, feel free to send me any relevant points you would like to address and I will go over them, cheers Mike.

    2. Hi Mike, I have just finished my own review video of MLM & Zukul It should explain the new direction Zukul has taken with its network building program Guaranteed Signups

    3. Thanks Graeme I viewed your video and I am in the process of updating this review I just have a huge work load at the moment with scams popping up all over the place and other reviews that need my attention, thanks for your patience.

  13. Hey Mike I like your review and I would like to give you a virtual high-five lol. I see you promote Wealthy Affiliate and all I ever see is people down a company and give it an F and Wealthy Affiliate always gets an A like its the holy grail of make money online. I was looking at this program but after going through your review that won’t happen. Then the 250 per month is absolutely rediculous. Also I do not like the fact that the blogging platform is “unbrandable” all you will do is brand this company. While I am not at all saying its anything wrong with the people who promote this…i am just sticking to other ways that are much more affordable to the average consumer. Great review and thanks.

    1. Hi Sam thank you for the comment and your valuable insight into Zukul you obviously know what you’re looking for. Yes I do endorse WA along with a few other credible programs. I have personally used WA as the program that got me started in internet marketing and would recommend it to anyone looking to break into the online money making game, it’s a very legit program. Yes there are many out there that bash programs and promote WA without objectivity that’s why I wrote an article on that subject “Wealthy Affiliate The Ugly Truth”
      Wealthy Affiliate is by far the most elite Internet Marketing program that I have found to date so it is my first recommendation, Chris Farrell and Mark Lings Affilorama are also legit programs but have a couple of kinks such as upsells and some dated content which you won’t find at WA. Like the points you made about Zukul, best of luck Mike.

    1. Hi Jamie sorry for the delay getting back to you have a full plate this week, 3 new reviews coming out. I don’t do the Facebook thing much anymore found it to be a bit of a time waster, not the traffic generator that most think it is, especially targeted traffic! I would love to chat anytime, want to talk Internet Marketing you can reach me through my sites email which you will find on my “about me page”. Thanks for the comment Jamie and vote of confidence, take care Mike.

  14. This info is completely out of date. also incorrect info . If you are going to do a professional review page then Up to date info is a must.


    1. Thanks for your comment Dean, I would be happy to correct any information that has changed. I am still a free member at Zukul and from what I see not much has changed other than I get weekly spam emails from Jeremy one of the partner. I will say if spamming is the revolutionary way that Zukul thinks it will get sales and build a long term presence in the online money making game then I have news for you, bombarding people with email campaigns is nothing new! Cheers Mike.

  15. I have checked into Zukul and they seem genuine but I haven’t had any luck with the copy and paste thing which they seem pretty high on and from what I saw they don’t offer anything I haven’t already tried with no results.

    1. Hi Dora, yes the copy and paste technique if that’s what you want to call it isn’t something that I feel is a legitimate opportunity to make money online, yes Jeremy and his partner do come across as genuine but I guess that’s what makes a good salesman!!! Thanks for the comment, cheers Mike.

  16. Awesome article seems pretty detailed to me, I was seriously considering Zukul but I need a lot of support and I don’t think by the sounds of it I will get it there, thank you mike for your review, Seymour.

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